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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

The morning in the BB house was rather uneventful, so let's see what the afternoon brings. (Come on, drama! Make an appearance, will ya please? hehe ;) )

Currently on the live feeds...

12:00pm BBT:


Lane has been schooling Annie on how he 'scores' women. It's quite funny because I can see his plan-of-attack on the ladies actually working. lol He explained everything from how to approach a girl, to how to get her to go all the way. (He says he turns the girl down on the first date, which makes her think he's a respectable guy). lol Not sure if he's kidding or being serious, either way it's rather comical to watch. :P

All other HG's are lounging around, mostly outside in the backyard.

1:00pm BBT:

Brendon told Rachel that he hasn't talked to Hayden yet but that he's going to try to do everything he can to keep her in the house.

1:17pm BBT:
Feeds are on standby mode (& have been for a few minutes now. Hmm.)

Feeds are back & this is the first thing us feed watchers saw:

1:30pm BBT:
It sounds like they were told by the saboteur on the tv screen in the living room that there are best friends/"life long friends" in the house!!

Apparently Andrew flipped out saying stuff like "It's not me! I've never known anybody that long in my life!" (since the house already thinks he's the saboteur lol) All the HG's (minus Rachel & Brendon, who are in the living room still) are laughing about Andrew..all in good fun. :) Andrew apologized for his reaction. lol

Enzo: "You know what? If they asked me to come back for an All-Stars, I'd tell'em Meow Meow. I ain't coming back." (lol)

Enzo could care less about friends being in the house.

Enzo: "Good for them. If they're in here & they're doing their thing, good for them."

1:45pm BBT:
Orange Room
...and the flirting contiues.

(Oh geez..just hop already, you two. Get it over with. lol)

1:54pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden told Lane that he's putting up Annie.

Hayden: "I like Annie, but.."

Talk turns to who they think could be "life long" friends in the house. Hayden (and Enzo also said earlier as well) that he thinks Britney/Kathy are daughter/mother.

**The feeds are buzzing!!! If you got'em, turn them on!

2:01pm BBT:

Cabana Room

Britney comes in and Lane & Hayden ask why she told Annie she's going to be the renom (after Brendon takes himself off the block). Britney says she never told her and why would she tell her. Britney said that Annie started to suspect when people started to act weird around her all of sudden. Talk turns back into the 'who's life long friends in the house' thing.

2:15pm BBT:
Orange Room

The two love (or lust?) birds are still flirting. Brendon told her that he thought she was cute from the moment he saw her. They cuddle & kiss, more lovey-dovey talk, etc etc.

2:30pm BBT:
Andrew (spying on..)/Annie/Ragan

Annie was telling Ragan how she's mad that Britney is turning people against her. Ragan didn't say much, Brit did most of the talking. Andrew was on the HOH landing eavesdropping at the time of the convo.

3:26pm BBT:
All the HG's are roaming around...swimming, laying out in the sun, & laughing/joking on the backyard couch.

4:20pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

All HG's still roaming around, chillin' outside, snacking in the kitchen, etc etc.

4:46pm BBT:

Brendon & Andrew have a quick whisper-convo: Brendon told Andrew that he has to play it cool and act like they (Brendon/Andrew) aren't working together because everyone already hates him (Brendon) in the house. Brendon then told Andrew that he has to win HOH this week.

5:09pm BBT:
Dinning Room

I think the HG's are cracking. lol :P They have been having giggle fests and laughing over the most random stuff. Enzo said earlier that he was about to spoon his way outta of the backyard. lol

Ragan is in the kitchen talking to HG's that are coming in & out. He said he found Keesha's meth. They asked why he thought she was on meth, he said because she was missing a tooth in the back of her mouth.

He then goes on to say that he was just kidding and that he LOVES Keesha from BB10.

(Keep refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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