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Monday, July 19, 2010

Morning in the BB House

The morning started off slow..the usual morning routines of eating breakfast, showering, barely-awake convos, etc etc. The feeds were kinda boring..until...

10:00am BBT:
HOH Room


Congrats, you two lovebirds on your 1st whoopie session!! ...surely not the last to see on the feeds, I'm betting. lol ;)

10:26am BBT:
They're still kissing like crazy..with some words being spoken in between kisses. Rachel just said that she likes to have sex "5 times a day".

Brendon: "WOW!!!!" *more kissing continues*

10:30am BBT:
Play time is over. ;)

BB: "Rachel, please go to the Diary Room."
Brendon: "Sorry I got your hair all messed up." (laughs)

Rachel: "Yea, thanks Brendon!" (giggles)

10:32am BBT:

Kathy just told Andrew that he's *not* going up on the block. (**Umm..what??!?!)

I'm not sure why Kathy would (1) think he's not going up & (2) why she would tell him that. Kathy has talked to Brendon/Rachel. She knows he's a "possibility".

Kathy: "You have more friends in here than you think."
Andrew: "Thank you for the info."

10:35am BBT:

Britney told Lane that Monet only needs 1 more vote to stay. (She has no clue that The Brigade is voting Monet out).

Britney: "She only needs Hayden or Kathy."
Lane: "Uh huh."

**Ooooo I can't wait to see the look on her face when Monet is voted out! Sh*t is gonna hit the fan!!! :D

10:53am BBT:

The boys are working out & Ragan is telling Brendon about how hard the show Survivor would be to do. The topic of Survivor started because Ragan had a dream about being on Survivor.

Ragan: "People have broken fingers, fallen into a fire from passing out..."

11:03am BBT:

Britney is talking about how "ugly" and "gross" people were back in the day, before blow dryers and braces. She's being her normal charming self.


**Sidenote: The Veto Ceremony should be early afternoon, if BB is keeping with their normal season schedule. Should only take about 30 mins.

11:12am BBT:

Cabana Room

Enzo is sleeping in the Cabana Room. He had another rough night of not sleeping well in the Have Not's Room. Monet complained earlier this morning that everytime she tries to sleep in there, BB wakes her up but they always let Enzo sleep in there and that it's "not fair".

11:22am BBT:
Outside Lockdown!! Let the Veto Ceremony begin!! ;) ....shortly. lol

11:32am BBT:
Live Feeds switch to "We'll Be Right Back"! It's Veto Ceremony time!!! :D

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