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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Overnighter

Gooood morning, BB fans!! How are y'all feeling today?! I'm a little on the tired side (okay, a lot on the tired side lol), I feel like I was in last nights endurance comp! :P Speaking of which, if you missed it (or ANY part of the BB12 season), you can always watch it on the Flashback Feeds. Pick any day, any hour, any minute, any camera..and BAM!'s like you're watching it live! ;)

Non-game Related:
Last year, I became good friends with a blog fan named Pam and this morning I received a gift of her homemade spaghetti sauce!!

Thanks Pam!!! :D Looks delish!!

I swear I have the BEST blog fans out there!!! BY FAR!!!! Y'all rock & I appreciate all your kind comments, all of your thanks, and all your support of the blog. I love you guys & gals and I wouldn't be here without you!! :) Thank you!!!

Ok, back to biz...
As we all now know, Matt is the new HOH and as of last night before I went to bed, he said he wanted to nominate Kathy & Andrew for eviction, and backdoor Brendon (or Rachel, depending on his options after the POV Comp.) Is that still his plan? Well, let's get to The Overnighter and find out!

9:12pm BBT:
Sunset Room

After Rachel got done talking with Matt alone in the Cabana Room, Rachel went back to talk to Kristen.

*During the Matt/Rachel convo, Matt told her everything that him & Ragan talked about when they were left standing in the endurance comp. Matt told Rachel to not tell anyone. He also used the 'my wife has a disease' thing and Rachel told him that if he got down to Final 2, he'd have her & Brendon's vote. Will this be enough to change his mind & keep Brendon/Rachel until Jury? Hmm!!

Rachel told Kristen that she thinks she's going up or possibly get backdoored. Kristen said she's pretty sure either her (Rach) or Brendon will go up this week. Kristen told her that Matt sees Brendon/Rachel as "one" person..a strong person, at that...and it's a threat to everyone in the game.

*Note: The Brigade is still gunning for Brendon this week.

9:38pm BBT:

Bathroom Couch

Rachel filled Brendon in on her earlier convo with Matt.

Rachel: "I don't think we should make any quick deals with him unless the deals are something like "Don't put us up, we won't put you up next week"."
Brendon: "Yea. I agree."

Rachel told Brendon that they need to talk Matt separately. They're also now questioning where Ragan's loyalties are in the house.

10:00pm BBT:
Random Funny Quote of the Night...

Lane: "I want cologne that smells like Coors Light."

10:50pm BBT:

Have Not's Room
Ragan (then Brendon/Rachel)

Ragan went into the Have Not's room and started crying. Brendon & Rachel came in shortly after to talk to him.

Ragan said that he's missing his dad and that even though him & Monet weren't really close, it was hard to see her leave. Brendon said it was hard to see her leave as well. Brendon & Rachel eventually get Ragan to smile & laugh, get him back to his happy self. :)

They brought up his favorite topic in the world: Natalie from BB11. lol :P

Rachel: "You think she's watching (this season)?"
Ragan: "Yes! *thinks* Yes."

10:55pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room

Enzo told Lane that Matt should put up Rachel/Kathy, and backdoor Brendon. They agreed that The Brigade should lay low from hanging out with each other to stay under the radar.

12:37am BBT:
Matt got his HOH room.

That's his wifes blanket that Matt is holding..or so he claims. When the HG's asked if that blanket was his, he said no immediately but then said..

Matt: "Oh! You know what this is? It's my wifes blanket! It even smells like her. Awesome!" (**I have a hard time believing him, but that's just me. lol)

Before he got his HOH room, Matt told Brendon/Rachel about his wife's (non-existent) disease and got some sympathy. He told them that he can't afford the surgery. Brendon offered to help him find a specialist for his wife after they get out of the house.

3:01am BBT:
The Brigade gathers in the HOH room for beers and celebrates.

They start talking about noms right away.

Matt: "I don't think I should put up Brendon & Rachel together..I was going to do Andrew & Kathy and backdoor Brendon or Rachel but that might be risky."

Matt does confirm that he will put up Kathy, for sure.

Enzo: "Kathy will be just sitting there..a sitting duck (in the eviction chair). We should put up Rachel and Kathy..Kathy's not gonna win POV.."
Matt: "Kathy's lucky she can find her way upstairs!"

They go through scenarios & which is the best to backdoor Brendon.

Enzo: "I think everyone in the house wants Brendon & Rachel out!"

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! The HG's went to bed around 5am BBT. It might be a while before they get up today. lol :P But when they do, I'll start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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