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Friday, July 9, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Rise n' shine, houseguests! :D Time to get up, get showered, eat breakfast and start backstabbing! ;) hehe

6:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Early this morning, after he was doing practicing his Judaism, Andrew went into the HOH room and talked to Hayden.

Andrew told Hayden that he is not the Saboteur & that he wants to stay. (He's well aware that everyone in the house wants him gone ASAP.) Andrew went on to say that he wants Matt gone next week. (Yea..umm, that's probably not gonna happen, considering that Hayden has an alliance with Matt, Lane, and Enzo. lol)

Currently on the live feeds...

8:42am BBT:
Houseguests are waking up. Hayden gives us feed watchers a good stretch before starting his day.

8:47am BBT:
HG's are on inside lockdown. (POV Comp is today, I believe.)

8:59am BBT:
Brendon & Rachel give each other a 'look' during their morning routine, as Kathy is in the background.

9:18am BBT:
Dinning Room Table

Ragan: "Guess what guys? 3 more days until we're off of slop."

Random chit-chat. From stuff that Evil Dick did during Season 8 (banging pots n pans, etc), to Jameka of BB8 praying all the time. All other HG's are roaming around the house getting ready for the day.

9:29am BBT:
Most HG's are in the dinning room/kitchen area, making slop breakfast.

9:43am BBT:

All the girls are talking about dying their hair. Random chit chat continues.

9:55am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon asked Hayden if he would take him off the block if he won POV today, Hayden said not likely.

Brendon exists. Monet enters. Hayden brushes his teeth before their convo begins.

Hayden says Monet is safe (he won't put her up this week), as long as she doesn't put him up for eviction if she wins HOH next week. They both agree. Monet said she's not a threat (physically) to the guys, but she thinks she is a threat to the girls. Hayden then tells Monet that "one of them" (Brendon or Rachel) have to go this week.

Hayden: "..but preferably Brendon (to go home)."

Hayden then asks Monet for her opinion on a replacement nom if Brendon or Rachel come off the block. Monet throws around Lane's name. They both think that Andrew would pull Brendon off the block if he won POV (since he's automatically safe this week anyways.)

10:09am BBT:
HOH chatter between Hayden & Monet continues. They think Angie/Brendon/Rachel are 'together' in a clique/alliance.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Brendon told Annie that if he stays & wins HOH, he's putting up Hayden. He wants Hayden out. He thinks Hayden wants to get rid of all the guys so that he has all the chicks to himself this summer. Brendon then goes on to say that he thinks its stupid of Hayden to put up a strong player (Brendon), when there's a chance of that strong player staying & coming after him the next week.

Back to the HOH Room...

10:18am BBT:
HOH Room
Hayden & Monet are still talking.

Monet: "I think the POV comp is going to be a mental comp. How many things are on the wall...flamingos...there's 3 apples.." (she goes through a list of things with Hayden.)

They start to wrap up their convo. Hayden tells Monet to keep their convo strictly between only him & her. She promised him it would. Monet exits the HOH room.

Next up, Annie.

10:21am BBT:
HOH Room

Annie: "So what are you thinking?"

Annie is totally throwing both Brendon & Rachel under the bus. She thinks they should be 'broken up' and she thinks Brendon would totally gun after Hayden if he stays.

10:26am BBT:

Hayden tells Annie he wants a 3 person alliance: Annie/Enzo/Hayden. He wants to have a private meeting, just the 3 of them whenever it's possible (though they know its hard to do without causing suspicion.)

10:48am BBT:
Lots of chatter going on in the house, different convos, but they all point to getting Brendon out (if he doesn't win POV). Rachel & Brendon told Andrew to stop being "weird" (lol) and be extra nice in hopes of the target on him being gone for next week.

10:56am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney goes up to the HOH room and tells Hayden that she personally heard Brendon & Rachel both say that they're gonna gun after him next week if Brendon is still around.

Britney: "Then he said, 'Whats good for the house, isn't always good for me.'... I think it's best to get rid of him."

"Well one of them has to go home this week."

Hayden then asks if he has Britney's vote to get him out, she said yes..any way he wants to her vote, she will and she gave her 'word'.

Feeds switched to standby mode at 11:07am BBT. Time for the POV Comp?? ...we'll see!

11:22am BBT:

The feeds are still showing "We'll Be Right Back".

(Keep Refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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