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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 days till BB12 + Interviews + 1st Have/Have Nots Comp (Updated!!)

Happy Tuesday, BB fans!! :D Big Brother 12 starts on Thursday, it's almost here & I can't wait!!! There's a few things this morning to post, so let's hop to it:

Late last night, Allison Grodner (Exec. Producer of BB) posted this on Twitter:

So from that post, we've learned that tonight will be the 1st Have/Have Not's comp of the BB12 season and it's a "classic", and we will see it on Thursday nights epsiode! Oooo I can't wait!!! :D

Okay, moving on...

Currently, there are still only 8 (of 13) HG interview videos on Superpass, but with only 2 days to go, I'm sure the rest will be posted very shortly. (I will let y'all know as soon as they are.)

12 of the 13 interviews are now up on Superpass!!

The last one should be posted either later on today or tomorrow! :D

With BB12 starting on Thursday, that means that time is almost up to get your live feeds Early Bird Special!! You have all day today & tomorrow (Wednesday)..then the deal is gone. So hurry & snag up the deal before it's going..going..GONE!! (After tomorrow, the season pass goes back up to $ yourself $10 by getting the live feeds 'Early Bird Special' now!)

Okay, that's it for now! As soon as I have more to post, I surely will! :D Hang on guys & gals...only 2 more days till BB12 starts!! w00t w00t!!!!

Stay tuned...

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