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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evening in the BB House

The endurance comp is now over, and we have our new HOH for the week & the drama on the live feeds is gonna be GOOOOOOD!!! ;)

The New HOH is:


Kathy is the Have Not for the week. (**Shocker. lol)

*This will eventually bit Matt in the butt, as this is his 2nd HOH win. He'll be looked at as a "strong competitor".

The Brigade are very happy boys, and as Matt would say, they're "sittin' pretty" this week. Enzo/Lane/Matt/Hayden have no worries until next Thursday. There's no doubt that Matt will put up Brendon/Rachel and do the job he was supposed to do a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise, the Brigade is gonna one pissed off group of guys!!

Currently on the live feeds...

7:00pm BBT:
All HG's

The houseguests are all taking turns getting showered.

Rachel is not a happy gal tonight, but she's playing it off & laughing with the others.

7:07pm BBT:
Storage Room

Matt told the boys that he talked with Ragan on the giant paint can and they agreed to let Matt win because Ragan is better at mental comps and next weeks HOH comp is sure to be a mental comp.

7:10pm BBT:
Storage Room

Brendon is PISSED that, once again, the endurance comp was geared towards people with smaller feet & that his size 12 feet made it impossible to win that comp.

Brendon: "They (BB) knew exactly what they were doing with that comp..."

7:12pm BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

Brendon: "You okay?"
Rachel: "Yea. I'm fine."

Rachel tells Brendon she's scared about them both getting nominated and one of them leaving. Brendon told her he did the best he could in the HOH comp.

Rachel: "I know. You did really good, Brendon!"
Brendon: "We're gonna be okay. Alright?"
Rachel: "Hayden & Kristen aren't alright..." (re: Kristen leaving.)
Brendon: "We're not Kristen & Hayden."

Brendon leaves the room.
Rachel starts semi-crying/sighing.

7:28pm BBT:

Everyone is getting something to eat. Britney said she might just eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

Matt: "That actually sounds pretty good!"

Hayden leaves & jumps in the shower.

Brendon is trying to calm Rachel down in the Sunset Bedroom.

**Spark up the feeds!! There's convos every minute in every room!!

7:32pm BBT:

Lane asked Matt if he heard Rachel ask him right after the comp if he wanted to make a deal.

Matt: "Make a deal???"
Lane: "Yeah..but you didn't say anything to her. You ignored her."
Matt: "I didn't hear her!"

Ragan said that he thinks this week is gonna be "awesome".

Everyone agreed. (They're happy that they can relax knowing that Brendon or Rachel will be leaving..finally.)

7:36pm BBT:

Matt told Hayden to "plant the seed" (for something?? Couldn't hear.) But Matt said he's putting up Brendon/Rachel.

7:43pm BBT:
Cabana Room
Matt/Ragan..then Britney..then Rachel...then Lane.

Ragan is telling Matt that it still might be a better idea to get Rachel out because she's smarter at comps and is a better player.

Matt brought up the idea that Rachel might crack if Brendon leaves, but that he heard her say that it would only "fire her up" even more.

Britney enters.

Rachel then enters.

Ragan said that he hooked Kristen up to go live at his place in West Hollywood until after the show.

Lane enters.

They all talk about the HOH comp. They said it was hard and the foam that was shooting out at them was blinding their goggles. Britney said her googles were covered from the start of the comp.

Ragan: "Mine weren't covered until the very end! If they were, there's NO WAY I could have lasted that long!"

8:20pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Rachel said she wants to play in one of the HOH endurance comps. (Both times, she's been the HOH and had to sit out.)

Ragan thinks it'll be cool when Kristen goes to his apartment in West Hollywood because he has friends in the building that are probably watching the show and know who she is.

Lane: "Oh, she's going to your place?"
Ragan: "Yeah."

**I just added some new polls on the right side of the blog, check'em out!! :D

Okay guys & gals, I'm outty for the night!! Let's all meet back up around 9am EST tomorrow morning for The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy watching the feeds!! G'dnight! ;)

Stay tuned...
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