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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Brother 12: It's Here!!! (Premiere Day)

Well BB fans, it's FINALLY's Premiere Day for Big Brother 12! :D w00t w00t!!! I've already warned my friends & family that I will be non-existant for the next 2 months and stocked up on snacks for myself & doggy snacks for Miss Bella. I'm ready!!!

Big Brother 12 Premieres Tonight @ 8pm EST on CBS!!!

The 'Early Bird Special' is now gone, but fear can still get the live feeds anytime, day or night, for the rest of the season! It's only $14.99/month, or $39.99/season pass. You're choice! :D

The live feeds will go live right after BB12 premiers on the West Coast. And remember, the feeds are web-based this season, so no real player needed!

Already got the feeds? Then join Chelsia & Missy tonight for the 'Happy Hour' at 6pm EST:

At 9:08am BBT (Big Brother Time), this is what is on the live feeds:

..with the Big Brother theme song playing in the background. (Hearing the BB theme song gets me soooo pumped up!! lol :D)

Moving on...

Julie Chen talked to Allison Grodner about this season of Big Brother and what it has in store for us fans. This was shown on The Early Show this morning:

(FYI..we won't find out who the saboteur is until the 1st live show which airs on July 15th).

Okay guys & dolls, that's it! No more pre-season interviews, no more clips of what the BB12 house is like, no more teasers...that's all over, baby! ;) The time has come & BB12 starts tonight at 8pm EST!! :D I will be opening up the Chat Room for the 1st time this season for tonight's Big Brother Viewing Party right here on the blog, so be sure to come back tonight around 7pm EST!!


Stay tuned...
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