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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon, everyone!! Well, today we can expect yet another slooooow moving day with the Final 3 in the good ol' BB house. lol :P I'm gonna update here & there throughout the day, this way I don't become a zombie sitting in front of the computer watching the boys lay around taking naps, eating, and having barely any kind of conversation. It'd be like watching paint dry. lol

Currently on the live feeds...

1:19pm BBT:

*Enzo is sleeping on the BY couch.
*Hayden is sleeping in his bed.
*Lane is sleeping in his bed.

2:47pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

There's life in the house!! YAYY!! :D

Enzo woke up from his nap (of how many hours??? lol) on the backyard couch. Hayden went outside and they started talking.

Enzo, who already worked on Lane last night by planting the seed that he (Lane) needs to take him (Enzo) to Final 2 over Hayden, is now planting the same seed into Hayden's head about taking him to Final 2 over Lane.

Hayden: "I'm glad I didn't play in that last comp. The faces. You would've beat me."
Enzo: "I wasn't good at it at all, man. Took forever, then I got the end. (Lane) beat me by half a f**kin' minute! That's crazy!"

Enzo: "There's no way I can win with just 1 POV. If I do go to the Final 2, it's only for $50,000. That's what sucks, man."
Hayden: "See, I don't think so though. I think if you go to Final 2, you're (inaudible) to win it."
Enzo: "With 1 POV?"
Hayden: "Yea! And best social game in Big Brother history? Yea!"
Enzo: "I think Britney just (told you that I had the best social game ever) because she was tryin' to get herself off the f**kin' block."
Hayden: "I think she said that before she was even on the block!"
Enzo: "Well she was smart! She did that just in case. I just can't see them giving me (the $500,000) because of a f**kin' POV. They can SAY that I had a great social game and ya ya ya, but...what qualifies me to win BB12?"

Enzo then goes through comps he did horrible in and lost in. (Eg: The ropes comp)

Enzo: "They're gonna chew me up! They'll chew me up."

Hayden sat there in silence for a while longer. Enzo got up and played pool by himself, as the camera looked at a deep-in-thought Hayden.

3:28pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room

Hayden is making turkey burgers for dinner, as Lane is talking to him from a chair in the dining room. They both wanna go on The Amazing Race together and Survivor.

Lane: "Let's just do all 3 shows!" (Survivor, BB, Amazing Race)

**What I find interesting is that Hayden has not told Lane about Enzo's convo he just had outside. Hmmm.

3:49pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room

(I came into this mid-convo).

Enzo is telling Lane to be smart about his decision and that it doesn't make any sense at all to take Hayden to the Final 2...Lane would definitely lose. Enzo said that he loves Hayden and he's a "great kid", but that he (Lane) has to think about his family at this point...go for the $500,000...not $50,000.

Enzo: "You don't wanna be that dodo that loses against Hayden!"

Lane agrees that it'd be better to take Enzo, but not without a little bit of doubt that Enzo could actually beat him in the Final 2.

Enzo: "You beat me by half a minute bro!" (re: Part 2 Final HOH Comp)

Lane is talking with Enzo, seemingly very interested in what Enzo is saying. (**Did Enzo's talk work? We'll find out on Finale Night if Lane wins Part 3 of the Final HOH!)

5:56pm BBT:

The boys are talking up a storm! They talked about Matt being the sab (or so they think lol) and how Dan was America's Player and won his season. Topics keep changing every couple of minutes.

**Alright guys & dolls, I'm heading out for the night. Anything we missed, I will surely cover it in tomorrow's Overnighter! Until then, g'dnight! :D

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter-Saturday

Good morning, y'all!! Happy Saturday! :D The weekend is here and then next Wednesday, we will finally get to see who wins Big Brother Season 12 and I can't wait!!

I always dread the last week inside the BB house with the Final 2/Final 3 because it becomes so boring to watch..though I would imagine it'd be nice for the remaining HG's to sit around and enjoy the BB house for a few days. :) Get to embrace it all and take in the whole experience by just relaxing and remembering good times and bad times inside the BB house that season. Ahhh...memories!!

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll be right back to post it sections!

Yesterday Afternoon:
1pm BBT-8pm BBT: The boys spent a lot of time just relaxing around the house..tossing a nerf football, playing pool, laying around, etc etc.

