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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Late Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans! :D Okay, I'm back from my break (hey, a gals gotta eat. lol ;) ) Let me go see what the HG's have been up to since my last update and then I'll start updating what's currently going on in the BB house! :D

4pm BBT-5:30pm BBT:
*Matt told Britney that he is leaning towards keeping Andrew since he's a better competitor that can compete with Brendon.

*Matt told Britney/Lane that he's going to ask Kristen if Andrew really wants Brendon/Rachel out. If Andrew does, then Matt wants to keep Andrew in order to use him to get Brendon/Rachel out. If not, then Matt wants Andrew to be evicted.

*Rachel told Brendon that she thinks Andrew hates her. Brendon said that it's Andrew's way of making sure that people don't think they (Bren/Rach/Andrew) are aligned.

*Bren/Rach trust that Ragan is on "their" side.

*Rachel wants to talk to Britney: she wants to make sure they won't gun after each other. (Bren/Rach vs Brit, vice versa).

*Bren/Rach think they're only safe this week because of Matt not putting them up & trust him..along with Ragan and Andrew, although Rachel isn't positive that Ragan wouldn't put Brendon up at some point.

*Andrew threw the comp to Brendon, but doesn't want anyone else (but Brendon, of course) aware that he threw it.

*Ragan is still struggling with playing the game while remaining honorable at the same time. (It's really getting to him.)

Currently on the live feeds...

5:56pm BBT:
Pool Table

The 4 HG's are shooting pool and sharing laughs. Current topic is how well Enzo did at hosting today POV Comp today.

6:02pm BBT:

The two love birds are cuddling in the hammock and are also talking about today's POV Comp...followed by moments of peace & quiet.

6:12pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

They're all talking about dissecting pigs, sharks, and frogs in school. Totally random stuff. :P

6:24pm BBT:
Pool Table

The boys are playing a friendly game of pool. Enzo is saying that him winning POV means he gets to move on to another week and congrats him.

Enzo: "Who do we vote out this week? I don't even know.."

Brendon says he wants to keep competitors in the game. Enzo agrees. Enzo goes on to say that Kathy should leave..she's not winning any comps.

6:54pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The 3 of them are talking various topics..from their outside lives, to the baby food the Have Not's are eating this week.

Kathy/Andrew said that they're just gonna enjoy the last few days and let the votes fall where they may.

**Okay guys and gals, it's about that time. I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter! :D Don't forget, BB After Dark starts at 12am EST on Showtime (if you got it). See ya in the morning, hope y'all enjoy your Saturday night!

Stay tuned...

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POV Comp Results

At 11:28am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!!! Ladies & gents, I do believe we got ourselves a POV Comp underway! :D

For me personally, and I know a lot of you feel the same way from the comments you've been leaving, this is the most exciting POV comp of the BB12 season yet! I can't wait to see who wins it.

Okay, the POV Comps usually take 2 hours on average, but can least up to 4 hours. So just keep checking the blog periodically for an update. If you wanna watch the aftermath of the POV as soon as the feeds come back on, then ya gotta get the live feeds!!

Winner of the POV is:


Kristen is talking to Matt about who to vote out: either Kathy or Andrew!

Updated @ 1:52pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

Enzo is upset.

1:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kristen is asking Matt who he wants out this week...Kathy or Andrew. She's telling him to lean towards 1 person & let people know who he wants to go.

3:00pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Rachel was talking to Hayden about the comp. Rachel is VERY happy and bubbly. It came down to the wire. Rachel said she kept erasing and re-writting her answers.

2:02pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan walks into the HOH room...
Matt: "That...was not supposed to happen."

*Total silence for minutes between the 3.*

Rachel walks in.

Not much talking..lots of silence. lol Awwwkkwaarddd. ;)

Matt is hoping it's a 4-4 vote so that he can break the tie and get Andrew to trust him more.

2:26pm BBT:

Have Not's Room

Enzo told Andrew no matter what, he has his vote. Andrew is PISSED that he lost. He also said that Kathy doesn't deserve to be in the house. Andrew then said he thought Bren/Rach would "take each other out". (I guess we'll find out what the means when we see the comp on tv.)

2:50pm BBT:
HOH Landing/Chess Board

Andrew was at the chess board when Kristen came up and sat by him. She told him that her & Hayden are in an alliance and are gonna try everything to keep him there.

3:02pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo is talking about the comp. He said it was fun. He wonders when inside lockdown will be over, he says it shouldn't be too much longer.

