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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! :D Hope y'all had a great Saturday night. I finally caught up some much needed rest (blogging 15 hrs/day for 8 days in a row made me crash n' burn early last night.) I need to start pacing myself a little bit. lol :P

Okay, it seems that last night there were some things that went on, so let me just dive right on into the Overnighter! I'm gonna gather it up & post it section by section.

7:31pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel tells Matt she's thinking about putting him as a pawn. Matt says that's fine, but under the conditions that: (1) he tells everyone during the Nomination speech that Matt is *only* a pawn and (2) he wants to pretend that he was blindsided.

Brendon/Rachel tell Matt that they can't be used as pawn because they'd go home. Matt agrees that they'd be toast (if used as a pawn in the coming weeks).

Matt leaves.

Rachel gets a light bulb going off in her head: Matt is setting up Rachel/Brendon so that The Brigade can get revenge on them (Rach/Bren) later on by using them as a pawn at some point, with the excuse of "hey, you used Matt as a pawn, now it's your turn" type of thing. Rachel's thoughts shift to putting up Andrew instead.

7:56pm BBT:

HOH Room

Rachel wants to put Andrew up, and the bonus is that nobody will think/know that he's in an alliance with Brendon & Rachel.

Andrew enters.

Brendon told Andrew that they might have to use him as a pawn. Andrew says he understands and see's where she's coming from (about the others not knowing they're aligned) but he thinks he'll go home over Monet and very easily, at that.

Andrew told them to "just do it" and put him. He wants to see where he stands in the house.

After Andrew left the room, Rachel yelled at Brendon. She was pissed that he told her that they might have to use him as a pawn, before they were even done talking about if they wanted to actually do that or not.

Rachel: "I didn't wanna tell anyone what we're gonna do yet! This is between us!"

Brendon: "Alright. I don't wanna talk game anymore tonight. Whatever you decide, I'll back you up. I'm sorry because I thought you were gonna say something to him."

Brendon leaves the HOH room pissed.

Rachel cries her eyes out.

A few minutes later, Brendon comes back up to the HOH room, he says he's sorry, wipes her tears away, they talk & kiss.

All is well again.

**Because soooo much convo was had last night, I'm just gonna give the cliffnotes in this section that happened between 10pm-11pm BBT:

*Ragan talked to Rachel in the HOH room. Rachel told her she probably should put up Andrew because she's worried about why Matt would be so agreeing to go on the block. She thinks it's a set-up & she thinks Matt is playing both sides of the house.

*Rachel told Kathy (alone) in the HOH room about Matt agreeing to be on the block, but wants to act like he was blindsided. Kathy was stunned.

11:30pm BBT:

Due to losing the POV Comp yesterday, Rachel/Brendon/Lane/Monet had to be stockades for an hour.

Matt came outside and warned them (via BB) that if they don't keep their hands inside the stockades, that the hour will start all over again.

Brendon had the most trouble/pain with being in the stockade for so long.

11:45pm BBT:
Matt & Enzo talked about backdooring Brendon next week and how important it is for them to win HOH this coming week.

12:30am-1:30am BBT:

Brendon's sensitive side came out last night.

Brendon: "I'm supposed to be (emotionally) disconnected from this game, and I'm not."
Rachel: "You're a part of my heart now, and I can't let you go. I'm not gonna hurt you."
Brendon: "I don't want you to hurt me."

Brendon goes on to say that it's not "logical" that they have such intense feelings for each other so fast. But they both do.

1:30am BBT:

They're still talking about who to put up as a pawn. They also talk about Kathy a bit.

Rachel: "I think (Kathy) will be on the side of the house that will protect her."

Ragan is reminding them that by putting Andrew up, they're essentially putting up a vote (to get Monet out). They say that it's a big risk either way with putting up Andrew because if he gets evicted, "their" side of the house is down 1 less person. But if he stays, then the other side of the house is down 1 less person, which would make Rachel/Brendon's side of the house much stronger.

They go back & forth.

Ragan: "He's smart, he's physical...he's a great player!"
Ragan is worried that Andrew would get evicted over Monet.

**Is y'alls heads spinning like mine? lol

The basic summary for the evening is that they're gonna put up Andrew, but let Matt think he's going up until the Veto Ceremony.

2:02am BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

They FINALLY had their first kiss!! :D w00t w00t!! They snuggled, cuddled, and kissed a few times. Their kisses were slow, soft and lovey-dovey'ish. Very cute!!

Hayden: "Glad I got that out of my system." (**Me too!! :D)

Kristen said her boob was out so that they can't show it on TV. lol She doesn't mind America knowing about it, but she just doesn't want it shown.

Kristen: "Even if I met you outside this house, I'd feel the same way about you."
Hayden: "Me too."

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter!! Wow..whatta doozy of a post! lol :P I'll start the morning post shortly!

Stay tuned...

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