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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Evening in the BB House (DRAMMAAA!!!!)

WOW! What an afternoon!! Okay, if you haven't yet heard about the Britney/Rachel drama, then please read 1 post down to get all caught up! Short version: Rachel & Brendon are thinking about getting rid of Matt this week instead of Monet.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:09pm BBT:

Britney is playing Rachel & Brendon like a fine violin! She's telling Brendon/Rachel that they need to switch the votes to get Matt out now since he's been playing Rachel.

Rachel: "I think it's too late..too much damage has been done. Today's fight didn't help."

Britney is still trying to convince them to get the votes. Brendon & Rachel are brainstorming how to get Matt out over Monet. (**WOW!!!)

Britney: "Just make it so that Matt doesn't know (he's going home) and then he'll be totally shocked. And there will be no drama. No drama."

Britney just promised that if Matt leaves, her (Brit) and Monet will NOT put Brendon or Rachel up on the block if they win HOH this week.

Britney: "Well if y'all decided to still get Monet out, just please let me know."
Brendon: "It's not up to us now, it's up to everyone else. But we won't blindside you."

Rachel said they *WILL* call out question about it.

**Guys, now might be a great time to get the live feeds if you don't have'em yet!! Major drama will go down once Matt gets called out.

6:18pm BBT:

They're thinking about pretending to get the votes for Monet to stay, but still get Monet out this week, & then calling Matt out next week. Rachel said she thinks that Monet & Britney would gun for her & Brendon but not right away.

Rachel: "What if Matt wins HOH this week, Brendon?"
Brendon: "We need to figure out who's the bigger threat to us."

6:24pm BBT:
They're still brainstorming...should they get out Matt or Monet? Decisions, decisions. They both think that if they keep Monet this week, then Brit/Monet won't go after Bren/Rach next week.

Rachel: "Getting Hayden and Kristen's vote might be hard."

Brendon: "You're gonna have a hard time getting votes for Matt to stay..we gotta figure out what's best for us!"

Meanwhile, across the yard...

Matt is watching Rachel/Brendon have their convo. He looks a little worried.

6:40pm BBT:
Backyard Couch Area

Rachel told Ragan that she wants to talk to him in the HOH room tonight.

Ragan: "Is it bad?"
Rachel: "Yea." (..not about him, she means bad as in bad drama.)

6:50pm BBT:
Lockdown is ovahhh. ;)
The HG's are now free to go inside the house.

6:51pm BBT:
HOH Room

As soon as lockdown was over, Ragan/Kathy/Rachel raced up the HOH landing stairs and headed into the HOH room for a meeting.

Rachel told Kathy & Ragan about how Matt is playing both sides of the house. She's basically telling them her convo with Britney from about an hour ago.

Brendon joins them a minute later.

Ragan doesn't believe any of it.

Ragan: "I think you should have a meeting. That way, you smoke out the liars and get to the truth."

Kathy: "I totally agree with him (Ragan)."
Brendon: "Matt's gonna deny it, and..."
Rachel: "But we have facts! It needs to be strictly about FACTS! Not he said/she said, 3rd party stuff."

7:07pm BBT:

Kathy: "I think we just need to do it.

**Guys & gals, turn on your feeds!! Drama is about to go down!!!!

7:11pm BBT:
Rachel calls a house meeting to gather in the living room.

Rachel: "I think its fair to vote fair to evict the right person out of the house. I believe someone is playing both sides of the house. It's not fair that someone can go and tell people that i care about one story, and that person go and tell someone else..."

Ragan: "If the goal is to get to the truth, let's not start with accusations."
Rachel: "I'll just state the facts: I wanted Monet to go home. We all know that. I've been securing votes to make sure the pawn (Matt) wouldn't go home. Matt approached and said 'Use me as a pawn'. Britney, would you like to share the rest of the facts?"

Britney: "Matt was upset that he was going up on the block and didn't understand if Rachel and him were friends, why he would volunteer. So that surprised me! He was very paranoid acting..."

Enzo: "Wow.."
Matt: "I can tell you my side of the story's my take..."
Ragan: "I can say that nobody knew who was going up on the block until the Veto Ceremony."

Matt: "I volunteered myself because I felt strong-armed by Ragan, Brendon and Rachel. I had 2 options...either I could have voted out Andrew, or not vote at all. The only way to avoid the bullying is to be up on the block."
Brendon: "When you volunteered, Rachel was trying to tell you to NOT go up as a pawn. Ragan was there and saw this."
Rachel: "Why did you tell Brit that you were pissed at us and were coming after us."