3:08pm BBT:
Sunset Room
Brendon/Rachel (then Ragan)

Rachel told Brendon that she's gunning for Kristen next week. Ironically, she said that she never wants to put Matt up on the block because he didn't nominate her or Brendon this week and that "saved" them. (**WOW.) They both still trust Andrew a lot and that's about the only person they trust in the house.

Ragan walks in.

Ragan said he's so glad that Brendon won. Ragan is having a hard time with being a Have Not. He's clearly breaking down, slowly. Ragan said it's all mental (being on slop) but that it's hard.

**Taking a break, guys. :) As of 4:02pm BBT, all the HG's are roaming around the house cooking, eating, laying outside, or about to workout. So while they're having downtime, I am as well. Be back in a little bit!

(Keep refreshing...)

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Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up by BB around 8:10am BBT. The houseguests have been doing their morning routines & they're still getting ready for the day today. They are having the POV Comp today, so it'll be interesting to see if Andrew will play or not (remember, today is a religious day for him.)

Currently on the live feeds...

9:29am BBT:

Lane is showering.
Rachel is shaving Brendon.
Britney is in & out of the bathroom doing her makeup.
Matt is lounging on the bathroom couch talking to all of them about BB11 and how "dumb" that cast was.

Rachel & Britney agreed. Britney said she couldn't believe that nobody ever called Natalie (from BB11) out on drinking alcohol when she told the HG's that she was only 18 yrs. (**She was 21.)

9:38am BBT:
The cameras are following Matt around...with his hands down his pants.

9:44am BBT:
HOH Room

The boys can see Andrew on the camera right outside the HOH doing his morning prayers.

Enzo: "Look at him out there...its Kosher TV."

Enzo: "Poor kid..the 1st 2 weeks, everyone thought he was the sabator. Why is he rockin' back & forth like that?"
Matt: "I don't know. I just watch him."
Enzo: "Look at him, man. He's the dark horse..he's gonna win this thing."

Topic turns to Rachel: the boys think she'll go crazy & quit the game if Brendon goes home.

Enzo: "She said Brendon is more important to her than the $500,000. Good. Go home then."

9:59am BBT:
Enzo is hinting that the POV Comp might be something geared towards Brendon & Rachel.

Enzo: "I'm ready for this chemistry set comp. It's gonna be some shit like 'if you mix this molecule with this, what would you get.' or 'build a robot'. Ya gotta clone yourself, make it swim 10 laps..." (*LOL)

Enzo: "Come out of the Diary Room in a lab coat going "This comp is called Weird Science!".

**I highly recommend watching their entire convo on the Flashback Feeds. Start at 9:44am BBT. It was truly hilarious!! lol I cannot do it justice.

10:52am BBT:


Kristen (again) just told Kathy that no matter what happens in the POV comp today, she's safe this week.

Hayden walks in. He's wondering if he should take a shower. Kathy says he's just gonna get hot (during the POV Comp) and wanna take another shower afterwards anyways.

Lane walks in. Hayden asked Lane "is that what you're wearing?" (tshirt and long lounge shorts).

"No. They give us outfits anyways."

11:20am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

The HG's are waiting for the POV Comp to start..and so am I!

Matt: "Come on (BB)! Let's do this thing already."

Random chit-chat all around.

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! :D Happy Saturday to y'all!! Today the HG's will play for the POV. The players for today's POV Comp were picked last night.

Playing for the POV:

Enzo is hosting.

Of course, Matt is pissed that both Rachel & Brendon's name were picked to play in the POV Comp today. lol :P Also last night, we learned that Ragan was trying to get Matt to focus on getting out Kathy or Andrew this week, instead of backdooring Brendon or Rachel because Ragan thinks the floaters will get far or even win the game. Matt confirmed to Hayden last night, that he's still with The Brigade and going to backdoor Brendon if he doesn't win the POV. Matt also confessed to Ragan last night that he's throwing the POV Comp.

9:03pm BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

Ragan came in to the bedroom and told Rachel/Brendon that they need to start studying past comps and count things in the house for the POV Comp today.

Ragan: "I would go through and brainstorm past POV's."

9:28pm BBT:
Living Room

Brendon & Rachel sat on one of the living room couches and talked about past POV Comps and strategizing.

Brendon: "Rub my neck or something so that it doesn't look obvious that we're studying."

Rachel & Brendon were whisper-talking about a past POV comp from BB11 (the Hold'em or Fold'em Gambling Comp).

