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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Afternoon/Early Evening + POV Comp Results

The HG's had their POV Comp today, with hosts Jeff & Jordan of Big Brother 11.

Winner of the Veto is:


Currently on the live feeds...

3:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

The boys are talking about how Britney is gonna get talked to like crazy by Rachel and Brendon to use it.

Ragan: "Matt, that was so awesome!"

It was a "knock-out" comp.

Britney comes in & says that Brendon is trying to call a house-meeting to call out Matt because they think Matt is lying about Pandoras Box.

They're talking about how Kathy beat Rachel in the POV Comp. (**LOL Ouch.)

Britney: "When I don't use it on them, they're gonna throw me under the bus SO HARD!"

(**She's scared because she was playing both Rach/Bren and being 'the spy', as she called it the other day.)

Jeff & Jordan were there during the comp. Ragan and Britney are talking about it right now. They said the "doorbell rang".

UH OH!! Fight!!!! Kathy/Rachel in the Kitchen!

Rachel DEMANDED that Kathy apologize for being happy that she beat Rachel and Kathy refuses to apologize for being happy.

Kathy: "I am NOT apologizing for WINNING!!"

Rachel said that Kathy hurt her feelings and she told Kathy that they (Bren/Rach) have been nothing but nice to Kathy.

Brendon calmed Rachel down and told her to stop it and that they thought Kathy was their friend, and apparently she's not. Rachel is calm...for now.

(**Damn you, Brendon! Why do you have to be the voice of reason!! I want DRAMA!! lol)

Fight #2!!!!
Brendon vs Lane

Lane said he heard that Brendon was talking shit about how Lane fell from the surf board on purpose early during the HOH comp a couple of weeks ago. Lane was pissed, Brendon brushed it off and was calm. Then Rachel came chimed in and said that they (Bren/Rach) are at their "lowest point" in the game by being on the block and to not kick them when they're done.

Rachel is talking to everyone in the kitchen at the same time...

Rachel: "We fell in love on this show..I love him! And it SUCKS that I'm sitting next to him on the block!"

Lane/Brendon are making up now. All is cool between them.
Rachel is telling Lane that she's just hurt by how Kathy won't apologize and that's all she wants from her.

**I have a feeling this is just the start of the Rachel drama this week on the feeds! And I love it! ;)

Hayden is telling Rachel that she has to see where Kathy is coming from...she knocked out Rachel, a great competitor and she was very happy about it.

Hayden: "I'm not blaming you, I'm not blaming two have to work it out. Or not. Whatever."
Rachel: "She rubbed it in my face, when I'm at my lowest!"
Brendon: "You want an apology from someone that you thought was your friend..and she's obviously not. So, let it go."

3:46pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Rachel is telling Brendon to stay in the house and HOH's and POV's. Stay and fight. Rachel said that she got all the BB experience she wanted: HOH's, talking to Julie Chen, being a Have Not.

Brendon: "I want you to stay because I think you'll have a better chance at winning HOH next week." (**Rachel will be leaving this week for sure. Brendon won't have any other choice but to "stay and fight".)

3:49pm BBT:
HOH Room
Kathy/Britney...then Matt.

Britney: "She is PSYCHO!!"
Kathy: "People like her need to go to the mental hospital!"

Matt enters. They all agree that Rachel was being very hypocritical.

3:53pm BBT:

Enzo said that Rachel is leaving this week and next week, Brendon will go. Enzo said that the way Jordan was looking "at them" (The Brigade), he could tell that she likes them.

Enzo said he wants to win HOH "so bad" next week and backstab Brendon..make him think they're in an alliance together and then be like "'re on the block".

Back up in the HOH room...

4:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

It's a Rachel/Brendon hatefest in the HOH room. Ragan finally puts it to rest and starts talking about Jeff/Jordan. They think Jordan was "so cute".

Ragan: "I liked her. I think we had moments."
Britney: "Jeff LOVES Enzo!"

Britney was surprised at how tall Jordan was. She thought Jordo would be short.

Talk resumes to bashing Rachel again.

Kathy: "If we don't vote her out, I'm gonna be SO MAD! I am SICK OF HER!"

4:31pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Matt was bitching about Kathy/Britney always being in his HOH room and how badly he just wants to take a nap.