4:00pm BBT:

Lane & Hayden did some football tossing in the backyard, as Enzo was inside the BB house sleeping.

Lane/Hayden sit down on the BY couch and talk about how the season is's done..and they hope they're families are on their way to California to see the finale on Wednesday.

4:05pm BBT:
Enzo comes outside.

Enzo: "It's NICE out!"
Hayden: "It's gorgeous, man!"
Lane: "Where've ya been?"
Enzo: "F**kin' depressed, yo! In bed, man."
Hayden: "You get some good sleep, though?
Enzo: "Yea, I got some sleep. Death has half-way taken me, yo."
Lane: "(Your) wifey is comin' out here on Monday!"
Enzo: "That means she's bringing the kid out here. That worries me, man."

(Enzo has talked about how he's nervous for his baby daughter flying on a plane the whole way out to Cali.)

BB: "Enzo, please put on your microphone."
Enzo: "Ha.Ha. Already did it before you even asked."
Hayden: "Big Brother is being soft today."
Enzo: "That's because they're happy that the season is almost over."
BB: "Yes!"

The boys laugh.

Lane: (from the BY couch) "Don't let death take you!"
Enzo: "I'm fightin' it, yo! It's half-way through me."
Lane: "Death doesn't take a bragade (member)."
Enzo: "I'm fightin' it. My personality is too strong."
Hayden: "Best alliance ever! And that's not coming from us..that's coming from outside sources."
Enzo: "I wish finale night was like Tuesday. Or Monday."

The boys start talking about what they're gonna do after they get out of the BB house.

7:54pm BBT:
Pool Table

Both Hayden and Lane said (in so many words) that the Diary Room told them they would have "opportunities" after BB12 is over.

8:00pm BBT:

Lane and Enzo tossed the nerf football around for a while in the backyard last night. (It was good to see Enzo not in a depression coma and being his happy self again.)

Enzo: "Couple more days, man!"
Lane: "Then we're out this b*tch!!"

They continue to play football, making goofy moves and making each other laugh.

Lane: "Come on, Favre!"

8:23pm BBT:
Dining Room

The boys are on inside lockdown, as Hayden is in the Diary Enzo a chance to talk to Lane alone. (Lane snagged the nerf football so that BB couldn't take it during the lockdown. lol)

Enzo then tells Lane that there was no way he (Enzo) would have taken Hayden over Lane to the finals because Hayden would win for sure.

Enzo: "You have a shot, man! I went into the final (HOH) competitons thinking that I had a shot."
Lane: "Mm hmm."
Enzo: "I was gonna bring you (to Final 2), I wasn't gonna bring Hayden! There's no way (I'd win)! How the f**k am I (gonna win against him)..there's no way!"
Lane: "Yea, there's no way.."
Enzo: "How the f**k am I suppose to bring him (to final 2) and win this thing. Big difference between $50g's, and $500g's, man."

Enzo then asked Lane if he's gonna try to win the Part 3 of the Final HOH on Wednesday night and Lane said yes. (Since Lane winning the last HOH comp is Enzo's only hope at going to the Final 2, he wanted to make sure Lane wouldn't throw it to Hayden, knowing that Hayden is taking Lane to F2.)

9pm BBT-2am BBT:
The boys played blackjack, using candy as money to "bet" with. They also tossed the football around some more outside after their lockdown was over. Hayden/Lane played a game of pool, then Hayden and Enzo. Lots of talk about how badly they all want BB12 to be over and they're ready for the Finale.

The boys all went to sleep around 2:30am BBT.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D As of 8:57am BBT, the boys are still snoozing. :P I'll begin the Afternoon Post once they wake up!

Stay tuned...

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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Overnighter (Updated)

UPDATED @ 8:40pm EST (5:40pm BBT):
**I'm taking the rest of the day off, guys. Meet me back here tomorrow morning with The Overnighter! :) The HG's got up at 1pm BBT and hven't been doing much of anything all day today. Lots of chilling out and lounging, sleeping, playing with a nerf football..good times. lol :P See y'all in the morning!!

