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Thursday, July 22, 2010

HOH Endurance Comp

As of 9:04pm EST (6:04pm BBT), the live feeds are still on trivia! As soon as they come on, I'll start covering the endurance comp!

No matter how much I cover, it's still nothing compared to watching them live!!!

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Grab your drinks & snacks, it might be a loooong night! lol :D

6:07pm BBT:
Lane & Kathy are OUT!!!

Rachel: "Good job you guys!!"

6:10pm BBT:

Kristen is out!!

Enzo: "I might have to fall, I gotta eat."

Britney & Hayden are OUT!!!

Ragan: "Love you Rach!"
Rachel: "Love you Ragan!"

"Did that comment I made on the show make me sound like a pervert?"

Everyone laughs.

So far, Matt seems totally not phased by the comp. Brendon is looking strong as well.

6:25pm BBT:

BB starts up the high powered winds again!!

6:27pm BBT:
Here comes the water again!!!

Rachel: (screaming) "GO BRENDON!!!"

Watch the Endurance Comp *LIVE* Right Here!!!

Still Left On The Surf Boards:

Ragan: "Kristen, if I become a Have Not again, will you give me a back scratch?"
Kristen: "And a massage! Everyday!"

Enzo is struggling...

Enzo: "Sh*t."

Ragan: "You doing okay, Andrew?"
Andrew: "Nope!! I wanna see a picture of my DAUGHTER!!!!"

6:39pm BBT:
Enzo is OUT!!!

Enzo is the 1st Have Not of the week. (He was a Have Not last week, too. Poor guy. lol)

Rachel: "You got it, Brendon!"
Brendon: "Thank you, babe."
Enzo: "That was actually fun to do!"

Brendon is OUT!!!

Ragan: "Good job, Brendon!"
Rachel: "Good job Brendon!!"

Remaining Houseguests on Surf Boards:

Matt: "I'm not goin' nowhere!"
Ragan: "This is awesome! This is seriously awesome!"

The cold water starts to rain down on them again...

Andrew: "Oh WOW, that's COOOOOLLLDDDD!!!!!"

Ragan just told Andrew that he if he (Ragan) wins HOH, Andrew is safe from Nominations and POV Replacement.

Ragan: "You guys heard that, right? I give you (Andrew) my word."
Andrew said the same for Ragan.

Ragan: "Matt the same goes for you."
Matt: "You're not even on my radar."

7:04pm BBT:
*Andrew is struggling a bit.
*Ragan is holding strong.
*Matt looks to be doing the best at this point.

Andrew: (to producers) "My mic got wet! Need to change it!!"

7:09pm BBT:

Andrew: *burrrp*
Ragan: "Have you been drinking the water?" (laugh)
Andrew: "Yep!"

7:20pm BBT:
Andrew/Ragan/Matt still going strong.

Matt: "These free Big Brother shoes are pretty comfortable!"

Ragan tries to talk to Andrew and gets the vibe that he doesn't want to talk..he wants to concentrate.

7:27pm BBT:
Andrew is OUT!!!

Only Ragan & Matt are left.

Ragan & Matt are talking.

Ragan: "Who would you put up?"
Matt: "Kathy & Brendon, with Kathy as the target."
Ragan: "That's who I want out, too. But I think Brendon would go home."
Matt: "What about Kathy & Andrew?"
Ragan: "Let's think about this..."

They go over who would vote for who.

Ragan said he wants to give him HOH, but he doesn't wanna give it to him while all the HG's are inside the house. (They asked for privacy to talk.) They'll never believe that he just "fell".

Matt: "If you wanna play it out, play it out! I don't care. I'm not going nowhere."

They decide that they'll play for 20 more mins and Ragan will drop.
Matt said that if Andrew or Kathy comes off the block, then he's putting up either Rachel or Brendon. (**My guess would be Brendon.)

7:55pm BBT:
Matt & Ragan are still hanging on as the HG's watch.

Inside the BB house, Enzo is pissed that the Have Not's can't have any pizza tonight.

Enzo: "That's f**ked up, man! That's f**ked up. F**k it, I'm grabbin' a slice."
Kathy: "No you're not!"

Enzo walks away.

8:09pm BBT:
Feeds on "We'll Be Right Back" word on if Ragan/Matt are still doing the comp or not...hang tight, guys & gals. :)

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...
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