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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Morning in the BB House

BB woke up the HG's around 8:30am BBT. The HG's are having a hard time waking up today. Lots of laying around the house. Rachel made omelets, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for everyone for breakfast. Matt decided to stick to his slop diet and declined an omelet.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:46am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Britney was (playfully) mad at Lane for stealing her "fuzzy" blanket from her bed. She said she has a hard time sharing, and always has.

Lane: "You know what that's called?"
Britney: "Yeah, selfish."

Lane: "No, princess!"

Feeds auto-switched to Kathy sleeping in the Sunset Bedroom for a few minutes.

9:51am BBT:

Ragan: "Andrew is probably sitting at home in sweatpants with a huge boner!" (re: Hayden/Kristen being on the block.)

10:03am BBT:
Dining Room Table

Ragan just sat down to his omelet, which he said was the best breakfast he ate in the house so far.

Ragan: "This is REALLY good, Rachel! Thank you."
Rachel: "You're welcome!"

Enzo is telling Ragan/Kristen/Britney about his italian grandparents. He said his grandfather has been in the USA for 40 years and still doesn't know english. (**lol) He talks about how if his g'father used to call him in a certain way as a kid, he knew he was about to get beat.

Ragan asked about how his culture perceives gays. Enzo said that they're pretty well accepted, kinda like in New York City.

10:12am BBT:
Kristen & Ragan are doing the breakfast dishes together.

10:35am BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan is telling Rachel to be observant to who the pairs are in the house.

Ragan: "There are GROUPS of people playing for Head of Households. You have to think...when someone leaves, how will things shift."

Rachel: "I told Kristen that I don't trust her and that it was very apparant that she was coming after me during the HOH comp."

Ragan: "What happens when the 1 person in a 2 person alliance goes home. Where does that 1 person go?"

Rachel: "So you think Hayden is more dangerous than Kristen?"

Ragan: "I'm not gonna put anything like that out there. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying to go downstairs all day today, and make observations."

(Ragan is hinting that Hayden is aligned with others already, while Kristen is not. Hinting towards the Brigade, but without knowledge of it.)

Ragan: "This decision for me is not who I like more or who I spend time with...this decision for me is, what happens next? That's all it is to me. Who can I...see burning through this game, and I don't mean 1 person!"

Rachel: "You mean pairs and triplets."

**Ragan is being VERY vague, because he doesn't want anything to come back & bite him in the butt.

10:57am BBT:
Rachel said she wants Kristen out this week. Kristen asked why.

Rachel: "Because you're gunning for me."
Kristen: "And you think Hayden isn't?"
Rachel: "Oh I know he is! But you're smarter and more manipulative than Hayden: you're more dangerous."

11:11am BBT:
Ragan: "The person who stays, will have to find some place (group) to fall."

Ragan tells Kristen/Rachel that he's not gonna have this talk with anyone else, not even Matt..though he expects for Rachel to tell Brendon.

Brendon enters.

Ragan leaves.
Kristen tells Brendon what they told Rachel. She says that she (Kris) always lays it out on the line in the game. While Hayden, doesn't. And for Brendon to "take that into consideration".

Rachel said that with Kristen staying in the house, she knows where Kristen will "migrate" to.

Switching feeds to...

11:20am BBT:

Ragan asked Enzo about his wife, and Enzo started to tell Ragan/Lane/Britney/Hayden how he met his wife, how long they dated, their trip to Italy, how he proposed, etc. He really captivated everyone with his story...including me. :)

If you have the feeds, you definitely wanna watch this!! It's very personal, very sweet, and Enzo painted a picture so clear of his life, that you will feel like you were there at all those places in his life. Loved this convo!!!

Btw, Enzo's are a very lucky gal! Your hubby is so in love with you, it's crazy!

11:54am BBT:
HOH Room

They're talking about the convo Rachel just had with Ragan/Kristen. Rachel is still dead set on getting Kristen out this week.

Rachel thinks Matt and Ragan are gonna vote to keep Kristen.
Rachel also thinks Britney is on their (Rach/Bren) side "100%".

Brendon: "Be careful what you say to Ragan. I don't trust him anymore"
Rachel agrees.

Brendon: "I think Ragan is 2-3 weeks away from putting us up."

Rachel wants Brendon to win HOH this week and make people see that they need them in the house and to side with them.

Rachel: "You can't even let Britney win this week! You need to win and show that we're an asset so that people will start trying to make deals with US!"
Brendon: "I know! I know I know I know." (sigh)

Rachel thinks that Kristen will align with Matt and Ragan, and then take Rachel out.

Rachel is really putting the pressure on Brendon to win HOH this week.
They plan on letting Britney win the 1st HOH during the Double Eviction week, then they'll try to win the 2nd HOH.

Rachel & Brendon's target after Kristen is gone, is Matt. They're now gunning for him because they don't trust him at all and think he's sneaky.

They both agree that Ragan was trying to get Rachel (to get Brendon) to vote for Kristen to stay this week. (Which, they were.)

Ragan told Kristen yesterday to go after the hardest vote first...which is Brendon...then work on the other votes. Kristen thinks she has Lane's vote because Lane is telling her (Kris) that he's voting for her to stay, but he's part of the Brigade and won't vote Hayden out. And Kristen has Kathy's vote, and it seems like she has Ragan's vote, and Kristen/Ragan think they have Matt's vote (to keep Kristen) as well...but, again, Hayden is part of the Brigade. Matt's not gonna vote him out.

Stay tuned...

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