The Overnighter:
Good morning, y'all!! Happy Friday!! :D Well, the season is coming to an end...I probably should provide some sort of "detox" program, but I don't have one. lol I will, however, keep the chat room open for about a week after BB ends so that we can all keep in touch and talk about various BB topics. :) Hopefully that will help us with BB withdrawal symptoms. lol

Let's do some game talk...
Last night, I was thinking about Enzo and how he's a goner in the game since he lost Part 1 and Part 2 of the Final HOH comps...but then I started thinking, I don't think he's totally out of the game just yet and I'll tell ya why: if Lane wins Part 3 of the Final HOH Comp (which is a mental comp..not Lane's strongest area lol), I can see him taking Enzo to the Final 2 with him. As Lane has been saying all along, he thinks he's playing for only $50, matter if he's up against Hayden or Enzo. The only difference is, he has a better shot at winning against Enzo in a F2 scenario, than with Hayden..who will definitely win against Lane. So don't count Enzo out just yet, though his fate in the game looks to be sealed already at this point. Hey, it is Big Brother and anything can happen. ;)

Okay, it's time for the Overnighter! I'm gonna start at around 9:15pm BBT when the feeds came back on from the Final 3 Dinner that BB gave them.

9:08pm BBT:

Enzo spent a lot of time thinking about how he lost BB12 (or at least it seems that way). He talked to himself at various time during the night, verbally beating himself up for not winning Part 1 or Part 2 of the Final HOH.

Enzo: "F**k. Aww man. Wifey's gotta go back to work now."

Lane comes out a minute later, wearing his homemade Bra-gade tshirt that the boys all made (courtesy of BB).

Lane: "Whatcha thinkin'? You upset?"
Enzo: "Yea. Man, I had a golden opportunity to win $500,000. I just lost it today."
Lane: "Ehh. Don't be upset."
Enzo: "You got a good shot! If you beat Hayden (in Part 3), you got a good shot."
Lane: "I think I'm still only playing for $50,000."

Enzo: "This sucks, man."

9:24pm BBT:
Pool Table

Hayden told Lane that Enzo will win if they take him to Final 2. (This is Hayden's way of making sure that Lane takes F2 if Lane wins Part 3 of the Final HOH.)

9:35pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area
Lane/Hayden (Enzo is outside, looking depressed on a BY lounger.)

Hayden: "If you win and take me to Final 2, (you can) throw me under the bus as much as you want."
Lane: "You can't be pissed (if I do). There's not a lot that I can say (bad) about you anyways."
Hayden: "Even if I win and take YOU to final 2, you can STILL throw me under the bus."
Lane: "Naww..if I don't win this last one, there's no point (to throw you under the bus)."

Enzo's mic bleeds into Lane/Hayden's audio from the BY.

Enzo: "Perfect chance to win $500 G's, man."

Lane and Hayden get up and heads toward the storage room. BB gives us a good shot of the Final 3 dinner set-up.

They had steak, lobster, and champagne.

10:34pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Lane & Hayden have been talking by the hot tub for some time now. When Lane went into the house to grab more beers, Hayden talked to the cameras.

Hayden: "WOW!! We made it!! I'm in the Final 2!..hopefully. (Lane) says he's gonna take me, is he gonna take me? I dunno! I think trust the guy. So..what I gotta do is, I gotta win the quiz and I gotta take (Lane). God, it's nerve-racking. I believe him, but do i really believe him?!"

Hayden the gives shout-outs to his family and says he loves them.

12:23am BBT:
Pool Table

The guys played another game of pool and talked about how they at least won $50,000. (They kept saying $50,000 plus their stipend of $750/week for the season, but 1st & 2nd place does not get the stipend.)

Lane makes an awesome shot (or as Hayden called it, "bada**") and they joke about how Julie Chen should bring it up as a question for Lane.

Hayden: "She could ask 'Lane, did you REALLY call that shot? 9 to the 8, 8 to the 14?'"
Lane: "And I'd be like 'DUHHH, Julie!'"

1:26am BBT:

Lane "celebrated", solo-style, during his shower last night. lol ;)

Note to Lane: Ya might wanna hide your face and rapidly moving arm behind the yellow curtain to make it a little bit less obvious. :P

Meanwhile, outside...

1:27am BBT:

Enzo is running/jogging, as he talks to himself about letting $500,000 slip through his fingers.

Enzo: "Aww f**k."

Enzo continues to jog.

1:28am BBT:
Enzo: "Like those 2 don't got a f**kin' deal already. Ahh man. The only way I go to the finals, is if I win. (Because) Lane doesn't care if he wins $50,000 or $500,000! So it's a wrap, no matter what. Ehh it's my fault. It's my fault. My fault. It's alright. There's nothin' that I would've done different. I got to the Final 3, and that's what I wanted to do. And then I had the three competitions. I couldn't win one (of them), so that's it. It's a wrap. It's a f**kin' wrap."

