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Monday, July 19, 2010

Late Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good evening to all you BB fans across the land! So, now we have Matt & Monet on the block, with Monet going home for (almost) 100% sure. But then again, this is Big Brother and the script could flip at any given time. Oooo how I love this game! :D

Okay, back to biz!

Currently on the live feeds...

2:20pm BBT:
Storage Room

Matt & Ragan talked about various things: Ragan told Matt he doesn't think anyone in the game has his back, Matt agreed, Ragan looked a little disappointed at that response.

They talked about Rachel's game play and called it "stupid". Ragan also said that he sees "pairs forming" in the house (Rachel/Brandon, Kristen/Hayden, Kathy/Andrew, Britney/Monet, etc.)

2:32pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Lane told Monet/Brit that Enzo has been sneaking cheese. (**He's a Have Not. A big no-no that results in a penalty vote if Lane is right.)

2:45pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Andrew told Kathy that he knows about Hayden & Kristen's showmance, but that he's gonna use it to his advantage when he needs to. So he's keep that little nugget of info in his back pocket for the time being.

*From 2:45pm-4:00pm, nothing really happened (game wise). Lots of HG's laying around, chillin', Monet/Britney bashing Rachel and Kristen's "awkward body", Enzo ate a bowl of know, the usual. ;) lol

4:22pm BBT:
Pool Table

They're playing a game of pool.

BB: "Enzo, please go to the Diary Room."

Hayden & Monet are left playing the game of pool by themselves.
Hayden ends up winning the game. They both go inside.

4:40pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The two aren't really talking at the moment, but Kathy did bring up Kristen for a second.

Kathy: "Who's sleeping in the hammock?"
Hayden: "Kristen."
Kathy: "I like her."
Hayden: "Yea, she's a cool girl."

I'm sure Kathy knows just how much he likes her now that Andrew spilled the beans to her about their showmance. ;)

4:51pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan is being hilarious right now, mainly because I think he's losing his marbles at the moment. :P

Ragan: "Sudafed is the magic bullet in this house. It's Big Brother's answer to everything wrong. I cut my pinky in the kitchen and they were like " need sudafed".
Matt: "Yea, like it regrows a pinky finger." (**LOL)

5:14pm BBT:

Kristen told Kathy that "ideally", Brendon or herself wins HOH this week. (She didn't say it, but we all know she's also hoping Hayden wins it if she can't.)

6:35pm BBT:

The 3 of them are making dinner for everyone: fish sticks for the Have Not's and chicken enchiladas with sour cream for the Have's.

Rachel: "Brendon, please stop (helping me)!"
Brendon: "I wanna help cook!"
Rachel: "Yea but I kinda don't want you to."

Brendon says he's about to go play pool outside soon anyways, but continues to help cook in the meantime.

6:40pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Monet thinks she can get the votes, and so does Britney.

Monet: "I have your vote, Andrew's vote, I can get Enzo & Lane's vote and I think I can get Hayden's vote. We played pool together today. I'm not going to ask him (for his vote) today, though."

6:47pm BBT:

Monet & Brit are playing Toss the Bean Bag game. They made homemade bean bags to toss the other day & they're using the holes in the stockades to throw them into.

6:52pm BBT:

Rachel asked Kathy if Monet & Britney are going "crazy" yet. Kathy said no.

Rachel: "Do they think they have the votes for her stay?"

6:57pm BBT:

Kathy & Rachel are having a good time cooking together. The pasta sauce was too thick, so Rachel thought they needed to add milk. Kathy highly disagreed.

Kathy: "Can we phone-a-friend?" (*LOL)

Rachel added milk and stirred it.

Wanting Brendon to think that everything is okay, she tried to hide her laughing and smiling but it was too obvious.

Brendon: "What, did you burn it? Why are you giving me that face?"
Rachel: "What face?!" (laughing)

Rachel said the sauce tasted good with the milk, but just too much like pasta sauce. Brendon told her to add spices. Ragan added lime, then they accidentally poured in a ton of hot sauce.

Ragan: "Maybe we should add some break it up."

Everyone laughs.

7:15pm BBT:
*Bell Rings*

Time to get in the stockades! Monet & Rachel get in their stocks. (It's their punishment for losing the POV Comp. Brendon got the fewest days in the stocks.)

Rachel tells Enzo to give her a beat & she'll make up a rap. She asked Monet if she wanted to rap and she didn't even look at her. (**Ouch.)

Enzo starts up a beat...

Rachel: (rapping) "Yo yo ain't no shock, I'm stuck in a stock.."

Rachel asked Britney (who's sitting on the backyard couch) to give her a category (for some game, I didn't hear what kind). Britney totally ignored her & continued talking to Lane.

Brendon came over & kept Rachel company for a few minutes.

Brendon: "You need any water or want anything to drink?"

Rachel said she wants to sleep with him in the Have Not's bedroom again tonight. He calls her cute & says okay.

Surprisingly, Monet & Rachel are now playing a word game. Monet is less than thrilled about it, but she just might be *that* bored in the stock. lol

7:47pm BBT:
Okay guys & dolls, I'm logging off for the night! If you wanna continue to know what's going on inside the BB house, all ya gotta do is get the live feeds! Comes with a 3 day free trial and with the endurance comp coming up in next couple weeks, you're gonna want to have them & be familiar with them! See y'all tomorrow morning with the Overnighter! :D

(Keep refreshing periodically...)

Stay tuned...

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