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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning to all you BB fans across the land! :D Today is *Live Show Day*!! The live show starts at 8pm EST and as always, I will be here & in the chat room which will open at 7pm EST. West Coasters, fear not..I will have you covered tonight. ;)

BB usually doesn't hold the first endurance comp until week 4 (which would be next Thursday), but just as they tell the houseguests...expect the unexpected!! It looks like tonight will be the 1st Endurance Comp of the BB12 season & I couldn't be happier! :D Those of you that have been with me all these years know that I LOVE endurance comps!!! They are so much fun to watch on the live feeds!!!!

Production gave us feed watchers a very quick 1 second glimpse of what they're building in the backyard:

That looks like an endurance comp to me! ;) I think BB gave us that shot so that we would know the schedule is different this year and that there is indeed going to be an endurance comp tonight. (Thanks, production!!) If you don't already have them, I highly suggest you get the live feeds before tonight's live show so that you have time to watch the show & then you can just jump right into watching the endurance comp live!

Okay, let me go gather up The Overnighter and I'll be back shortly!! :D

10:54pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Andrew spent some time lining up his ducks for tonight's HOH endurance comp. Andrew told Kristen last night that if it's only him & her left in the endurance comp, then he will drop & give her the title of HOH & that he trusts that he'll be safe with her as HOH.

Andrew & Kristen then talked about how they both plan to vote Monet out.

11:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kathy, who told Andrew yesterday that she's going to "vote with her heart", decided to vote for Monet to stay this week. Monet worked on her vote yesterday while at the dinning table alone (with other HG's interrupting their talk as they passed through the kitchen). Kathy told Brendon & Rachel that Monet has her vote this week.

Kathy went on to say that Matt hasn't asked her (Kathy) about her vote all day and how she found it out to be odd that Matt doesn't seem worried about the votes, but the other day when he shouldn't have been worried, he was.

Brendon said that he hopes, if Matt stays, that people in the house will see what he's really like, and whoever wins HOH will hopefully put Matt up to go home.

12:07am BBT:
HOH Room

Well ladies & gents, Rachel has been saying it all along that her & Brendon are not a "showmance", that they're a real couple & last night, Brendon made sure to make it official between the two of them. (**I gotta admit, I swooned a little bit during this convo. :) Brendon was so sweet!)

Brendon: (lump in his throat, voice cracking) "I dunno..I'm kind of an old fashioned guy."
Rachel: "Oh really? you need to ask me?"
Brendon: "Will you officially be my girlfriend?
Rachel: "Yes."

Brendon: "I know I've been calling you 'my girl', like the 1950's sort of way, but now I want you to know that you're my girlfriend."

*swwwoooonn* :)

I'm also happy to report that Kathy did not interrupt this HOH moment. lol ;)

Random News:
Enzo has been trying to get Kathy to quit smoking while she's in the BB house. Kathy said it's hard because there's nothing to do, so she lights up due to boredom. Well since the HG's have been on lockdown all day yesterday, Enzo offered a supportive congratulations to Kathy, hoping it'll keep her going. :)

Also, Hayden/Kristen spent the night in bed again and gave each other some more smooches.

Someone from the production team (a female) came over the loudspeaker in the bedroom and told them...

BB Female Voice: "Hey Kristen and Hayden, if you guys are gonna talk, you need to have your microphones on."

Kristen: (whispering) "They are on..."
Hayden: "They're on."

And that's it for The Overnighter! :D I'll start the Morning post shortly!! As of 8:18am BBT, all the HG's are still sleeping:

Stay tuned...

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