No game talk since Brendon is in the cabana room with them. They're talking about the POV comp and that it shouldn't take BB that long to dismantle it.

Matt: "It's just plywood."

Matt says screw it..he's gonna sleep in the HOH bed, even with Kathy/Britney in it.
Matt: "It's a big enough bed."

Everyone but Hayden/Lane/Ragan leave.

4:36pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're saying that the vote is gonna be 7-0 to evict Rachel this week. Britney thinks that Brendon/Rachel are gonna try to talk to her to use the POV on one of them. They think she'll try everything from giving Britney the $5k, to Rachel throwing other HG's under the bus.

Everyone leaves the HOH room except for Kathy. She's still ranting about Rachel and about how she (Kathy) didn't "back down" from Rachel today during the fight. Matt looks annoyed that Kathy is still there. lol :P He just wants to take a nap.

3:42pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Lane is eating a sandwhich and Britney walked through.

Lane: "Wanna bite?"
Britney: "No, I already ate."
Lane: "Wanna a bite?"

Then they play around for a second.

Britney: "Another POV won (by me)."
Lane: "It's rigged."

Britney said that Rachel is still in the Diary Room & that if Rachel/Brendon try to talk to her to use the Veto, she's gonna tell them to not even bother because she's not using it.

Lane starts to talk about Jeff/Jordo. He said that Rachel/Brendon are "hated". As he tried to tell Britney how he knows that, the feeds switch to bubbles.

5:04pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Britney told Rachel she's not gonna use the POV because the house will be pissed off and it'll be bad for her game play.

Britney: "It's not personal at all Rachel."

Rachel offered Britney her $5,000 and Brit declined. Britney said that she's just being honest with Rachel by telling her that she's not gonna use the POV on her or Brendon.

Britney told Rachel that she'll be there for Rachel on a personal level & that she truly sympathizes with her.

Talk turns to Jeff/Jordan being at the house today. Britney told Rachel that Jordo asked to see Brit's engagement ring. They both agree that Jordan & Jeff loves Enzo. Jordan is going to school now, bought her a family a house (like she said she would), and that she has 1 of the 2 jobs she had before going on BB11. (She was a waitress and worked at a salon..she still works at the salon.)

5:31pm BBT:
The girls are still talking.

Rachel & Britney said that Jordan is super cute. Rachel wonders if Jordan is hosting the live feeds show with Janelle (which is Rachel's all-time favorite BB player and role model.)

Jordan & Chelsia host a live video chat every Monday together, and Janelle & Chelsia on Wednesdays on the live feeds.

7:02pm BBT:

Rachel told Brendon to stay and play the game. She won $5k, she won 2 HOH's, she got the experience, she's done. He tells her to campaign, she doesn't want to.

Rachel said that she's going to teach Brendon everything she knows about Big Brother so that he can win the game after she's gone.

Brendon is trying to figure out how to get votes for Rachel to stay, and for him to leave.

Rachel: "Brendon, just stop it."
Brendon: "I already made up my mind (and you're not going home)."
Rachel: "I made up my mind! I'm going. I don't wanna give up, but..I'm not fighting against you."

Rachel: "I did the best I could."
Brendon: "But you're fight isn't over yet."

They go back & stay, no you stay, etc.

7:32pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Lane is (without saying it) asking "hypothetically" if Britney gets to Final 6 and someone puts her on the block and she doesn't have his (Lane's) vote, would she be pissed. Britney saw right through what he was saying.

Britney: "I think we'll be the most fun final 6 ever!"
Lane: "What if..somebody put you up on the block, and you didn't have my vote to stay. Would you be pissed?"
Britney: "Are you trying to prepare me for something? So I'm not mad at you?"
Lane: "No!" (**Yes! lol)

Britney: "Don't be a doucher."

Britney: "You're trying to string me along to Final 6 and then you're gonna put me up."

Britney said that if she was on the block against Hayden or Matt, then he (Lane) should keep Britney because he won't be able to win against them (Hay/Matt). Hayden is too nice of a guy and Matt has a sick wife. Lane will never win against either of them.

(If you have the feeds, definitely watch this convo on Flashback.)

