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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Gooood evening, BB fans! :D Well today has been a very chill day in the house, minus the time the HG's got a message from the sabatour. Brendon & Rachel are still very much in 'like' with each other and Brendon's goal is to save her from eviction this week. After Brendon takes himself off of the block, Annie will most likely be the renom.

Currently on the live feeds...

5:50pm BBT:
Outside (during lockdown)

Brendon finally had his talk with Hayden, he's been waiting all day for the moment. Brendon told Hayden that if he keeps Rachel in this house, then he wants to team up with Hayden (long term, not just a 1 week deal).

In other news...

Okay, there's a TON of info being said on the feeds right now, so y'all are gonna have to be patient while I gather up as much as I can! :)

*It appeared (for a good 10 mins) that Kristen & Hayden were the "life long" friends because of what Kristen & Hayden were talking about alone in the HOH room around 6:10pm BBT.

Hayden: "Should we tell people?"
Kristen: "No."

Then Kristen asked Hayden if he thinks if Annie & Matt are the "friends". So I guess it's not Hayden & Kristen after all.

*There was a convo between Matt & Andrew in the hammock earlier where (according to Matt), Andrew said that Hayden wasn't at the "convention". Hayden (who admitted he was the last person to get on the show) said that him & Kristen were the only ones at the "other" hotel. Matt then went up to the HOH and told Hayden about his convo with Andrew in the hammock. That's when Hayden admitted that it was him & Kristen at the "other hotel".

*Hayden confronted Andrew in the HOH room @ 6:25pm BBT about his convo with Matt.

Andrew said "I thought it was BRENDON that wasn't there (at the convention)..." then we got the "We'll Be Right Back" on our screens.

6:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden is saying that he's pretty sure that Annie is the saboteur, and not just for the obvious reasons. He said that his Diary Room sessions are kinda giving it away that Annie is the saboteur & that CBS would be pissed if the saboteur got out in the 1st week. Immediately, the feeds cut to "We'll Be Right Back". lol

Feeds come back, and Kristen & Hayden are still in the HOH (alone) talking.

At 6:50pm BBT, both Kristen & Hayden swore on their mothers lives that they do not have a "life long" friend in the house.

Hayden & Kristen told each other that they like that they've been aligned since the very beginning.

7:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt joins Hayden & Kristen in the HOH room. They start talking about how they were (basically) told by production via the Diary Room that the saboteur cannot win anything more than the $50,000.

Lane joins them in the HOH room at 7:04pm BBT.

Random chit chat at the moment. They all wish they had Monopoly to play. (They're bored.)

Switching feeds to...

7:11pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan is telling the girls that he hopes whoever is on slop this week, won't be on slop next week because it's so "intense" to be on it, let alone for 2 weeks in a row.

7:31pm BBT:
Storage Room

The boys snuck away into the storage room to talk about the POV ceremony and who will go up as the replacement nominee.

Hayden: "If Annie goes up, Rachel stays. Guaranteed. Annie is the only one that will guarantee Rachel stays."

Brendon was pushing for Monet to go up as Brendon's replacement nom. Hayden shot down that idea quickly.

Hayden: "I kinda like Monet, if I'm being honest."
Brendon: "Rachel knows I'm keeping her safe. You better not be the saboteur, I'll whip your ass."

Brendon also warned Hayden that Enzo is a wildcard & is not to be trusted. Hayden completely agreed.

Brendon: "I dont want anyone knowing we're working together. I want to stay on opposite sides of the house. We'll f*** the girls over, then makeout with them after the show." (He wants to take out all the girls first, leaving only the guys in the house to duke it out.)

7:41pm BBT:
Outside/Pool Table

They boys are playing a friendly game of pool. In the background, you can hear Enzo walking around laughing....

Enzo: "I'm losing it! I'm f**king losing it, bro! I need a burn of this energy."
Hayden: "You just had a competition yesterday!" (laughs)

**Alrighty boys & girls, it's about that time for me to get some rest. If you're dying to know what's going on inside the BB house, all ya need to do is get the live feeds! They're $15 for a whole month & they are soooo totally worth it! (..especially during live HOH endurance comps!!!) G'dnight & see y'all in the morning! ;)

Stay tuned...

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