10:58pm BBT:
Pool Table

Enzo: "I've been talkin' to Brendon just to see what he's thinking..see where his head is at, ya know? I think they know what's going on. (re: backdoor) They're two smart people."

Enzo doesn't understand why Matt wouldn't just nominate both Brendon/Rachel to begin with. Lane didn't seem to worried.

**If Matt would have nominated both Brendon/Rachel, they both would have 100% chance of playing for the POV. If Matt would have nominated either Brendon OR Rachel (plus a pawn), then he runs the risk of both of them being safe. eg: Brendon/Kathy nom'ed, Rachel gets picked to play POV, she wins it, she takes Brendon off, and her/Brendon would then be safe. By not nom'ing both right from the start, it made the odds of Bren/Rach both getting picked to play for the POV far less greater, especially after Matt told The Brigade that if they picked "Houseguest Choice", to not pick Bren/Rach.

If Bren or Rach win the POV today, then they have the power to keep the noms the same, ensuring their safety this week. It'll basically be Matt/Kathy/Andrew/Lane vs. Rachel/Brendon in today's POV Comp. Also keep in mind that Matt told Bren/Rachel yesterday that he "probably won't fight for the POV" so that he could avoid drama. Did he change his mind? Or will he fight hard for it? If he doesn't fight for it or doesn't win POV, then the "blood" will be on someone elses hands to change nominations.

Either way you slice it, the feeds are gonna be insane today!!...especially if Brendon or Rachel win POV, which I'm hoping for so that there's draaamaa in the house. ;)

11:40pm BBT:
Kitchen/Breakfast Bar

Their convo started out kinda..well, gay. lol ;) (And those are Ragan's words, not mine. lol)

Ragan: "This gonna sound kinda corny & gay, but..I miss having you in the same room with me. It was nice to just chill and talk to you."
Matt: " was! It was."

Ragan then looks up at the camera for Showtime viewers..

Ragan: "Was the gay? Was that pretty gay?" (*LOL)

11:44pm BBT:

Game talk between the 2 boys.
Ragan: "So why do you feel weird?"
Matt: "I dunno. Part of me thinks I should have put (Brendon & Rachel) up out-right. I dunno. I just feel like this would have been a week of there wouldn't be anything good to do. I dunno.

Then Matt confesses that he's going to throw the POV Comp.

Matt: "I have to throw it! I can't f**kin' win it! That'd be the worst thing in the world."
Ragan: "Right."

11:59pm BBT:
Have Not's Bedroom

Andrew & Brendon were stealth-whispering, so a lot of their convo wasn't easy to hear. But the parts that could be heard...

Andrew asked if Ragan would vote Kathy out over him (Andrew). Brendon said yes, because Ragan wants competitors in the game..not floaters (like Kathy). They talk about how Andrew needs 5 votes: Brendon said he has himself/Rachel/Ragan/Kristen..they just need 1 more.

1:24am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt told Hayden that Bren/Rach would target Kris/Hay next week, even though they (Bren/Rach) never specifically mentioned their names.

Matt: "Ragan is my side alliance, he talks & talks about everything."
Hayden: "Mm hmm."
Matt: "Well, Ragan told me that Brendon & Rachel would be gunning for you & Kristen next week if they stayed."
Hayden: "Brendon said that?"
Matt: "Well that's what Ragan said, but he didn't actually say your names..he just said 'there's 2 strong people in the house who are obvious close friends and they dropped way too quickly in the (HOH) competition and I don't know why people aren't targeting them.'"

Talk turns to how Ragan doesn't want Matt to gun after Brendon or Rachel.

Matt: "(Ragan) wants them to stay."
Hayden: "Why?"
Matt: "Because he said 'we' (as in Ragan/Matt) would be safe next week, they're gunning after Kristen & Hayden...hey, don't say any of this to Kristen."

Now that Hayden knows Brendon is after him, he wants him out even more so.

Hayden says that Kristin is good to have around, but she is completely expendable. They both said/agreed that the brigade is the number one alliance.

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! The POV Comp *should* be today, which if it is, Andrew might not play in it because today is Sabbath day (religious day). So that will be interesting to see what happens with that.

The HG's just got woken up by BB at around 8:10am BBT, so let me go & start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Evening in the BB House (+Nominations Results)

At 4:42pm BBT, the Nomination Ceremony began. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below!! :D

Nominated for Eviction:

Andrew & Kathy

6:29pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

6:29pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Matt is telling Kristen & Hayden that he doesn't want Brendon & Rachel to be picked to play in the POV Comp tomorrow.

Matt: "Let's win this thing."