**Well guys & gals, that's it for me! I'm outta here for the night. Enjoy the feeds or Showtime After Dark @ 12am EST if ya got it! See ya tomorrow w/ The Overnighter around 10am EST! (I'm gonna try to sleep in an extra hour if I can.) G'dnight! :D

(Refresh every once in a while...)

Stay tuned...
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Morning in the BB House

Gooood morning!! :D Today on the feeds, the HG's will play the POV Comp and possibly get a visit from Jeff & Jordo from BB11!! w00t w00t!! :D Basically, if Rachel wins POV, she's safe & if Brendon wins, Rachel is still safe (according to what he told her yesterday about him saving her from the block if he wins). If neither of them win, then it's bye bye Rachel!

We will also see Ragan being the new saboteur & creating mischief in the house and amongst the houseguests! Either way you slice it, the feeds are gonna be interesting today!!

Speaking of the new sab, while everyone thinks it might be Rachel or possibly another HG, nobody seems to think it could be Ragan! lol :P So he's doing a good job thus far of keeping his new role as the sab a secret.

And one more thing...
Ragan's Veto Pass that he won during last weeks POV comp means that he HAS TO play in this weeks POV comp. He has no choice.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:50am BBT:
Living Room
Most HG's

They just got done picking the Veto players!!

Playing for the Veto:


**There's 7 players this week because of Ragan's Veto Pass.

10:12am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is bashing Rachel. (**What's new. lol) Her & Kathy are wondering what they can do with Rachel's hair extensions: they can burn them with Kathy's lighter, clog the pool filter with them, cut them, etc.

Kathy mentioned that she's feeling weak today from being a Have Not.

10:14am BBT:
Cabana Room

The 1st part of thier convo was hard to hear due to Enzo 'talking' with his arms and rubbing his mic on his shirt. But from what I did hear, he said he wants Ragan out of the house next week and that "Kathy won't win sh*t!". They're talking about the Final 6 and who they want to bring with the Brigade.

Enzo said that he hopes that whatever happens, that the sab doesn't mess things up this week.

Hayden enters & Enzo tells him the game plan for next week.

The Brigade's Final 6 Plan:
The next HOH comp, let Ragan/Brendon battle it out...or just let Brendon win it all together, Brendon will nominate Ragan/Matt since he's gunning for them, they'll get rid of Ragan, then the following week, Brendon can't play for HOH and they'll get Brendon out then (unless he wins POV). This would make the Final 6 be The Brigade+Britney & Kathy, which is who they want in the F6.

Hayden said that the plan sounds good.

10:44am BBT:
Cabana Room
The Brigade

The boys are telling Matt that Brendon doesn't believe that Matt won "just a $1". Matt said he doesn't know what else to say because he's telling the truth. He asks them if he should make up a believable lie and they said no.

Matt hopes that the next sab video will take the target off of him because he's not lying about the $1 thing but Brendon truly believes he is.

Matt: "I will swear on the picture of my wife!!"

Matt said that this is Brendon's only thing to use against Matt in order to get him out of the house and that he doesn't blame Brendon because he (Matt) probably would have done the same thing.

Talk turns to who's the sab.

Matt: "I'm close to Ragan, it's not him. You (Lane) are close to Britney, it's not her..."

Hayden truly believes that it's not Rachel.
Hayden: "..and I swore on my FAMILY that I'm not the saboteur."
Matt: "I will do the same thing, I mean..."
Hayden: "We just gotta keep our eyes open."

Hayden leaves, leaving Matt/Lane alone to continue their saboteur talk.

10:52am BBT:
The boys both agree that it's stupid to risk being the new sab and possibly throw away $500,000.

Matt: "Fu**in' saboteur. This is a bad week to be HOH, man."

Ragan is out of the Diary Room and joins Lane/Matt in the Cabana Room. Hayden rejoins the boys, too.

Ragan: "I'm so sick of them."
Matt: "Brendon and Rachel?"
Ragan: *nods*
Matt: "Everybody is."

11:39am BBT:
HOH Room

The two have been playing detective and trying to figure out who the new sabatour is. They don't think it's Hayden. Matt told Britney that Hayden honestly doesn't think it's Rachel. Britney said she thinks it's Brendon, but she also thought Brendon was the sab the first time so she could be wrong.

