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Monday, September 6, 2010

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! :D The HG's are having another lazy day in the house. Lots of sleeping and lounging has been happening so far this morning and early afternoon. Today would normally be the Veto Ceremony, but that *should* be tomorrow, along with Britney leaving the BB house shortly after. But like I said, it's a "We'll see what happens!" kind of week this week. lol :P

Currently on the live feeds...

2:04pm BBT:

They're wondering why they're on lockdown. (**Most likely for tomorrow's Endurance Comp. I believe they still think they're having their Veto Ceremony today.) Britney and Enzo said they want a movie, or a party of some kind outside.

Lane is now in the kitchen with them.
Britney said that their Final HOH Endurance is going to be "miserable". (**Oooo I hope so! ;) lol)

2:13pm BBT:
Enzo is building a plane out of the connectors/building thing that BB gave them a few days ago. Britney is playing solitaire. Lane is in the kitchen talking to them.

2:27pm BBT:

Lane is teaching Enzo how to fly a plane. lol

Enzo: "What happens if I go the whole way on the throttle?"
Lane: "You'll sputter out."
Enzo: "Okay."
Lane: "You have to call in and say "125, 25.."
Enzo: "What button do we push?"
Lane: "Okay, now happy feet, happy feet, happy feet..."
Enzo: "Happy feet..ok..."
Lane: "Watch out of the out the kids, now..."
Enzo: "Watchin' out for kids...okay, happy feet, happy feet..."
Enzo: "Did we check the tires? We didn't check the tires! I'm not down with dyin' in the plane! Is there an auto-pilot on this b*tch?"
Lane: "No auto-pilot. No XM radio, either."

Britney made a crown with the connector set & she's wearing it proudly. :P

3:38pm BBT:
Enzo is laying down on the living room couches.

Britney passes through.
Enzo: "I'm thinking about watching a football game."
Britney: "If it comes on, let me know."

Lane is in the HOH room, listening to music.
Britney goes into the Jumanji bedroom to take a nap.

3:51pm BBT:
Enzo still in living room.
Lane still in the HOH room.

4:15pm BBT:
It's HOH picture time!

Enzo: "What's goin' on??!"

This is totally out of their normal BB schedule and now they're all confused. They're still on inside lockdown (BB is building the Final HOH Endurance Comp but they don't know that.)

Hayden said they're doing their goodbye messages in the Diary Room today.
Britney: "We didn't even do the Veto Ceremony and we're already doing goodbye messages?"

Enzo takes a pic, then goes into the Diary Room. (BB called him in for goodbye messages.)

Britney wants a pic of Lane looking like a "bada**", leaning over the railing. He obeys.

Lane wanted a pic of him checking Hayden's ID, as if he was a bouncer at a club. lol

Now Lane wants Britney to look like a bada** and "gangsta".

6:30pm BBT:
HG's are eating dinner. (They had shredded BBQ chicken.)

6:41pm BBT:
HG's still wondering why they had HOH pics today and did their goodbye messages in the Diary Room today, plus why they're on inside lockdown. (**They still don't get it. lol)

6:46pm BBT:
Enzo/Hayden/Lane/Britney are sitting at the dinning room table talking. Britney talked about a date she went on...Lane asked if the guy she was dating "got any" that night. She said no.

Enzo told Hayden that he has a voice for commercials.

7:06pm BBT:
Living Room
The Fab 4

They're all talking about dating/relationships/sex. Britney asked what's a good number of a partners for a female to have had slept with. Hayden said single 2 or 3. Enzo said 10 would be a good number.

Enzo said he's not insecure and hates it when girls on and on about their ex's..he just doesn't care to hear about them, doesn't mean he's insecure, etc.

Lane: "Would you let a guy sleep with your wife for a million dollars?"
Enzo: "Would he wear a condom?" ..then starts laughing.

Hayden: "You're definitely getting divorced, dude."

7:23pm BBT:

HG's still in living, lounging & talking. They're talking about "trashy" she was, her return back to the house, Britney making fun of Rachel in the HOH room while wearing her extensions and how she totally got busted by Rach.

Britney said she's gonna say her REAL goodbye in the Jury House..which is "Don't ever f'ing talking to me again."

Britney: "I'm gonna pretend that I have a cold or something and just stay in the my room (in the jury house)."

Enzo said he thinks Matty wanted to kill himself for being in the jury house with Brendon/Kathy/Rachel.

7:29pm BBT:
Enzo said he went and saw a taping of Rikki Lake with his aunt.
Hayden went to (I think he said) Jerry Springer.
Britney said that she went to a taping of Regis & Kelly. She said Kelly is "tiny" in person.

7:35pm BBT:
Enzo asked everyone if they'd do an All Stars season if they were asked. All 4 said they would.

Enzo: (to Lane) "How many times did you listen to the song "25 to Life"?" (..its on the new Eminem CD that is up in the HOH room.)
Lane: "Like, 4."

(**Here's the song.)

**Alright y'all, I'm outty for the night. Meet me back here in the morning for the Overnighter. See ya then! :D G'dnight & enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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