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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Gooood evening, BB fans! :D Well today has been a very chill day in the house, minus the time the HG's got a message from the sabatour. Brendon & Rachel are still very much in 'like' with each other and Brendon's goal is to save her from eviction this week. After Brendon takes himself off of the block, Annie will most likely be the renom.

Currently on the live feeds...

5:50pm BBT:
Outside (during lockdown)

Brendon finally had his talk with Hayden, he's been waiting all day for the moment. Brendon told Hayden that if he keeps Rachel in this house, then he wants to team up with Hayden (long term, not just a 1 week deal).

In other news...

Okay, there's a TON of info being said on the feeds right now, so y'all are gonna have to be patient while I gather up as much as I can! :)

*It appeared (for a good 10 mins) that Kristen & Hayden were the "life long" friends because of what Kristen & Hayden were talking about alone in the HOH room around 6:10pm BBT.

Hayden: "Should we tell people?"
Kristen: "No."

Then Kristen asked Hayden if he thinks if Annie & Matt are the "friends". So I guess it's not Hayden & Kristen after all.

*There was a convo between Matt & Andrew in the hammock earlier where (according to Matt), Andrew said that Hayden wasn't at the "convention". Hayden (who admitted he was the last person to get on the show) said that him & Kristen were the only ones at the "other" hotel. Matt then went up to the HOH and told Hayden about his convo with Andrew in the hammock. That's when Hayden admitted that it was him & Kristen at the "other hotel".

*Hayden confronted Andrew in the HOH room @ 6:25pm BBT about his convo with Matt.

Andrew said "I thought it was BRENDON that wasn't there (at the convention)..." then we got the "We'll Be Right Back" on our screens.

6:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden is saying that he's pretty sure that Annie is the saboteur, and not just for the obvious reasons. He said that his Diary Room sessions are kinda giving it away that Annie is the saboteur & that CBS would be pissed if the saboteur got out in the 1st week. Immediately, the feeds cut to "We'll Be Right Back". lol

Feeds come back, and Kristen & Hayden are still in the HOH (alone) talking.

At 6:50pm BBT, both Kristen & Hayden swore on their mothers lives that they do not have a "life long" friend in the house.

Hayden & Kristen told each other that they like that they've been aligned since the very beginning.

7:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt joins Hayden & Kristen in the HOH room. They start talking about how they were (basically) told by production via the Diary Room that the saboteur cannot win anything more than the $50,000.

Lane joins them in the HOH room at 7:04pm BBT.

Random chit chat at the moment. They all wish they had Monopoly to play. (They're bored.)

Switching feeds to...

7:11pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan is telling the girls that he hopes whoever is on slop this week, won't be on slop next week because it's so "intense" to be on it, let alone for 2 weeks in a row.

7:31pm BBT:
Storage Room

The boys snuck away into the storage room to talk about the POV ceremony and who will go up as the replacement nominee.

Hayden: "If Annie goes up, Rachel stays. Guaranteed. Annie is the only one that will guarantee Rachel stays."

Brendon was pushing for Monet to go up as Brendon's replacement nom. Hayden shot down that idea quickly.

Hayden: "I kinda like Monet, if I'm being honest."
Brendon: "Rachel knows I'm keeping her safe. You better not be the saboteur, I'll whip your ass."

Brendon also warned Hayden that Enzo is a wildcard & is not to be trusted. Hayden completely agreed.

Brendon: "I dont want anyone knowing we're working together. I want to stay on opposite sides of the house. We'll f*** the girls over, then makeout with them after the show." (He wants to take out all the girls first, leaving only the guys in the house to duke it out.)

7:41pm BBT:
Outside/Pool Table

They boys are playing a friendly game of pool. In the background, you can hear Enzo walking around laughing....

Enzo: "I'm losing it! I'm f**king losing it, bro! I need a burn of this energy."
Hayden: "You just had a competition yesterday!" (laughs)

**Alrighty boys & girls, it's about that time for me to get some rest. If you're dying to know what's going on inside the BB house, all ya need to do is get the live feeds! They're $15 for a whole month & they are soooo totally worth it! (..especially during live HOH endurance comps!!!) G'dnight & see y'all in the morning! ;)

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House

The morning in the BB house was rather uneventful, so let's see what the afternoon brings. (Come on, drama! Make an appearance, will ya please? hehe ;) )

Currently on the live feeds...