Hayden comes outside for a second.

Enzo & Hayden do a fist-bump as Enzo passed by him. Hayden said him and Lane drank a lot of beer. Enzo said that they deserve it.

Enzo: "Got a nice lil buzz?"
Hayden: "Yea!"
Enzo: "You deserve it, man."
Hayden: "How long you drinkin'' tonight?"
Enzo: "Until I get a nice sweat. Then I'm doing situps, pushups, and then I'm probably gonna shower. I napped for like 2 hours already."
Hayden: "Don't beat yourself up, dude."
Enzo: "Naww, it's my fault, man. I had a golden opportunity today. I f**ked it up, that's all. It is what it is, man."
Hayden: "Don't be hard on yourself. You know I love ya."
Enzo: "Me too, bro. You guys deserve it."
Hayden: "Goodnight, man."
Enzo: "Alright, man."

And that's it for the Overnighter! Enzo did some more talking to himself later on in the night, nothing that he hasn't been telling himself already. He knows he muffed up and he feels horrible about it, but knows that "it is what it is", as he would say. As of 9:45am BBT, the HG's are still snoozing in their beds.

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! As we all now know, Lane won Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp, which means that on Finale Night (on Wednesday), Hayden/Lane will go head-to-head in the Part 3 Final HOH Mental Comp to determine who the BB12 Final HOH is!!

Okay, so the rest of the BB12 schedule goes as follows:
*Sunday: Highlights of "Never before seen footage" recap epsiode.
*Wednesday @ 9pm EST: Finale w/ the Final 3 + Part 3 HOH Comp.

..and then, that's it!! So from now until Wednesday, Enzo/Lane/Hayden will hang out in the BB house, chatting, having fun, and talking about the season. :)

Let's see what the boys are up, shall we? ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

6:03pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area

Hayden: "A minute and 13 seconds is nothing to be ashamed of."
Enzo: "I'm not ASHAMED of it, but..the faces, man. The faces just were not coming to me at all."
Lane: "That was a lot of luck out there."

They continue talking about the HOH Comp.

Hayden said he at least wanted to see what the comp looked like. The boys describe for him what it looked it. Lane thinks it won't take long for BB to tear the comp down so that they can go back outside.

Enzo goes into the other room for a minute.

Lane said he didn't think he'd win the comp.

Hayden: "It doesn't matter, you're guaranteed $50g's."

Enzo comes back and their whisper convo stops.

6:24pm BBT:
Enzo/Hayden aren't talking to much. Lane is in the bathrom. Hayden seems to have a lot on his mind...very much in deep thought ever since the feeds came back on. Pacing the floor & can't seem to sit still when he does sit down for a minute.

Lane joins Enzo/Hayden in the dining room/kitchen area again.

Hayden: "That (comp) wasn't really a skill comp!"
Enzo and Lane agree.

Enzo goes up to the HOH room & goes to the bathroom. His mic stays on.

Enzo: (to himself) "It's a wrap. Aww, man." (**He knows he's a goner.)

Hayden/Lane go up to the HOH room.
Enzo comes out of the bathroom.

Enzo: I'm gonna lay down..think about wifey and sh*t. That's why I wanted tonight to be the f**kin' lose and then can go be with your family."

Lane/Hayden are playing blackjack at the HOH table.

Enzo is laying down in the HOH bed.

6:46pm BBT:
All 3 boys are still in the HOH room. Enzo is still laying down, as Hayden/Lane continue to play blackjack.

7:00pm BBT:
Feeds on trivia as the Final 3 have their steak dinner and talk about the season. (This will be aired on Sunday nights show.) :)

**And I'm outty for the night! See y'all back here tomorrow with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!! G'dnight, y'all!

Stay tuned...

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Thursday Night: Part 2 Final HOH Comp

Good evening, everyone! :D Tonight's live show will be a mixture of both Part 1 Final HOH (Endurance Comp..which was taped) and then Part 2 of the Final HOH, which will be played live. Tonight we will see Lane and Enzo battle it out in the Part 2 Final HOH comp.

