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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up by BB around 8:10am BBT. The houseguests have been doing their morning routines & they're still getting ready for the day today. They are having the POV Comp today, so it'll be interesting to see if Andrew will play or not (remember, today is a religious day for him.)

Currently on the live feeds...

9:29am BBT:

Lane is showering.
Rachel is shaving Brendon.
Britney is in & out of the bathroom doing her makeup.
Matt is lounging on the bathroom couch talking to all of them about BB11 and how "dumb" that cast was.

Rachel & Britney agreed. Britney said she couldn't believe that nobody ever called Natalie (from BB11) out on drinking alcohol when she told the HG's that she was only 18 yrs. (**She was 21.)

9:38am BBT:
The cameras are following Matt around...with his hands down his pants.

9:44am BBT:
HOH Room

The boys can see Andrew on the camera right outside the HOH doing his morning prayers.

Enzo: "Look at him out there...its Kosher TV."

Enzo: "Poor kid..the 1st 2 weeks, everyone thought he was the sabator. Why is he rockin' back & forth like that?"
Matt: "I don't know. I just watch him."
Enzo: "Look at him, man. He's the dark horse..he's gonna win this thing."

Topic turns to Rachel: the boys think she'll go crazy & quit the game if Brendon goes home.

Enzo: "She said Brendon is more important to her than the $500,000. Good. Go home then."

9:59am BBT:
Enzo is hinting that the POV Comp might be something geared towards Brendon & Rachel.

Enzo: "I'm ready for this chemistry set comp. It's gonna be some shit like 'if you mix this molecule with this, what would you get.' or 'build a robot'. Ya gotta clone yourself, make it swim 10 laps..." (*LOL)

Enzo: "Come out of the Diary Room in a lab coat going "This comp is called Weird Science!".

**I highly recommend watching their entire convo on the Flashback Feeds. Start at 9:44am BBT. It was truly hilarious!! lol I cannot do it justice.

10:52am BBT:


Kristen (again) just told Kathy that no matter what happens in the POV comp today, she's safe this week.

Hayden walks in. He's wondering if he should take a shower. Kathy says he's just gonna get hot (during the POV Comp) and wanna take another shower afterwards anyways.

Lane walks in. Hayden asked Lane "is that what you're wearing?" (tshirt and long lounge shorts).

"No. They give us outfits anyways."

11:20am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

The HG's are waiting for the POV Comp to start..and so am I!

Matt: "Come on (BB)! Let's do this thing already."

Random chit-chat all around.

Stay tuned...

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