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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Wow, was yesterday a craazzyyyy first day of the live feeds!! From the moment that they went live, there was lying, trash talking, backstabbing, and later on in the night, there was even romance. (I'll get to that later on in this post. ;) )

Currently on the feeds...
6:10am BBT:
HOH Landing

Andrew is practicing his Judaism.

I just got my coffee, so let me sift through last night's happenings after I went to bed at 2am EST (11pm BBT) and I'll start posting the first Overnighter of the BB12 season! :D

Last night there was some confusion over HG's talking about getting rid of Andrew, but according to Julie on last night's episode, Andrew is safe. I looked at the episode again and this is (word for word) what Julie said:

Julie (to Andrew):
"I have some good news for you: while you cannot become HOH this week, you will be safe from the 1st eviction."

So it seems that the HG's do in fact want Andrew gone, but since he's safe from eviction this week, they will try to target him next week.

The Overnighter:
Since sooooo much happened last night, and with some game talk already happening this morning & movement in the BB house, I'm going to have to do a Cliffnotes Edition of the Overnighter. So here it goes! :D

*Matt, Enzo, Lane and Hayden are in a 4 person alliance. (Andrew called them a "gang", which pissed Enzo off. Andrew thinks there are 6 people in the alliance, though. Not just the 4.)

*Hayden/Matt/Enzo said that they want to keep Rachel this week & get rid of Brendon. If Rachel wins & uses the POV on Brandon, they will put Kathy up so that Rachel goes.

*The 4-guy alliance wants Annie gone, too. She's too "dangerous" & cannot be trusted. They talked about possibly backdooring Annie the 3rd week. Andrew is still at the top of their list to evict next week.

*Matt told Hayden/Enzo/Lane that they should not 'hang out' during the day, so it's not obvious that they're in an alliance together & to even talk shit on each other to cover their tracks.

*Lane told Kathy & Britney that he thinks Andrew knows that everyone is against him (..which, by the way, he does..)and that he will make an alliance with anyone to stay.

*Rachel & Brendon have a showmance going on. They cuddled in the hammock a couple nights ago, and kissed last night.

*Kathy & Monet seem to be very close. Kathy said that Monet is her "baby girl" in the house.

Okie dokie, ladies & gents..that's it for the Overnighter! :D Hopefully we are all caught up to speed on everything now. lol :P

I will start the morning report as soon as the sleepy heads start to wake up. They all went to bed around 3am BBT, so they should be waking up in the next couple of hours.

Stay tuned...

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