Britney said that the image of the sab is, again, someone with a smaller frame so it might be a female. But they don't know if the sabatour's blank 'image' is morphed or not, so it could mean nothing.

Matt said that BB messed up by having Annie The Sab tell the HG's that "I escaped the block this week" when she was actually on the block, so now the HG's won't believe anything the sabatour tells them. They then started to talk about the lifelong friends thing. Both Matt & Britney said that they think it could have been Hayden/Kristen, but it doesn't matter now anyways since Kristen is gone. Matt said he asked Hayden yesterday if they were a pair and Hayden said no.

11:44am BBT:
Talk turns to POV.

Matt: "I just wanna get on with this." (**Me, too!! Hurry up BB!!! :D)

They both think today's POV Comp is gonna take forever because it takes a long time to reset the pins.

Britney now turns to bashing Brendon..again.

11:532am BBT:
Sunset Room
Brendon/Hayden/(Sleeping Enzo)

Hayden told Brendon that him and Rachel have a good shot at winning today's POV Comp. Brendon is hoping him or Rach win and then have Matt put up Kathy as a renom and get Kathy out.

Rachel comes in and they talk about the POV Comp.
Rachel then starts to put in her hair extensions.

12:02pm BBT:
BB: "Ragan, please go to the Diary Room."

Stay tuned...
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The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans & Happy Saturday to y'all! :D Last night after I signed off, a ton of stuff went down in the BB house!! The HG's got a message from the new saboteur (Ragan) and that set the house into overdrive with speculation of who it can/can't be. Enzo often referred to the saboteur as "the sabo-douche". lol :P A lot of HG's think that Rachel has some kind of power that might be able to save her this week (which is not true, just HG's speculation).

Also, the HG's got to practice in the backyard for their POV Comp today. It's a large bowling lane. Brendon & Rachel practiced a lot (Brendon more than Rachel).

Jeff & Jordan still have not yet made an appearance in the house, but that will either be today or tomorrow. My guess is that it'll be today for the POV Comp. They're supposed to be spending the night in the BB house (according to Julie Chen and Allison Grodner), and since Jeff is leaving Monday for Tokyo, I'm betting that it'll be tonight rather than Sunday night. :D

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting in sections!!

8:40pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Rachel asked Britney if they (Rach/Brit/Bren) were "still good" and Britney said yea but that she didn't want to blow smoke up her a**. Brit told them that even if one of them wins POV, the other is going home because they won't have the votes to stay.

8:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt told Enzo that the Brigade should throw HOH next week, let Matt go up on the block (he'll have the votes to stay anyways), and then "they're set for next week".

Enzo talked about how Britney is a backstabber.
Enzo: "Britney will go around stabbing people in the back, throwin' them under the bus, and then when she gets in front of their face, she's..(nice & backs down)."

Enzo said that him & Hayden need to continue to work Brendon on the fake alliance thing.

9:02pm BBT:
Living Room
All HG's

At 9:02pm BBT, a loud fuzzy noise came over the loudspeaker in the house. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks and screamed "SABOTEUR!!" and made their way into the living room.

Message from the Saboteur (Ragan):

"Hello houseguests, guess whos back? Annie may be long gone, but my reign of terror is about to begin! I want to thank Matt for opening up Pandoras Box and releasing a new saboteur into the house. My mission is to destroy all of you and cruise to the half million dollars. Watch your back before I stab you in it!"

Matt: "They're trying this again?"
Britney: "Do you think America got to vote on..
Rachel: "..who would be the saboteur?"
Hayden: "I think it'd be stupid at this point in the game to be the saboteur and backstab people on your way out the door. Whats the incentive to do it?
Kathy: "We're all fighting for the $500,000 anyways.."
Ragan: "Unless there was some power associated with it?"
Rachel: "They'd say if there was a power."


Enzo: "Roll that (footage) again!"
Everyone laughs.

Both Britney & Enzo thought that Annie was coming back into the game.

The rest of the night (and I do mean ALL NIGHT lol), the HG's tried to figure out if (1) There's actually a new sab in the game..(2) Why any of them would accept that role this far into the game..(3) Who could it be or couldn't be.

By 10pm BBT, Britney is convinced that Rachel is the new sab & tried to convince everyone else that Rachel is the sab.

