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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! :D Hope your Tuesday is starting out good & continues throughout the day!

I'm getting a bit of a late start today, so let me just dive right into gathering up the happenings from overnight. The Overnighter should be done by 8:30am BBT.

From 8pm BBT till 12am BBT, nothing much happened in the house. Kathy gave Enzo gas-x because they're tired of him being so gassy and always dropped (what Enzo calls) "grenades". :P

Enzo also made a meal out of slop that he called pastina. Lane & Hayden both tried it and said it tasted really good.

Kristen & Brendon talked about how Andrew is being distant for 24 hours, it has something to do with his religion. (I believe he has to fast for 24 hours.)

12:00am BBT:
Hot Tub

The boys talked about how if Britney won HOH, she would put up Andrew and Rachel and depending on who won POV, possibly backdoor Brendon. This way the blood is on her hands and The Brigades.

12:08am BBT:
Hot Tub

Enzo: (to Hayden) "Did Monet come up to you for a vote or anything like that?"
Hayden: *shakes his head no*
Enzo: "She came up to me for a vote. I didn't know what to say! So I told her to get some votes and let me know. I'll probably vote for you. I mean, just die already, ya know?"

The boys laugh.

Enzo: "(She's) gonna be where Annie is, yo. That's it!"
Hayden: "She got ten grand..good for her. Have a nice summer!" *laughs*

Hayden said that they key to keeping The Brigade a secret to keep it as a secret, even if they have to bash each other to other people.

1:00am BBT:

Ragan said (in great detail, so please watch it on the Flashback Feeds) is that he doesn't want to play the game dirty or think people are how Rachel & Brendon thought of Andrew being expendable when they were thinking about making him the pawn and didn't really care if he stayed or go: they just wanted to use him to see exactly how the house was divided.

Ragan also said he wants to leave the game with the same morals he came into the house with and play the game with some integrity. Matt warned him that this game is hard to play with morals and integrity, so he's going to have to give in a little bit. He also wants to be able to hang out with anyone in the house that he likes, regardless of cliques/sides of the house/alliances.

Then Ragan said something that I totally agree with, which is that there is a difference between a 'floater' and a person in the game just playing the game for themselves, and often times that "independent player" can be seen as a "floater", which then puts a target on their back for no reason. By the way, he said that Kathy is a floater and that she could easily "float her way through" the game and win it if nobody calls her out on it.

Matt told Ragan that if Andrew was the actually pawn Rachel put up, he would have voted to get Andrew out despite what the house wants. He doesn't like being strong-armed. He told Ragan that he volunteered himself to go up as a pawn so that he wouldn't have to vote and be in the middle of the "sh*t" this week.

Matt: "Brendon told me that I can't use him as a pawn since he's using me this week as a pawn, so I said okay. But here's the thing...I wouldn't have used him as a pawn, I would have just nominated him & got him out of the house. So I didn't actually lie to him."

2:08am BBT:
Sunset Room

Kristen went into Hayden's bed for another night of talking, cuddling, and kissing. They talked about their relationships outside the house: Kristen has (or had? lol) a boyfriend before entering the BB house. Hayden said that he told his girlfriend to "not wait for me" and that they have an open relationship. Kristen said she wished she had told her boyfriend the same thing before going on BB.

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! Starting the morning post at the top in a minute! :D

Stay tuned...

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