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Friday, July 23, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Today is Friday, which also means its Nominations Day. Usually the HG's would also have a Have Not's Comp but since the Have Not's have already been determined last night, there's no comp today obviously. lol :P

As far as Nominations go, Matt said late last night to The Brigade that he wants to put up Andrew/Kathy, in hopes of having the chance to backdoor Brendon.

Rachel woke up at 9:10am BBT. All other HG's are sleeping as of 9:31am BBT.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:33am BBT:
Cabana Room

Rachel went outside a little bit ago, cried, went inside & started to work out. She just stopped in mid-workout and got on the floor. (Her back is towards the cam, so I can't tell if she's crying or just sad.)

Rachel was worried all night last night that she might be getting nominated/evicted this week.

9:38am BBT:
Rachel starts up her cardio workout again.

Kathy comes in.

Kathy: "What are you doing up so early??"
Rachel: "They Diary Room called me in."
Kathy: "Yea, me too."

They're on inside lockdown, hence why Rachel was/is doing cardio in the Cabana Room. Rachel told Kathy that she's working out like crazy this morning so that she can sweat out the alcohol she drank last night.

Kathy leaves.
Rachel's workout continues.

10:04am BBT:
Rachel is changing her microphone batteries in the storage room.

Rachel is now in the Sunset Room w/ Hayden & Kristen (sleeping in the same bed.)

10:55am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt is telling them that (1) Since he's playing the game alone (**Yea right), that he can either piss off the house or make the house happy by nom'ing them. (2) Calling him out during the house meeting was bad..if Matt doesn't put at least one of them up, it's going to look suspicious on his part.

Matt: "I'm not going to push for the POV to be used. If it gets used, it gets used."

Brendon said that he helped Matt stay in the house this week, depsite what he's heard.
Matt said he hasn't heard that.

They come to a deal:
*Matt's not putting Brendon or Rachel up for nominations, but if the POV is used, one of them is going to go up.

*He's not putting them up as long as they agree to protect him next week if either of them wins HOH .

*Matt's not going to tell anyone to use or not use the POV.

Rachel: "If you win POV, would you use it?"
Matt: "Uhhhh...I might not even try to win the POV so I stay out of the drama."

Rachel asked if it'd be better for Rachel to go up so that she at least is guaranteed to play for the POV.

Rachel: "If we don't get drawn to play in the POV, then..."

Matt says though it'd look better for him to do that, he doesn't want to do it.

11:27am BBT:
HOH Room
Matt is now talking to Andrew.

He's telling him that he's going up but he's TOTALLY safe, he's not the target, and to not worry. He's saying that Kathy would easily go over him.

Andrew asks "what about the 2 most powerful people in the house" (Bren/Rach). Matt tells him if the POV is used to save Andrew, then Kathy is no longer his target. (He's basically telling him he's gonna backdoor Rach or Bren).

Matt said that during the nomination ceremony, he's going to say his "reason" to nom Andrew is "I need someone else to go up, I heard you were targeting me.." Andrew said to say whatever he wants/needs to, no hard feelings.

Andrew appreciates the talk.

11:36am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is "110% POSITIVE" that Hayden/Kristen are twins & that they're the "lifelong friends" in the house. Matt didn't think there were friends in the house, Britney said she thinks there are and it's Hayden/Kristen.

Britney: "They're twins! I'm tellin' you! They even have identical birth marks! And their mouths are identical!!"

Now, we all know they are NOT related...but it's still funny to hear Britney say that. lol :P

Britney: "That's why they always hang out but never kiss!!"
(**That you see, anyways. ;) hehe)

**Alright guys & dolls, I will be back around 1:30pm BBT. I have an appointment I have to get to. I *will* be back before nominations are over! :D

Stay tuned...

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