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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meet the BB12 Houseguests+ House Tour +Cast Bios

I went to bed early last night because I knew today would be a crazy day of information pouring in, and I was right! Let's dive right into it & meet this seasons cast (13 Houseguests) of Big Brother 12!! :D

Note: There were supposed to be 14 HG's, but the 14th houseguest got "cold feet" and dropped out at the last minute. There are 13 houseguests for BB12.

Click Here to Read the HG's Bios

The youngest cast member is Britney (22 yrs old) & the oldest is Kathy (40 yrs old).

As I said last night, today the houseguests were introduced to us on the Early Show this morning. Here's the video in case you missed it:

My thoughts on the HG's is that Brendon is hot, and Monet is gonna be the drama diva of the house (since she's very spoiled and doesn't even do her own laundry). Ooooo how I love watching DRAMMMAA!! ;)


Also, here's the house tour with Julie Chen:

*The living has a cool mix of retro & beachy theme to it.
*The big screen tv has been upgraded to an even bigger tv.
*The "Have Not's" room is back!! (Wonder what it looks like? Hmm!!)
*The cold showers for the "Have Not's" is also back.
*The chess board upstairs outside of the HOH room is back.
*The room that's once been called the "Spa Room" & the "Exercise Room" is now the "Cabana Room", going along with the beach theme this season.

If you wanna watch all the Media Day videos, you can start with Video 1 and then continue to watch the other 8 Media Day videos on the CBS Big Brother website.

Alright, more info to be posted as I get it in!! In the meantime, tell me & other fans of the blog what you think of the house and the houseguests in the comment section below! :D only have 7 days left now to snag up the Early Bird Special & save yourself $10 on the feeds this season!!!

Stay tuned...
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