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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Rachel & Brendon were the first HG's up this morning. Rachel had to finish out her week of stockade punishment, and she did.

BB then woke the rest of the HG's up around 8:30am BBT.

Currently on the live feeds...

8:54am BBT:
Cabana Room

Britney & Matt both have hangovers this morning. Enzo is asking if they're going to have fish sticks today..he loves those fish sticks! lol

Britney: "Probably."

8:57am BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside & close the sliding glass door."

Ragan wonders if they're on lockdown so that BB production can build an endurance comp set for tomorrow's HOH. (**As much as I would *love* to see an an endurance comp tomorrow, I highly doubt it will be.)

Lane has no joined the half-awake HG's in the Cabana Room.
Kathy/Brendon/Andrew are in the kitchen making coffee.

9:02am BBT:
Monet & Rachel just joined the kitchen crew.

I just received this email..not sure how true it is, but if it is, then I'd be a very happy gal!! :D

"I work at the studio where the BB house is, and my office is right next door to the backyard. Walking in to work this morning I saw a flat bed truck arrive with a lot of scaffolding and rigging equipment and start unloading in the area behind the backyard. Immediately I thought it was for an endurance comp. Then I saw on the blog they were on inside lockdown. Looks like things are pointing towards an endurance comp tomorrow!"

The HG's all seem to think tomorrow might be endurance, too. While this would be going out of BB's typical HOH comp schedule, it is definitely possible that they will switch it up for this week to be endurance! If you don't have the feeds, I suggest you getting them today so that you can learn how to use the camera's before tomorrow's Live Eviction episode. Remember, *ALL* endurance comps are shown on the live feeds!!! :D

9:53am BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Rachel/Brendon making out.

Once again, Kathy c*ckblocks. lol She was in the shower in the HOH room, and she came out asking for a "hand check". lol

10:01am BBT:
Kathy has left. The makeout session resumes. :P

10:06am BBT:
Kathy arrives back in the HOH room, unannounced.

Kathy is using the HOH bathroom to dry her hair.

10:30am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Ragan and Matt started off talking about votes. They think it'll be 5-4 either way. Ragan said he was nervous when Annie was getting evicted and that was a 10-0 vote..he can't imagine how he's going to be on tomorrow's eviction.

11:00am BBT:

Matt is cooking up something to eat. All others just laughing/joking around.

11:01am BBT:
HOH Room

Andrew asked Kathy how she's voting and the house. Kathy says she has no idea about either.

Kathy: "I'm going to vote with my heart. I know this is a game where I'm supposed to use my head, but my head is connected to my heart. And that's something that I gotta live with for the rest of my life."

Andrew is pushing Kathy to vote Matt out because he thinks that Matt is gunning for him (Andrew).

Andrew: "I know for a fact that Matt is in an alliance with Lane and Ragan. I'm curious to see what Brendon and Rachel have to say."

Kathy: "They told me to vote how I wanted to vote."

Andrew leaves. Kathy takes a minute to think to herself.

Kathy then heads downstairs into the kitchen with other HG's.

Matt is embracing his hangover and is now eating (what he calls) "hangover burgers". Britney is telling Matt how much he drank last night and how drunk he was. Matt says he doesn't remember much.

11:17am BBT:
The kitchen crew are talking about how BB gave them so much wine to "add fuel to the fire" of the drama.

Ragan: "It's almost like we're being rewarded for drama!"

BB: "You are not allowed to talk about production!"

They continue to talk about production anyways and BB keeps schooling them.

11:20am BBT:
Talk is about how they can hear the BB crew outside building something.

11:32am BBT:

Rachel is straightening Kathy's hair for her.

Rachel: "They (production) told us this morning to 'get your competition stuff.'"

BB: "You are not allowed to talk about production!"
Rachel: "I don't think that was for us.."
Kathy: "I think it was." *laughs*

11:45am BBT:
Kitchen/Breakfast Bar

Lane is messing around with Britney.

Britney: "Stop it!'re like a brother."

Lane: "Whats with all this pent up anger? Why you always act like a baby?"
Britney: "Because I am the baby of the house! I'm the youngest one here."

Lane is just teasing her, as a big brother would.

11:47am BBT:
Cabana Room

The 4 HG's are passed out. Hayden is so passed that his mouth is wide open. lol

11:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Kathy is (again) telling Andrew that she plays the game with her heart and she is who she is. Andrew told her that being nice in the game isn't going to get far.

She also doesn't like all the drama. She said she can deal with the necessary drama, but not with the unnecessary drama.

Talk turns to religion. Kathy asked Andrew if he struggles with his faith in the house. Andrew said yes, every day.

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Stay tuned...

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