Matt's plan is to still backdoor Brendon (or Rachel, depending on the results of the POV Comp.)

6:37pm BBT:
Storage Room

The feeds auto-switched to the last 30 seconds of their convo, so I didn't catch what was said prior.

Enzo: "Like you said, ya gotta watch out for who wins POV, man."

6:41pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan is telling Matt to "think ahead" and get the floaters out of the game, otherwise they're gonna float the whole way to the end. He said that there's no way that Brendon will make it to the end. He's hinting to getting out Kathy this week I believe. (He's kinda going all over the place with his convo.) He then asked Matt if he made a deal with Brendon/Rachel.

Ragan: "Did you make a deal with Brendon and Rachel?"
Matt: "Nomination for nomination..nothing veto."

6:55pm BBT:

Cabana Room

Kathy said that she's not surprised she's nom'ed because she voted for Monet to stay over Matt.

Kristen: "I think no matter what happens this week, you're safe."

7:04pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo: "I think Andrew is crackin', yo. He was in the kitchen making noises, man."

**About 30 mins ago, Andrew was making a loud cackling noise in the kitchen. lol

Kathy: "He's fine. I went and checked up on him."

Talk turns to about kosher food and wine. How is something kosher or not kosher, etc.

7:08pm BBT:

Andrew is lovin' the baby food for the Have Not's! Lovin' it!! It's also a big hit with Enzo. America picked a good Have Not food this week! ;)

Ragan comes walking in from the cabana room.

Ragan: "I'm getting botox."
Rachel: "Where? In your forehead?"
Ragan: "Yea."

Rachel said that she got botox about 6 months ago and that's its scary that you can't move your eyebrows.

Brendon: "You look beautiful without botox. You don't need to get that done."

Rachel contiues to talk about how she wants to get her lips done. She asked Britney if her lips are real and Britney said yea & that she'd never get her lips done because she thinks it looks fake on people.

Britney: "Jessica Simpsons lips were really bad."

7:30pm BBT:
Cabana Room

The Cabana Room has, once again, become the Napping Room. lol :P

Ragan said that they're on lockdown for the rest of the night.

Enzo: "Luxury comp?"
Ragan: "I dont think so..but who knows!"

*silence as they all nap*

7:36pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Matt is telling Hayden to act excited to maybe win the Veto to get Brendon out when he's around Ragan because Ragan said he doesn't wanna use it (if he wins POV) if nobody else plans on using it. He (Ragan) doesn't wanna upset Brendon/Rachel & the house in general. Hayden said he told Andrew that if he (Hay) wins POV, he'll take him (Andrew) off the block.

Matt says it's irrelevant who gets pulled off the block & he doesn't care who comes off, as long as one of them does so that he can put up Brendon & backdoor him.

The convo is only about 2 mins long before Matt says "Thanks" and leaves.

7:45pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds...(*what the hell??! lol)
Possible luxury comp OR night time POV!.

7:55pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

8:11pm BBT:
Feeds are back!
POV Players were picked!! There were no Houseguests Choice.

Playing for the POV are:

Matt, Rachel, Brendon, Kathy, Andrew, Lane.

Enzo is hosting.

Looks like Rachel & Brendon have a GREAT shot at staying this week! (**OOoo how I love the potential drama in that!! haha ;) )

Matt's PISSED that both Brendon & Rachel were picked.

Matt: "Come on! Both of them??!!!" (*hahahaha!!!! Expect the unexpected!)
Lane: "It's still 4 against 2."

8:26pm BBT:

Enzo said he's glad he wasn't picked to play because this is his 2nd week as a Have Not and he's mentally just exhausted. Andrew said that he can't believe he's 34 yrs old and eating baby food and liking it.

8:30pm BBT:

There was a lot of confusion on if Britney or Lane were playing in the comp. It seems that it is indeed Lane. Hayden/Kristen just asked him what he will do if he wins the POV. (Bloggers/tweeters across the land are just as confused as I am tonight. lol)

The POV Comp will be tomorrow (according to Brendon).

8:39pm BBT:

Lane & Hayden are playing with the plastic oversized golf clubs.

Rachel is working out.

Kathy & Brendon are on the backyard couch chit-chatting. Brendon said he's gonna go to bed in an hour since he slept like crap last night.

**Okay y'all, I'm outty for the night. As always, I will be back in the morning with The Overnighter!! Big Brother After Dark on Showtime starts at 12am EST, or you can watch a lot more on the live feeds! You're choice. ;) G'dnight, everyone! :D

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...
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