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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BB12 Starts Tomorrow + More Interviews + Early Bird Special

Happy Wednesday, BB fans & Happy 1-Day-Before-BB12-Starts!! :D Can you believe it?? It's juuuuust about here!! I'm getting goosebumps, butterflies in my tummy, and feeling that energy in the air that only Big Brother can give. I am READY & I hope y'all are too!

Today is your *LAST DAY* to grab the Live Feeds 'Early Bird Special', so if you have not yet snagged'em up, you have until tonight to do so. (The feeds will go live after the West Coast premiere tomorrow night.)

The 'Early Bird Special' ends at 12am tonight, but Real is changing their landing page today at 5pm PST. The logo you see below will say that the special is over, but you can use the discount code BB12QTEARLY until 12am tonight to get your discount for the 'Early Bird' Special!! :D

If you buy the feeds today or tonight, you will get them for $10 cheaper!!

*Get Your 'Early Bird Special' Here!! :D

Currently on the live feeds is BB's "We'll Be Right Back" logo & BB's standby music:

(Is it just me? Or does anyone else get excited when they hear the Big Brother standby music on the feeds? ;) )

I want to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has signed up for the feeds through the blog & that has donated to the blog. Your support keeps me here in front of my computer blogging just for you!! :D THANK YOU for all your support!!!

In other news... has released the interviews of both Matt & Kristen:



As of 9:45am EST, there are still only 12 of the 13 interviews w/ Chelsia posted on Superpass, though I'm positive the last HG interview video will be posted either today or tomorrow at the latest.

Okay ladies & gents, that's it for now! Don't forget that you can stay connected to the blog this season & every season by Following Me on Twitter & by joining the blogs Facebook Group! I also added a Facebook 'Share' button to each post this season, so feel free to share with your friends on facebook!!

More info to come as I get in! In the meantime, spend time with your loved ones, kiss'em goodbye for the next 2 months, stock up your snacks, and get ready because Big Brother 12 is about to start in just 1 day!!! :D


Stay tuned...
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