Winner of Part 2 Final HOH is:


In the meantime, feel free to...
*Check out this weeks HOH pics!
*Read Hayden's HOH blog

Stay tuned...
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Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon to all you lil addicts out there!! :D Today is live show day (w00t!), which means the Final 3 (Enzo/Lane/Hayden) will be doing the normal Thursday morning/afternoon BB stuff..such as HOH lockdown and getting ready for tonights show.

Enzo is still convinced that today is the Finale. (**It's next Wednesday, Sept 15th.)

Tonight we will see the ending to the Part 1 Final HOH: Endurance Comp, where Hayden won. Then the 2nd half of the show will be live, with Lane/Enzo playing in Part 2 of the Final HOH (which will be a skill comp). Whoever wins tonights Part 2, will go head to head with Hayden to determine who the Final HOH is of Big Brother 12!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

11:52am BBT:
HOH Room
The Final 3

The HG's are on their Thursday morning HOH lockdown, as production is downstairs fussing around. BB took all the sheets and pillows from the HOH bed (since there will be no more HOH's, production is already starting to strip down this seasons HOH room.)

Hayden & Enzo are on the HOH bed... Lane is laying on the floor.

BB is playing the BB theme song over the loudspeaker and the HG's can hear it loud & clear!

12:11pm BBT:
HG's still on HOH lockdown & BB theme music is still playing over the loudspeaker.

12:59pm BBT:
HG's are off of HOH lockdown.
Hayden is in the Jumanji bedroom.
Enzo is in the kitchen.
Lane is off-camera.

The cam zooms in to a message that Lane made.

Lane: "How do you spell liars?"

1:05pm BBT:
Lane comes into the Jumanji.
Lane: "So what do you think?"
Hayden: "I think it's finale day!"

1:11pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Hayden in Jumanji.

1:26pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Hayden & Enzo are still convinced that tonight is the finale. lol Enzo said he might take a shower and cut his hair again..then gave an evil (but funny) look to Lane, as if to say Hayden screwed it up. They both start laughing.

1:38pm BBT:
Jumnanji Bedroom
The 3 Boys

The guys are talking about how tonight could be the finale. Enzo wonders if it's another luxury comp that BB is building in the backyard. lol

Enzo: "What if we all just quit right? What would they do?"

They all laugh hysterically.

Hayden: "Britney would win the money."

**Okay guys & gals, I'm gonna log off until 7pm EST when I will open up the chat room. Until then, enjoy the funny chatter on the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon BB fans!! Sorry for the late start..couldn't get to sleep last night, think I finally passed out around 6am, hence the late wake up. Ughh. :/

Okay, so today is Live Show Day!! We'll get to see the ending of the Final HOH Endurance Comp, and then we'll see Lane/Enzo duke it out during Part 2 of the Final HOH Skill Comp live on tonight's show. Whoever wins Part 2, will then go head to head with Hayden (winner of the Part 1 Final HOH).

Let's dive right on into the Overnighter, shall we? :D

**This is gonna be a very short Overnighter today. The HG's went to bed super early (well, early for them anyways. lol)

Lane & Hayden had a discussion in the bathroom & both said that the Diary Room are trying to get them to take Enzo to Final 2 (instead of Lane/Hayden taking each other to F2), but both agreed to take each other. (**Production is probably telling them to take Enzo to F2 because they both have a better shot at winning the $$ up against Enzo, than each other.)

10:40pm BBT:

Enzo & Lane are both convinced that the Finale is tomorrow. (He's only off by 6 days. lol)

Enzo: "I just wanna play and then go home. All I know is, tomorrow is the Finale, yo!"
Lane: "If it's not, I'm breaking sh*t."

**Hmmm...Flashback is muffed up for some reason, so the rest is gonna be cliffnotes.

2:00am BBT:
Enzo got up and had a salad. Hayden woke up and joined him. Lane then got up, went to the bathroom, and joined the boys at the dining room table. They talked about all the HG's they had to beat in order to get to where they were (Final 3). Enzo mentioned that he believes Ragan was the smartest HG and how he (Ragan) never won an HOH. Lane, who was convinced earlier that today is the Finale, changed his mind and tried to tell Enzo (who is STILL convinced today is finale day lol) that it's not today.

Enzo: "Tomorrow has to be finale cause we wanna get the f**k outta here!"

Enzo then tries to figure out the schedule for this week and wonders what BB would show on Sunday nights episode. (**FYI, that will be a highlights, "never before seen" footage show.)

