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Monday, August 2, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! The house has been calm since around 1:39pm BBT. The only thing worth mentioning that happened is that Kristen was thinking of how she could try to get the votes to stay over Hayden, without actually campaigning against him. Ragan talked to her in the Sunset Bedroom and told her that it would hard, if not impossible. Kristen still has some fight left in her & she "feels" like she just can't simply give up & walk out the BB door on Thursday night. Will she give up? Or try? My guess is that she'll give up, but only because it seems useless to "fight" to stay at this point.

5:36pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Kristen is saying that she doesn't wanna be like Monet & just accept her fate in the game. She tells the boys that if she stayed in the house, there would be more fights (between Kristen/Rachel). Lane & Enzo tell Kristen that Britney should have used the POV. (**Note: Lane/Enzo tried to talk Britney out of using it late last night.)

Kristen: "I'd love to stay in the house, because Rachel wants me gone so bad!"

Kristen says that Andrew ruined her game & she doesn't want that "fool" to be the reason why she lost.

Hayden, fresh from his nap, joins the BY crew. Enzo leaves & shoots pool.
Talk turns to their day of lounging.

Lane: "Dude, I was in the pool all day. My back is gonna be burnt tomorrow!"

Ragan comes out. Enzo asked Ragan if he wants to play in tonights pool tournament. Ragan said yes.

Kristen is saying that she wants "people to vote the way that they feel they wanna vote".

Lane: "Go around and see what people are thinking, ya know?"
Kristen: "I think we all know how the majority of the house would vote. There's more guys in the house right now. They're closer with Hayden. Rachel hates my guts, she's HOH. That only leaves Britney & Kathy..and I know I have Kathy's vote. And since Britney never used the POV, then she obviously doesn't want me in the house."

Lane is making it sound like he's a "neutral" party since he has the Brigade and he's not gonna vote out Hayden over Kristen. Lane (oddly enough) told Kristen to talk to Britney, she might be a vote for her.

Kristen: "I just wanna piss (Rachel) off! Nobody has made a bold move in this house, and I want to piss her off by staying!"

Lane is still staying neutral.

Kristen: "That's why I wanna make a move's like, okay you can't trust me but you can trust Hayden? We're playing the same type of game! That's not game play! That's either jealousy or pissed off because I'm a girl..I don't think she sees me as more of a threat than Hayden!"

Lane: "Right."

Feeds auto-switch to...

5:52pm BBT:

Matt: "I want to spend 1 day in Enzo's mind."
Hayden: "I wanna meet his wife."
They both laugh.

BB: "Matt, please stop playing with your microphone!"
Enzo: (In the bathroom) "GAME TAWWKAAA!!" (*LOL)

Enzo comes out & walks by Hayden who's washing his hands.

6:05pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

After Kristen's talk/campaigning to Lane, she asked Kathy for a smoke.

Kristen: "Oh, Ragan is gonna love *yells*..SMOKERCISE!!!"

Ragan: (from distance in BY) "And KICK, SMOKE, 2-3-4..."

Kristen looks at Kathy and says...

Kristen: "I don't wanna go, Kathy."

Kathy tells her she doesn't want her to go. They do a little Rachel bashing.

6:22pm BBT:

Ragan is saying his arms are so tired from his workout he just completed.

Ragan grabs a plate of food and goes outside to join the backyard couch crew.

6:24pm BBT:
Backyard Couch Area
Current topic is red velvet cake.
Enzo is saying his cake for his wedding was red was white on the outside and had roses all around it.

Enzo starts complaining about the ants in the backyard biting him.

Enzo: "It's crazy, man."

Everyone but Ragan/Kristen leaves the BY couch area. Ragan asked Kristen if she's talked (aka campaigned) to anyone yet.

She said yea, but that she has to talk to people more in depth.

Lane/Enzo/Britney are playing pool.

If you missed Sunday night's episode, it is now posted on CBS! :D (I just rewatched the fight between Kristen/Rachel..hehe Love it! ;) ) Just click the pic below to watch it!

**Alright, y'all..I'm outty for the night. :) Meet me back here bright & early for the Overnighter around 9am EST! Until then, enjoy the feeds! ;)

Stay tuned...

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