Rachel is now yelling.

Rachel: "Now you're trying to twist this around on US!! You're playing both side of the house!!!"

Matt: "I'm not playing both sides of the house!!!"

**Wayyyy too much fast talking to keep up!

Ragan said that he sees both sides of both stories.

Matt said he doesn't like how she handled her power as HOH this week.

Rachel is getting more & more pissed by the second.

Others are watching from the couch.

"MATT! YOU'RE BUSTED!! You're playing both sides of the house!!"
Matt: "No I'm not!!"
Britney: "I'm like, really hating this right now..."

Monet looks frustrated.

Rachel: "Matt, you're lying!"
Matt: "What am I lying about?!!! I'm playing a game, you're playing a game, we're all playing a f**king game in here!!"

Monet is now calling Matt out & crying.

Brendon just called Matt "Ronnie". (*lol)

**The feeds are on fire!!! If you can't watch this live, then you need to watch it on the Flashback Feeds starting at 7:11pm BBT.

Rachel & Matt are going round and round.

Rachel is saying that they don't need all this drama in the house.

Rachel: "I think everyone is over this, Matt. All the cards are now on the table."
Matt: "I never attacked you personality, I've only attacked you for being a team in this house." (Brendon/Rachel)

Brendon's had enough and gets up to walk away...

..but then continues to go off on Matt.

Brendon: "Guys, I'm sorry..I didn't want this meeting to go like this. We just wanted to clear the air."

Rachel is still going off and "clearing the air".

Britney is shutting down when she was asked about a lie.
Rachel: "Britney, you just told me EVERYTHING upstairs earlier!"

Rachel is irritated that Britney is shutting down.
Matt: "I'm done here."

Matt storms away.

Enzo: "We'll all talk amoungst ourselves and..that's that." (re: voting who they want out.)

Meeting is now over at 7:47pm BBT. Matt comes back to calmly talk to Britney with some other HG's still sitting on the couch.

Brendon isn't done yet...
Brendon: "As soon as I win HOH, you're gone man! You're a rat! You're a Ronnie!"

Rachel comes back in, the fighting continues.

Okay, now the meeting is really over now. Rachel just walked away.
Britney's face says it all. lol

Britney and Matt talked privately.

**Too many aftermath convos are going on for me to cover. I only have 2 eyes and 2 ears. lol

8:11pm BBT:
Cabana Room

It's hard to hear because there's alot of background noise from the kitchen. They're comparing notes of what they heard/said/saw in the past week.

8:15pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Hayden thinks Rachel handled it the best way she could. (Re: house meeting).

Hayden: "And now people will vote the way they wanna."

The mood is light. Hayden just told the girls that BB gave them 4 bottles of wine and some beers. The girls are happy.

Kristen asked Hayden (as he was about to leave the room) if he could go get Kathy.
Hayden: "Anything for you." *smile & tongue out*

The girls laugh at Hayden being cute/funny with Kristen.

Kathy enters. The girls start talking about votes.

Kristen: "I think we need to stick with getting Monet out. The whole house is pissed at Matt. Regardless of who wins HOH, he'll probably go up. The combo of Monet and Britney staying in the house, is dangerous. Matt has a huge target & will be an easy person to put up."

Brendon comes in and hands the girls wine. Rachel thanks him with a kiss.

Kristen tells Brendon that they should stick with the original plan to vote Monet out. Brendon agrees.

Brendon leaves a couple minutes later.

Switching feeds to...

8:27pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Matt asked the boys to tell him honestly who looked better in the fight: they all said Brendon/Rachel did, even though Matt had good points too. They're all happy that the Brigade wasn't outed.

Matt: "I even said if anyone in the house had an alliance, to stand up, because I'm not in any alliance." *They laugh.*

Hayden goes inside, Lane follows a minute later to put swim shorts on, or so he says.

8:30pm BBT:
Cabana Room
Ragan/Britney/Hayden/Lane/Matt (a minute later)

Britney is talking a mile-a-minute about everything. Britney said she thought the meeting would go differently and that she doesn't like confrontation. (**Yea, especially when you've been lying your butt off. But hey, hats off to ya for playing the game Brit!)

**Okay everyone, I'm outty for the night. Don't forget, Big Brother After Dark starts at 12am EST, and you guys & gals are gonna have plenty of convos to watch! lol ;) Don't have Showtime? Don't need to! All ya need are the feeds!! G'dnight, y'all!

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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