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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Morning in the BB House

This morning, Brendon was the first HG to wake up and take a shower by 7:30am BBT. Ragan woke up shortly after (around 7:45am BBT) and joined Brendon on the backyard couch for some morning chit chat.

7:55am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Both of the boys were talking about how they feel bad for Andrew always being called weird and made fun of. Not that he's not bringing it on himself, but it must be hard to hear negative comments like that all the time. Talk turns to the next HOH comp. Brendon said he's going to fight hard to win it. Brendon goes on to say that he doesn't understand why people are so against him, especially when he's always nice to people and cooks dinner for everyone.

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8:15am BBT:
HOH Landing

Andrew is doing his morning prayers.

8:34am BBT:

The boys went back inside and are in the kitchen talking. Ragan said that his lymph nodes are swollen and Brendon thinks he should ask for vitamins since Ragan is on slop.

Kathy is up & roaming around the house.
Andrew is still on the HOH landing praying.

9:06am BBT:
Brendon & Ragan are still in the kitchen, non-game chit chat and joking around. :) They're talking about past seasons of BB.

Kathy has joined the boys in the kitchen.

9:33am BBT:
BB wakes up all other HG's.

9:58am BBT:

HG's doing their morning routines.

10:01am BBT:

Jungle Room

Brendon is reassuring Rachel that she's staying this week. He tells her that Hayden wants to make a deal with him.

Brendon: "If he doesn't do what I need him to do, I'm going to tell him he's going home next week."

Brendon keeps telling Rachel that she's not going home this week and that he's going to work the votes for her to stay.

Brendon: "If the f**king votes aren't unanimous, someone's gonna be in trouble. I just didn't wanna be the first one (to get evicted). Ya know?"

10:08am BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room

Most of the HG's are now in the kitchen, talking and eating. Waking up for the day. :)

10:21am BBT:

Lane, Rachel, Britney and Monet are getting in their workouts for the day...

Perv cam is on Monet while she's taking a break from doing an intense leg workout...

And then, there's Enzo...who obviously has no motivation to do anything but work on his tan. lol ;)

10:46am BBT:

Backyard Couch

They start off with random chit chat, then talk about who the renom might be.

Kathy: "If it's my time (to go), then it's my time."

11:27am BBT:

HG's are roaming around the inside & outside the house. No game talk convos going on at the moment.

It's storming really bad where I am & the power has already gone out once. If I'm offline for an extended period of time, that's because the internet/power is out. I unplugged my laptop (in case of a power surge, don't want my laptop getting fried out), so I'm running on the battery for now. I only have about 2 hours of battery time normally but the feeds are draining it pretty quickly. Please bear with me while mother nature does her thing. ;)

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