Hayden is now convinced that today is the Finale. lol Lane tries to tell them that it's not. This is ongoing.

By 3am BBT, all 3 guys are in bed for the night..again. :P

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Told y'all it'd be a short one! ;) As of 10:50am BBT, the boys are still snoozing.

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB addicts!! :D Wow, what a GREAT show tonight!!! Britney got evicted and said "I love you guys!" as she left the house..and Lane hugged her and said "I love you". Awww!! :) I think Britney will still vote for Lane over Hayden or Enzo if Lane makes it to the Final 2. No bridges have burned between Lane/Brit.

The Final HOH Endurance Comp looked like fun!! The guys were sitting on vines, swinging back and forth into foam walls and through a waterfall in the middle. Enzo seemed to be enjoying the comp the most. (**It's all fun & games for the first 20 mins, then it becomes a real challenge.)

It's time to vote for your favorite HG this season, BB fans!!

Click Here to Vote for America's Favorite

Okay, so Julie told us tonight that...

Tomorrow nights show will be *LIVE, and we will find out who won the Endurance Comp. (**Us feed watchers will find out tonight when the feeds come back on at 9pm BBT/12am EST. I will post the spoiler in this post tonight.)

Winner of Part 1 Final HOH is:


Also, we will watch Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp (the skill comp) on tomorrow night's live show. In addition, we will get to see Ragan's reaction in the Jury House to Matt's lie about his wife. Then we have the BB12 Finale next'll be a 2 hour show.

As soon as the feeds come back on, I will do start the Evening Post!! Check the blog around 9pm BBT/12am EST! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

8:55pm BBT:
We have live fishies on the feeds!! :D Any minute now...

9:00pm BBT:

Hayden is playing cards at the breakfast bar.

Enzo is in the bathroom, messing with the hair clippers.

Enzo: "What does C2 mean?"
Hayden: "You talkin' to me or Lane?"
Enzo: "I'm talking to anyone who's f**kin' listening!" (*LOL)

9:07pm BBT:

Hayden is trimming up Enzo's hair. Lane is on the bathroom couch, watching.

Enzo: "Be confident, yo!"
Hayden: "I AM confident, yo!" (re: hair trimming)

Hayden & Lane start laughing. Enzo said his hair looks "choppy as hell" and tells Hayden to fix it. lol

Hayden: (to Lane) "How do I blend it in?"
Enzo: "Whatever you do on this side, do on that side!"

The boys are still laughing, as Enzo is getting more & more frustrated. lol :P

**Still no word on who won Part 1 HOH. Also, I'm on Cam 3 of the feeds.

Hayden is now done trimming Enzo's hair.

Enzo: "It looks bootleg, but good."
Hayden: " show!"

Enzo is trimming around his ears now.
Enzo: "I cut my ear..."

Hayden is laughing.

9:28pm BBT:
Now Lane is shaving Enzo's neck. The boys are having a laugh-fest over it. lol

Enzo: "What is THAT right there?!?!"

The hair cut is done.

Enzo: "It's like a broken bottle! So many patches, yo!"

9:35pm BBT:
Enzo is now cleaning up from his haircut.

9:47pm BBT:

Lane is in the kitchen, playing cards.

Enzo is still in the bathroom, shaving.
No talking going on at all at the moment.

(**Come on!! WE WANNA KNOW WHO WON!!!!)

Lane is NOT playing cards, he's talking to Hayden..using the cards as HG's. He shows Hayden.

Lane: "POV..Kristen..Rachel, Britney, Kristen, Me..Enzo, Ragan..Matty, Britney, Rachel, Annie..3..Matty..Brendon, Andrew, Monet.."

Lane is studying for an upcoming Final HOH comp.

Lane: "I hope it is tomorrow, because I have everything in my head now."

Lane DID NOT win Part 1 of the Final HOH. He's playing tomorrow's comp. Lane also just said that he hasn't seen Enzo studying...sounds like Lane/Enzo are playing in tomorrows Part 2 Final HOH comp, meaning that Hayden won Part 1!!

10:02pm BBT:
Lane/Hayden said they're about to go to bed. Enzo is done cleaning up the bathroom now & is trimming his nose hairs.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outty for the night. (It's 1am where I am.) Just wanted to stay up until I found out who won Part 1 of the Final HOH..which we now know it's Hayden! Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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