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Friday, July 9, 2010

Early Evening in the BB House

Before we get into the Early Evening post, let's do some quick recapping:

*Brendon told Rachel he's gonna try his best to save her this week.
*Brendon is trying to get Monet nom'ed and is using the whole "She already won $10,000" thing to get her to be his replacement nom.
*Monet & Hayden struck a deal earlier today stating that Hayden wouldn't use her as a pawn, as long as he was safe next week if she won HOH. They both agreed. Hayden told Monet to act stressed/worried to get people to think that she was nervous about going up on the block so it throws people off that they have a deal together.
*Enzo thinsk that Annie is the saboteur.
*Paranoia & doubt is running all throughout the house.

Also, if you haven't yet seen the Have Not's room, here it is:

Okie dokie, that about covers it! lol ;) Let's dive right on into the Early Evening post, shall we? :D

Currently on the live feeds...

4:54pm BBT:

Brendon told Matt the truth about his job doing cancer research and how he left his fellowship to be on the show. Matt, in return, told Brendon about his wife's degenterative bone disease that has no cure and that he needs the money for his wifes surgery so that she can get the bone shaved in her left leg because their insurance won't cover the costs.

5:01pm BBT:
Backyard Hammock

Enzo & Kathy are talking about if Kathy goes up as a pawn & what this weeks plan is.

Enzo: "You're safe. She's gone (Rachel). No matter what though, you're safe."

5:11pm BBT:
*Rachel/Brendon/Ragan/Matt/Lane are in the kitchen, having non-game related chit chat.
*Enzo & Kathy are on the hammock in the backyard still talking.
*Britney/Kristen/Monet are sun tanning in the BY.

5:21pm BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden told Matt that he's putting Kathy up as the replacement nom for Brendon, with the target being Rachel. He knows that if Rachel stays, then Hayden will have both Rachel and Brendon gunning for him.

5:36pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge

Britney and Monet are sun tanning and talking smack on Rachel and how "fake" she is.

5:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

The boys are thinking about telling Hayden to backdoor Annie: put Annie up against Rachel on the chopping block.

Matt: "I really think that Annie should be backdoored."
Enzo: "I don't think he'll wanna do it!"

Enzo is saying that he TRULY thinks Annie is the sabatoru because she's always up late, he said that during the night BB turned out the lights, Annie was up & running around, she's playing all sides of the house.

Enzo: "She has four alliances right now, get her out!"

5:54pm BBT:
Enzo & Matt are still talking alone in the HOH room.
Enzo wants to talk to Hayden BADLY and is getting pumped up!! lol

Enzo: "Let's do it, yo! Let's make a f**king power move!"

Enzo leaves and goes outside.

5:56pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge

Enzo is throwing the idea of backdooring Annie to the girls and they love it & are on board with it!

Enzo hurries up & goes back up to Matt and tells him that the girls are on board.

Enzo: "The girls are down for it, yo! Let's f**kin' do it!! Let's backdoor her!"

Enzo goes and gets Hayden and they both head up to meet Matt in the HOH room.

Enzo is pitching the 'Lets Backdoor Annie' plan to Hayden.

6:18pm BBT:
Hayden's all for it!! The plan is to backdoor Annie!!

Britney comes up to the HOH room.

Britney tells the guys that Brendon tried to make a deal with her. The deal was that Brendon would keep Hayden from putting her up this week, if she wouldn't put him up next week. Talk quickly turns to backdooring Annie. They're all on board for it.

Lane comes up to the HOH room & all talk of backdooring Annie stops. Matt leaves.

6:31pm BBT:
Monet is now in the HOH room with Britney/Enzo/Lane.

Enzo starts his whole 'I think Annie is the saboteur, she needs to go!' speech. Monet is on board, Lane shrugged his shoulders.

Rachel enters a minute or two later, all talk about backdooring Annie comes to a complete hault.

6:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls are wondering why Enzo told Lane about the idea of backdooring Annie, considering that Lane & Annie are close. They said that Enzo needs to calm down.

Lane enters. The girls tell Lane to not say anything to Annie. Lane says he won't.

Britney starts complaining about Andrew and how he "snapped" at her this afternoon in the bathroom.

Britney: "He said 'Quit antagonizing me'!"

Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outty for the night! My little fingers are tired. lol :P I'm gonna watch the feeds a little bit more & then I'll be back early in the morning with the Overnighter! G'dnight, y'all!! :D

Stay tuned...

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