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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Morning in the BB House

The houseguests woke up around 9am BBT this morning.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:03am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Matt told Lane about his convo last night with Ragan. Matt said Ragan told him that Brendon/Rachel wanted him (Ragan) to spy on Matt and find out who he'd put up next week if he wins HOH this week but that Ragan said no. He also told Ragan that they (Matt/Ragan) are gonna disassociate themselves until Thursday. Matt told Lane how Ragan said he didn't like how Rachel played out her HOH week and that after this week, he's pretty much done with them (Rach/Bren).

9:23am BBT:
Cabana Room
Sleepy heads are napping. :P

9:25am BBT:

Lane is pissed that he burned off only 300 calories and how that equals to one cookie that he ate yesterday. Lane asked Matt if he was going to do his cardio this morning like he said he was going to, and Matt said & that he'd do it tonight.

Lane: "You think Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn't do cardio just because he's tired??!" (They both laugh.)

Matt is telling Lane that he thinks Ragan is "cracking" in the house from the moral stuff he was talking about last night during their convo & that he told Matt to not tell anyone about their talk from last night. (**Too late.)

9:32am BBT:

Backyard Couch

Matt told Britney to "please please please get Rachel or Brendon out of here next week". (**He's trying to get Britney to do the Brigades dirty work, but she doesn't fall for it.)

Britney: "If it's close in the HOH comp, I'll let y'all have it and you guys can get'em out."

Matt: "I hate that strong-arming sh*t they were doing up there (in the HOH room) this week."

10:15am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon & Rachel were getting very hot & heavy in the HOH room. Lots of kisses and touching...


BB: "Rachel, please go to the Diary Room."

Brendon: "You gotta be kidding me!"
Rachel: "The ultimate c**k block!" (laughs)

Hot session ends on the feeds...for now. ;)

10:33am BBT:
Rachel is back from her Diary Room session..let the makeout session continue!

Rachel doesn't wanna sex (knowing the cams are on her), so she said she wanted to go workout. Well...I guess she changed her mind because now the covers are pulled back over the two of them and you can hear heavy panting & kissing noises.

10:37am BBT:
Brendon & Rachel are now having sex on all 4 cameras on the live feeds. Rhythmic panting & movements are going on.

As they finished, Kathy just walked into the HOH room & laid in bed with them without even being asked. AWWWKWARDDDD!!! lol ;)

Kathy told Rach/Brendon that she heard from Britney that Monet has Andrew's vote. Brendon & Rachel told her that they trust Andrew and believe that he will vote Monet out and to not worry because they've had several conversations.

11:10am BBT:

Lane & Britney are talking about the Jury House. Brit said she either wants to get before the Jury House or make it to the end. Lane told her that she can't have that kind of mentality.

11:13am BBT:
HOH Room

The feeds auto-switched in mid-convo...

Rachel: "She told Andrew that she (Brit) wants to take you & Matt out? Wow."
Brendon: "I can rattle her cage alot more than she can rattle mine."
Rachel: "F**k that! Nobody messes with my man!"
Brendon: "She wants to take Matt out this week and me next week."

Brendon said that if he wins HOH next week, Britney's going up.

Kathy: "Britney isn't thinking of the fact that y'all (Brendon/Rachel) can switch HOH's every week. She can only win for 1 week then she's screwed for the next week."

Brendon wants to expose Matt playing both sides of the house before the next HOH. They're gonna tell them (the truth) that it was Matt's idea to volunteer to be the pawn this week.

Brendon states that Monet is still going home this week for sure, no matter what.

Rachel: "Nothing is a done deal until Thursday. I thought I was a done deal, until Annie was put up."

Kathy: "Man, (Britney) will do & say anything."
Brendon: "And nobody ever calls her out."

Brendon has had it with Britney & her bad mouthing everyone, dissing Andrew's religion, and being spiteful. He wants to turn the tables on her & give her a dose of her own medicine.

Brendon & Rachel head downstairs to go workout finally.

11:43am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Britney wants to win HOH so that she can get a letter from home. She hopes half of the letter is from Nick (her boyfriend) and the other half from her mom.

Brendon & Lane are across the yard talking. Britney looks over at Lane.

"You know what Lane's thinking? 'Shut the hell up!'"

All other HG's are napping, except Kathy & Andrew..they're talking (non-game) in the Sunset Bedroom.

Andrew: "How was dinner last night?"
Kathy: "It was good! It started off as a disaster."

**11:56pm BBT: Okay guys & gals, I gotta bail outta here for a little bit. Gotta run some errands and such. I'm leaving now while the house is uneventful and the feeds are calm. Anything that we missed while I was gone, I will cover in the Afternoon post as soon as I get back! :D

Stay tuned...

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