12:00pm BBT:


Lane has been schooling Annie on how he 'scores' women. It's quite funny because I can see his plan-of-attack on the ladies actually working. lol He explained everything from how to approach a girl, to how to get her to go all the way. (He says he turns the girl down on the first date, which makes her think he's a respectable guy). lol Not sure if he's kidding or being serious, either way it's rather comical to watch. :P

All other HG's are lounging around, mostly outside in the backyard.

1:00pm BBT:

Brendon told Rachel that he hasn't talked to Hayden yet but that he's going to try to do everything he can to keep her in the house.

1:17pm BBT:
Feeds are on standby mode (& have been for a few minutes now. Hmm.)

Feeds are back & this is the first thing us feed watchers saw:

1:30pm BBT:
It sounds like they were told by the saboteur on the tv screen in the living room that there are best friends/"life long friends" in the house!!

Apparently Andrew flipped out saying stuff like "It's not me! I've never known anybody that long in my life!" (since the house already thinks he's the saboteur lol) All the HG's (minus Rachel & Brendon, who are in the living room still) are laughing about Andrew..all in good fun. :) Andrew apologized for his reaction. lol

Enzo: "You know what? If they asked me to come back for an All-Stars, I'd tell'em Meow Meow. I ain't coming back." (lol)

Enzo could care less about friends being in the house.

Enzo: "Good for them. If they're in here & they're doing their thing, good for them."

1:45pm BBT:
Orange Room
...and the flirting contiues.

(Oh geez..just hop already, you two. Get it over with. lol)

1:54pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden told Lane that he's putting up Annie.

Hayden: "I like Annie, but.."

Talk turns to who they think could be "life long" friends in the house. Hayden (and Enzo also said earlier as well) that he thinks Britney/Kathy are daughter/mother.

**The feeds are buzzing!!! If you got'em, turn them on!

2:01pm BBT:

Cabana Room

Britney comes in and Lane & Hayden ask why she told Annie she's going to be the renom (after Brendon takes himself off the block). Britney says she never told her and why would she tell her. Britney said that Annie started to suspect when people started to act weird around her all of sudden. Talk turns back into the 'who's life long friends in the house' thing.

2:15pm BBT:
Orange Room

The two love (or lust?) birds are still flirting. Brendon told her that he thought she was cute from the moment he saw her. They cuddle & kiss, more lovey-dovey talk, etc etc.

2:30pm BBT:
Andrew (spying on..)/Annie/Ragan

Annie was telling Ragan how she's mad that Britney is turning people against her. Ragan didn't say much, Brit did most of the talking. Andrew was on the HOH landing eavesdropping at the time of the convo.

3:26pm BBT:
All the HG's are roaming around...swimming, laying out in the sun, & laughing/joking on the backyard couch.

4:20pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

All HG's still roaming around, chillin' outside, snacking in the kitchen, etc etc.

4:46pm BBT:

Brendon & Andrew have a quick whisper-convo: Brendon told Andrew that he has to play it cool and act like they (Brendon/Andrew) aren't working together because everyone already hates him (Brendon) in the house. Brendon then told Andrew that he has to win HOH this week.

5:09pm BBT:
Dinning Room

I think the HG's are cracking. lol :P They have been having giggle fests and laughing over the most random stuff. Enzo said earlier that he was about to spoon his way outta of the backyard. lol

Ragan is in the kitchen talking to HG's that are coming in & out. He said he found Keesha's meth. They asked why he thought she was on meth, he said because she was missing a tooth in the back of her mouth.

He then goes on to say that he was just kidding and that he LOVES Keesha from BB10.

(Keep refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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Morning in the BB House

This morning, Brendon was the first HG to wake up and take a shower by 7:30am BBT. Ragan woke up shortly after (around 7:45am BBT) and joined Brendon on the backyard couch for some morning chit chat.

