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Monday, July 5, 2010

1st BB12 Group Pic + More!!

Good morning BB fans!! It's Monday, which means that the holiday weekend is now ovahhhh! I hope y'all had a GREAT 4th of July, loaded up on some awesome food and were able to see some fireworks!!

Speaking of the 4th of July...

CBS posted a picture on Twitter of the BB12 cast by the pool:

Source: CBS on Twitter

Sure they all look happy & friendly with each other right now, but wait..the honeymoon will soon be over! ;) hehe

BB12 starts this, can you believe it?? It's almost here!! Anyways, that means you only have today, Tuesday, and Wednesday to snag up the Early Bird Special for the live feeds!! Hurry & save yourself $10 (making it only $29.99 for the whole season!!!)

In other news...

CBS released what items the saboteur will have access to inside the house:

Ooooo...there's a TON of things the saboteur can do with those items to create some mischief & the best part is that you..yes YOU...can be part of the fun by telling the saboteur what you think he/she should do with those items! (Details on that to come later.)

Well, the HG's have been in the house a couple days now. I wonder if anyone has fought yet, hooked up yet, or if the 'honeymoon' phase is still going strong. We shall find out Thursday @ 8pm EST!!

Alright guys & gals, that's it for now! As more info comes in, I will post it!

Stay tuned...

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