12:04am BBT:
All HG's

BB gave the HG's the POV Comp set up to practice with. Prior to the lockdown being over, Brendon told Rachel that he's going to be "fiesty" and take over the comp setup and practice all night.

12:52am BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan is telling Matt that Rachel is (basically) an attention whore and it's because of the way that guys have treated her in her life.

Matt: "I don't think she's the saboteur because she's kinda sabotaging herself right now!"

They talk about how Rachel's been pouting all night because she's on the block.

Ragan is playing off him being the sab and telling Matt that he's not scared of the pranks the sab is gonna pull, he's scared about any power that the sab might hold.

1:00am BBT:
Sunset Room

Brendon walked into the Sunset Room to comfort his girlfriend who is sobbing uncontrollably.

Rachel: "I can't do this anymore! I have nothing left to give!"
Brendon: "Yes you do!! You can do this! It's like studying for gotta stay up all night and (practice) real hard!"

Rachel: "I fought SO HARD! I have NOTHING left!"
Brendon: "Yes you do, it's just been a really hard week."
Rachel: "I'm sorry!"
Brendon: "I think you're full of crap, you CAN do this! You might not be a good bowler but by the end of the night, you will be the best damn bowler. No matter how tired we are, we will stay out there all night and win that POV! Say it with me..We.Are.Going.To.Win."
Rachel: "We are..going to win." *sniffle sniffle*

Rachel: "I want you to stay here! I'm ready to go home, I really am! I didn't think I was, but I really am!"
Brendon: "No, you're not! You can do this!"

Brendon calms her down and they start talking, as Brendon continues to pep talk her.

This continues until 1:40am BBT. Rachel then goes back outside, with her spirits now lifted.

1:42am BBT:

Rachel goes back out into the backyard to practice for the POV Comp.

Britney: "You okay?"
Rachel: "No."
Britney: "What's wrong?"
Rachel: "Everything. *giggle* I don't know how to answer that question."
Britney: "Just a bad week. I just thought maybe something had happened."
Rachel: "Uh, no."

Britney, clearly irritated, goes inside to the Cabana Room and told Kathy & Ragan what just happened between her & Rachel.

**Update: I just fixed a typo for the 12:52am BBT convo..I typed "Britney" but meant Rachel. Hey, it happens. :P Easy to mix things up when you're typing & listening to convos at the same time. Error is now fixed!!

1:46am BBT:

Rachel continues to practice once again and she's kicking butt at it!

Brendon is right beside her, cheering her on and telling her what a good job she's doing.

Alright, this Overnighter is kicking my butt this morning, so I'm gonna cliffnote the rest of it. lol Sorry guys, wayyyyy too many convos in the span of several hours. My head is spinning.

*2:20am BBT: Enzo swore to Lane on his wife & kids that he's not the sab.
*2:30am BBT: Rachel started crying..again. This time, to Kathy. Rach said that the fight between her & Ragan made Ragan hate her, she's on the block, either her or Brendon are going to the Jury House on Thursday and she's "over all of it" & done.
*2:35am BBT: Rachel goes in the the BY and cries to Brendon. Brendon tells her to be strong, etc etc etc. Rach said she hates Matt.
*2:45am BBT: The Brigade in the HOH room...Matt said that the new sab is "either stupid or desperate", so it must be Kathy or Rachel.
*2:50am BBT: Britney bashed Rachel to Ragan, she said that Rachel an attention seeker and that Bren/Rachel's relationship won't last outside the house.
*3:00am BBT: Hayden told Lane/Matt that Brendon said that Matt needs to leave soon.
*3:15am BBT: Hayden admitted to the Brigade that him & Kristen kissed a few times.
*3:30am BBT: As Hayden walked down the HOH stairs, he yelled "Brigade" really loud. (This is not the first time that one of the Brigade members has yelled their name out. Enzo does it often in the backyard when nobody is out there.)
*3:45am BBT: Enzo now thinks that Brendon could be the sab.
*4:20am BBT: Rachel/Brendon are finally done practicing the POV Comp.

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter!! Phewww..that was a tough one. lol :P Alright, I'll start the morning post once the HG's wake up! :D

Stay tuned...

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