7:55am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Both of the boys were talking about how they feel bad for Andrew always being called weird and made fun of. Not that he's not bringing it on himself, but it must be hard to hear negative comments like that all the time. Talk turns to the next HOH comp. Brendon said he's going to fight hard to win it. Brendon goes on to say that he doesn't understand why people are so against him, especially when he's always nice to people and cooks dinner for everyone.

Currently on the live feeds...

8:15am BBT:
HOH Landing

Andrew is doing his morning prayers.

8:34am BBT:

The boys went back inside and are in the kitchen talking. Ragan said that his lymph nodes are swollen and Brendon thinks he should ask for vitamins since Ragan is on slop.

Kathy is up & roaming around the house.
Andrew is still on the HOH landing praying.

9:06am BBT:
Brendon & Ragan are still in the kitchen, non-game chit chat and joking around. :) They're talking about past seasons of BB.

Kathy has joined the boys in the kitchen.

9:33am BBT:
BB wakes up all other HG's.

9:58am BBT:

HG's doing their morning routines.

10:01am BBT:

Jungle Room

Brendon is reassuring Rachel that she's staying this week. He tells her that Hayden wants to make a deal with him.

Brendon: "If he doesn't do what I need him to do, I'm going to tell him he's going home next week."

Brendon keeps telling Rachel that she's not going home this week and that he's going to work the votes for her to stay.

Brendon: "If the f**king votes aren't unanimous, someone's gonna be in trouble. I just didn't wanna be the first one (to get evicted). Ya know?"

10:08am BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room

Most of the HG's are now in the kitchen, talking and eating. Waking up for the day. :)

10:21am BBT:

Lane, Rachel, Britney and Monet are getting in their workouts for the day...

Perv cam is on Monet while she's taking a break from doing an intense leg workout...

And then, there's Enzo...who obviously has no motivation to do anything but work on his tan. lol ;)

10:46am BBT:

Backyard Couch

They start off with random chit chat, then talk about who the renom might be.

Kathy: "If it's my time (to go), then it's my time."

11:27am BBT:

HG's are roaming around the inside & outside the house. No game talk convos going on at the moment.

It's storming really bad where I am & the power has already gone out once. If I'm offline for an extended period of time, that's because the internet/power is out. I unplugged my laptop (in case of a power surge, don't want my laptop getting fried out), so I'm running on the battery for now. I only have about 2 hours of battery time normally but the feeds are draining it pretty quickly. Please bear with me while mother nature does her thing. ;)

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans! :D Yesterday was a great day of lying, manipulating, and all that great stuff that makes Big Brother awesome! lol ;) Brendon, who was nominated for eviction along with Rachel, won the POV yesterday which sent the house into panic mode since Brendon was this weeks target. But as all of us BB fans know, never count your chickens before they hatch! After all, this is Big Brother and "Expect the Unexpected"!

Okie dokie, I'm gonna gather the rest of the Overnighter up for y'all, so keep on checking back!! :D

If you're using Firefox and trying to watch the feeds, they're probably not working this morning. Fear not, this is how to fix that: go to Adobe's Website and download the Flash player. It'll update your current version. After I did that, my feeds worked fine. :) (The feeds should work fine in Internet Explorer, they did for me at least.)

The Overnighter:
Since the HG's are already waking up & talking game, I'm gonna make this *very* brief. lol Annie is still the target for the POV renom (after Brendon takes himself off), Annie caught wind of her going to be backdoored and tried to give a boo-hoo sob story, seemed to work (at least for now), but time will tell. She's done alot of damage that not even a sob story could fix permanantly. You can't pull a Ronnie (from BB11) and play every side of the house and every person in it, and not think you're not gonna get caught. lol Especially when it's been umm...a whole week?? lol ;)

Starting the morning post!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Early Evening in the BB House

Before we get into the Early Evening post, let's do some quick recapping:

*Brendon told Rachel he's gonna try his best to save her this week.
*Brendon is trying to get Monet nom'ed and is using the whole "She already won $10,000" thing to get her to be his replacement nom.
*Monet & Hayden struck a deal earlier today stating that Hayden wouldn't use her as a pawn, as long as he was safe next week if she won HOH. They both agreed. Hayden told Monet to act stressed/worried to get people to think that she was nervous about going up on the block so it throws people off that they have a deal together.
*Enzo thinsk that Annie is the saboteur.
*Paranoia & doubt is running all throughout the house.

