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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Evening in the BB House (Feeds are Live!!)

At 9:00pm BBT, the Live Feeds went live!! Ladies & gents, we have lift off!! ;) w00t w00t!!

Okay, I'm gonna watch the feeds for a little bit but here's one of the first shots of the feeds that us feed viewers got:

Once I get a grasp on what's going on inside the BB house, I'll be sure to start posting in this post, so keep refreshing every few minutes! :D

9:08pm BBT:
There's already game talk between Kathy & Annie.

9:09pm BBT:
Confirmed by Annie (to Kathy)....

Nominated for Eviction Are:

Brendon & Rachel

Annie and Kathy just said that Andrew will take off Brendon if he wins POV.

9:17pm BBT:

Kathy is saying that Rachel was rude to Monet & that it was "uncalled for". (Not sure what about just yet.)

Kathy: "It's gonna get dirty in here, real quick! I can feel it..."

Everyone else is in/around the hot tub, drinking.

9:24pm BBT:
Annie & Kathy still on the backyard couch, talk turns to Brendon's "gross" flirting and how that if she (Annie) wasn't in the BB house, she would have slapped him.

Annie: "All (Brendon) talks about is masturbating! He said he was going to do it tonight and even told me his 'plan'! He said he's used to masturbating two times a day."

Ragan & Kathy are 'Have Nots'. (Not sure who else..possibly Annie as well.)

Kathy, Annie, Monet, and Ragan are talking about how cold the Have Not's room is. Annie is bitching about how Andrew was being "creepy" and "inappropriate" and she wanted to "punch his f***ing face in!". (He lifted the blanket while Annie was in the bed not wearing any panties and put his head by her crotch & said something about a "pap smear".)

9:30pm BBT:
Playing for the Veto are:

Hayden, Rachel, Brendan, Monet, Enzo, & Andrew.

**There's so much info going on, it's impossible for me to keep up..but I'm trying!! lol There's multiple convo's going on at once on different cams.

Sidenote: It appears that most (if not all) of the house is not liking Andrew and want him gone Week 2, assuming that Brendon gets evicted this week, which currently seems to be the plan.

9:43pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Brendon is talking about religion to Andrew, with Kristen & Rachel chiming in once in a while.

9:55pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Monet is talking about Rachel. Apparantly, Rachel was rude to Monet for no reason.

Monet: "I've been nothing but nice to her!"

Monet then talks about trying to win the veto.

Monet: "I'm gonna try my hardest to win that veto!"

10:02pm BBT
Kathy is telling Monet how immature people in the house are and how she's not used to being around people like that.

10:13pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Both are talking about how Annie tells everyone what they wanna hear to stay on everyones good side. Kathy said Annie needs to calm down (about complaining about Andrew) or else Annie is gonna have a mental breakdown.

Talk turns to how badly Kathy is bruised up from the HOH Comp.

Kathy: "I look like I have tattoos!"

10:31pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Lots of light chatter going on.

Brendon sees Ragan get on the elliptical in the backyard and Brendon said that he's making it look sexual. lol Ragan starts posing sexy, followed by lots of "Technotronic" & other Jeff (from BB11) phrases from both Brendon & Ragan.

Brendon: "YOU GOT GOT! YOU GOT GOT! Come on, you yo-yo's."

Annie, Monet, Rachel, and Hayden join Kristen and Brendon in the hot tub. General non-game chit chat.

10:39pm BBT:
Britney, Lane & Enzo

They're wondering when the POV is. Lane thinks tomorrow, Britney doesn't think so because they don't vote until Thursday. Talk turns to them not liking Andrew. Ragan walks in and they talk about how Andrew gave Annie a "pap smear".

10:46pm BBT:
Lane, Ragan, Enzo, Matt & Britney

All 4 are talking about how they think Andrew is the saboteur & that he doesn't even try to hide it.

Britney: "We need to keep our eye on the prize. And the prize is getting Andrew out!!"

Sidenote: Watch out for Kathy, she's got a good game going on. She has a honest/caring nature about her that makes her very likable, but tells people what they want to hear but at the same time, makes her tracks coverable. Watch out for this blonde pistol. ;)

Kathy told Andrew (when Andrew asked her on the BY couch around 10:45pm BBT), that he has nothing to worry about. Andrew thinks he's going home this week (and he is, if Brendon comes off the block.) Kathy reassured his safety.

11:06pm BBT:
HOH Room

Two things are clear: (1) Andrew is the target this week & (2) Enzo/Hayden/Matt and one of other guy (hasn't been confirmed yet) are in a clique, with Enzo & Matt seemingly having a deal just between themselves.

Alright guys & gals, its 2am and I am exxxhhauustted!! lol :P This tired blogger needs to hit the hay for the night. I will be back in the morning with the Overnighter! See ya then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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