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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, y'all! :D Oh gawd, it's Monday. *sigh* Monday's are never good, right? haha :P Well, hopefully we'll have some great drama to keep us all entertained for the week! ;)

Today is the Veto Ceremony, where Britney will take herself off the block and Andrew will go up as the renom (unless something changed last night that I haven't read about yet!) This is Rachel's way of showing who's truly aligned with who, and to see the 2 sides of the house more clearly.

Non-game related, I wanted to let y'all know that I'm working on a new Chat Room that will be better! I was tired of seeing a ton of "anonymous" names in the old chat room. lol So the new chat room will let you enter a nickname without registering! I think you guys & gals will love it!

Okay, let me go get my coffee started & then I'll start posting the Overnighter in sections! :D

11:03pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Matt thinks it's funny that Brendon/Rachel are "bringing in" (aka aligning) with Hayden because Hayden & the rest of The Brigade now has access to all their information on who they want out, what their strategy is, etc.

Enzo: "I gave (Rachel) my word that next she's safe."
Matt: "Are you not putting them up next week if you win (HOH)?"
Enzo said he'd definitley put'em up on the block (Rach/Brend).

Matt: "I was thinking of doing Andrew/Kathy, then backdooring Brendon, but at this point I might just put'em both up and say f**k it."
Enzo: "See, you can do that. You can do that. Or I can do that, I don't give a f**k."

Enzo said he never promised Brendon that he was safe, only Rachel and they "hugged on it". He said he can always go back and twist it to say that he only promised Rachel safety.

Enzo: "I'll be like 'That's the trusted me.'"

12:05am BBT:
HOH Room

They (Bren/Rach) have been having the same exact convo over & over & over again...'Who would you vote out', 'Who does the house want out?', 'I don't wanna make any waves'.

Brendon said it best when he said...

Brendon: "Let's just make a decision on who's going up (as a pawn) and be done with it. Give it a rest."

A-freakin'-MEN!!!! lol :P

Anyways, Rachel asked where's Enzo's head is at. Enzo said he'd vote out whoever they wanted out. They said Monet. He said okay & that as long as it wasn't him going him, he didn't care who went.

1:30am BBT:
Hot Tub

They were talking about how Monet was an idiot by putting nearly 800 gallons down as her answer for the HOH comp last week.

Kristen: "That was idiotic. Seriously...800 gallons?"
Hayden: "It was 40..80..then almost 800 gallons. I mean, there's 40 gallons of milk in the fridge!"
Enzo: "I was like what the f**k!?!"

2:00am BBT:
Day 2 of punishment for Brendon/Rachel/Monet. lol

Ragan: "Where is everyone?"
Kathy: "In bed sleeping!"

Talk turns to bloggers & they wonder what bloggers are blogging about them. (**I found this convo rather funny. lol) ;)

Random chit-chat continues. Ragan kept the threesome in stockades pretty entertained, bless his heart.

2:05am BBT:
'The Brigade'

They have a little meeting & recap what they need to do & when, and what are some other (and better!) options.

They talked about:

*One of them has gotta win HOH this week, or better yet, have Britney win. (**Don't be surprised if The Brigade throws this HOH comp if Britney looks like she's gonna win it anyways.) By having Brit winning HOH, it keeps The Brigade under the radar for another week, while getting out who they wanted to get out anyways.

*They talked about how they gotta get Brendon (or Rachel, if Brendon isn't an option) out this week. If they wait too long, then they'll have the team of Brendon/Rachel both fighting for HOH at the same time.

*They all plan on getting Monet out this week for the same reason as they want Britney to win HOH: it keeps The Brigade under the radar for another week.

2:10am BBT:
Sunset Room

Kristen and Hayden did more kissing, cuddling, and "I really like you" talking last night. They both didn't expect nor want a showmance coming into the BB house, but they can't help but to like each other.

Hayden: "Nobody can know how close we are...which sucks."
Kristen: "I know."
Hayden: "I'm trying to avoid you all day, and I don't want to!"
Kristen: "But I understand...that you don't want to."

Around 4:50am BBT, things started to get a little naughty between Hayden & Kristen. Lots of under the cover movements, kissing noises, and deep sighs.

I'll let y'all be the detectives on this one about what they did or didn't not do. lol ;) Use the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds to view every hot second for yourself!!

By morning, Kristen has left Hayden's bed so that they don't busted by other HG's.

They don't want people to target them as a team for having a showmance, like Brendon/Rachel are targeted.

Okie dokie, that's it folks! Gonna start the morning post shortly!

Stay tuned...

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