Also, if you haven't yet seen the Have Not's room, here it is:

Okie dokie, that about covers it! lol ;) Let's dive right on into the Early Evening post, shall we? :D

Currently on the live feeds...

4:54pm BBT:

Brendon told Matt the truth about his job doing cancer research and how he left his fellowship to be on the show. Matt, in return, told Brendon about his wife's degenterative bone disease that has no cure and that he needs the money for his wifes surgery so that she can get the bone shaved in her left leg because their insurance won't cover the costs.

5:01pm BBT:
Backyard Hammock

Enzo & Kathy are talking about if Kathy goes up as a pawn & what this weeks plan is.

Enzo: "You're safe. She's gone (Rachel). No matter what though, you're safe."

5:11pm BBT:
*Rachel/Brendon/Ragan/Matt/Lane are in the kitchen, having non-game related chit chat.
*Enzo & Kathy are on the hammock in the backyard still talking.
*Britney/Kristen/Monet are sun tanning in the BY.

5:21pm BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden told Matt that he's putting Kathy up as the replacement nom for Brendon, with the target being Rachel. He knows that if Rachel stays, then Hayden will have both Rachel and Brendon gunning for him.

5:36pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge

Britney and Monet are sun tanning and talking smack on Rachel and how "fake" she is.

5:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

The boys are thinking about telling Hayden to backdoor Annie: put Annie up against Rachel on the chopping block.

Matt: "I really think that Annie should be backdoored."
Enzo: "I don't think he'll wanna do it!"

Enzo is saying that he TRULY thinks Annie is the sabatoru because she's always up late, he said that during the night BB turned out the lights, Annie was up & running around, she's playing all sides of the house.

Enzo: "She has four alliances right now, get her out!"

5:54pm BBT:
Enzo & Matt are still talking alone in the HOH room.
Enzo wants to talk to Hayden BADLY and is getting pumped up!! lol

Enzo: "Let's do it, yo! Let's make a f**king power move!"

Enzo leaves and goes outside.

5:56pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge

Enzo is throwing the idea of backdooring Annie to the girls and they love it & are on board with it!

Enzo hurries up & goes back up to Matt and tells him that the girls are on board.

Enzo: "The girls are down for it, yo! Let's f**kin' do it!! Let's backdoor her!"

Enzo goes and gets Hayden and they both head up to meet Matt in the HOH room.

Enzo is pitching the 'Lets Backdoor Annie' plan to Hayden.

6:18pm BBT:
Hayden's all for it!! The plan is to backdoor Annie!!

Britney comes up to the HOH room.

Britney tells the guys that Brendon tried to make a deal with her. The deal was that Brendon would keep Hayden from putting her up this week, if she wouldn't put him up next week. Talk quickly turns to backdooring Annie. They're all on board for it.

Lane comes up to the HOH room & all talk of backdooring Annie stops. Matt leaves.

6:31pm BBT:
Monet is now in the HOH room with Britney/Enzo/Lane.

Enzo starts his whole 'I think Annie is the saboteur, she needs to go!' speech. Monet is on board, Lane shrugged his shoulders.

Rachel enters a minute or two later, all talk about backdooring Annie comes to a complete hault.

6:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls are wondering why Enzo told Lane about the idea of backdooring Annie, considering that Lane & Annie are close. They said that Enzo needs to calm down.

Lane enters. The girls tell Lane to not say anything to Annie. Lane says he won't.

Britney starts complaining about Andrew and how he "snapped" at her this afternoon in the bathroom.

Britney: "He said 'Quit antagonizing me'!"

Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outty for the night! My little fingers are tired. lol :P I'm gonna watch the feeds a little bit more & then I'll be back early in the morning with the Overnighter! G'dnight, y'all!! :D

Stay tuned...

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