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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! :D Happy Saturday to y'all!! Today the HG's will play for the POV. The players for today's POV Comp were picked last night.

Playing for the POV:

Enzo is hosting.

Of course, Matt is pissed that both Rachel & Brendon's name were picked to play in the POV Comp today. lol :P Also last night, we learned that Ragan was trying to get Matt to focus on getting out Kathy or Andrew this week, instead of backdooring Brendon or Rachel because Ragan thinks the floaters will get far or even win the game. Matt confirmed to Hayden last night, that he's still with The Brigade and going to backdoor Brendon if he doesn't win the POV. Matt also confessed to Ragan last night that he's throwing the POV Comp.

9:03pm BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

Ragan came in to the bedroom and told Rachel/Brendon that they need to start studying past comps and count things in the house for the POV Comp today.

Ragan: "I would go through and brainstorm past POV's."

9:28pm BBT:
Living Room

Brendon & Rachel sat on one of the living room couches and talked about past POV Comps and strategizing.

Brendon: "Rub my neck or something so that it doesn't look obvious that we're studying."

Rachel & Brendon were whisper-talking about a past POV comp from BB11 (the Hold'em or Fold'em Gambling Comp).

10:58pm BBT:
Pool Table

Enzo: "I've been talkin' to Brendon just to see what he's thinking..see where his head is at, ya know? I think they know what's going on. (re: backdoor) They're two smart people."

Enzo doesn't understand why Matt wouldn't just nominate both Brendon/Rachel to begin with. Lane didn't seem to worried.

**If Matt would have nominated both Brendon/Rachel, they both would have 100% chance of playing for the POV. If Matt would have nominated either Brendon OR Rachel (plus a pawn), then he runs the risk of both of them being safe. eg: Brendon/Kathy nom'ed, Rachel gets picked to play POV, she wins it, she takes Brendon off, and her/Brendon would then be safe. By not nom'ing both right from the start, it made the odds of Bren/Rach both getting picked to play for the POV far less greater, especially after Matt told The Brigade that if they picked "Houseguest Choice", to not pick Bren/Rach.

If Bren or Rach win the POV today, then they have the power to keep the noms the same, ensuring their safety this week. It'll basically be Matt/Kathy/Andrew/Lane vs. Rachel/Brendon in today's POV Comp. Also keep in mind that Matt told Bren/Rachel yesterday that he "probably won't fight for the POV" so that he could avoid drama. Did he change his mind? Or will he fight hard for it? If he doesn't fight for it or doesn't win POV, then the "blood" will be on someone elses hands to change nominations.

Either way you slice it, the feeds are gonna be insane today!!...especially if Brendon or Rachel win POV, which I'm hoping for so that there's draaamaa in the house. ;)

11:40pm BBT:
Kitchen/Breakfast Bar

Their convo started out kinda..well, gay. lol ;) (And those are Ragan's words, not mine. lol)

Ragan: "This gonna sound kinda corny & gay, but..I miss having you in the same room with me. It was nice to just chill and talk to you."
Matt: " was! It was."

Ragan then looks up at the camera for Showtime viewers..

Ragan: "Was the gay? Was that pretty gay?" (*LOL)

11:44pm BBT:

Game talk between the 2 boys.
Ragan: "So why do you feel weird?"
Matt: "I dunno. Part of me thinks I should have put (Brendon & Rachel) up out-right. I dunno. I just feel like this would have been a week of there wouldn't be anything good to do. I dunno.

Then Matt confesses that he's going to throw the POV Comp.

Matt: "I have to throw it! I can't f**kin' win it! That'd be the worst thing in the world."
Ragan: "Right."

11:59pm BBT:
Have Not's Bedroom

Andrew & Brendon were stealth-whispering, so a lot of their convo wasn't easy to hear. But the parts that could be heard...

Andrew asked if Ragan would vote Kathy out over him (Andrew). Brendon said yes, because Ragan wants competitors in the game..not floaters (like Kathy). They talk about how Andrew needs 5 votes: Brendon said he has himself/Rachel/Ragan/Kristen..they just need 1 more.

1:24am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt told Hayden that Bren/Rach would target Kris/Hay next week, even though they (Bren/Rach) never specifically mentioned their names.

Matt: "Ragan is my side alliance, he talks & talks about everything."
Hayden: "Mm hmm."
Matt: "Well, Ragan told me that Brendon & Rachel would be gunning for you & Kristen next week if they stayed."
Hayden: "Brendon said that?"
Matt: "Well that's what Ragan said, but he didn't actually say your names..he just said 'there's 2 strong people in the house who are obvious close friends and they dropped way too quickly in the (HOH) competition and I don't know why people aren't targeting them.'"

Talk turns to how Ragan doesn't want Matt to gun after Brendon or Rachel.

Matt: "(Ragan) wants them to stay."
Hayden: "Why?"
Matt: "Because he said 'we' (as in Ragan/Matt) would be safe next week, they're gunning after Kristen & Hayden...hey, don't say any of this to Kristen."

Now that Hayden knows Brendon is after him, he wants him out even more so.

Hayden says that Kristin is good to have around, but she is completely expendable. They both said/agreed that the brigade is the number one alliance.

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! The POV Comp *should* be today, which if it is, Andrew might not play in it because today is Sabbath day (religious day). So that will be interesting to see what happens with that.

The HG's just got woken up by BB at around 8:10am BBT, so let me go & start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...
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