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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon to all you lil addicts out there!! :D Today is live show day (w00t!), which means the Final 3 (Enzo/Lane/Hayden) will be doing the normal Thursday morning/afternoon BB stuff..such as HOH lockdown and getting ready for tonights show.

Enzo is still convinced that today is the Finale. (**It's next Wednesday, Sept 15th.)

Tonight we will see the ending to the Part 1 Final HOH: Endurance Comp, where Hayden won. Then the 2nd half of the show will be live, with Lane/Enzo playing in Part 2 of the Final HOH (which will be a skill comp). Whoever wins tonights Part 2, will go head to head with Hayden to determine who the Final HOH is of Big Brother 12!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

11:52am BBT:
HOH Room
The Final 3

The HG's are on their Thursday morning HOH lockdown, as production is downstairs fussing around. BB took all the sheets and pillows from the HOH bed (since there will be no more HOH's, production is already starting to strip down this seasons HOH room.)

Hayden & Enzo are on the HOH bed... Lane is laying on the floor.

BB is playing the BB theme song over the loudspeaker and the HG's can hear it loud & clear!

12:11pm BBT:
HG's still on HOH lockdown & BB theme music is still playing over the loudspeaker.

12:59pm BBT:
HG's are off of HOH lockdown.
Hayden is in the Jumanji bedroom.
Enzo is in the kitchen.
Lane is off-camera.

The cam zooms in to a message that Lane made.

Lane: "How do you spell liars?"

1:05pm BBT:
Lane comes into the Jumanji.
Lane: "So what do you think?"
Hayden: "I think it's finale day!"

1:11pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Hayden in Jumanji.

1:26pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Hayden & Enzo are still convinced that tonight is the finale. lol Enzo said he might take a shower and cut his hair again..then gave an evil (but funny) look to Lane, as if to say Hayden screwed it up. They both start laughing.

1:38pm BBT:
Jumnanji Bedroom
The 3 Boys

The guys are talking about how tonight could be the finale. Enzo wonders if it's another luxury comp that BB is building in the backyard. lol

Enzo: "What if we all just quit right? What would they do?"

They all laugh hysterically.

Hayden: "Britney would win the money."

**Okay guys & gals, I'm gonna log off until 7pm EST when I will open up the chat room. Until then, enjoy the funny chatter on the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...

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