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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning everyone! :D Today is Wednesday, which means we have a BB12 episode airing tonight at 8pm EST! w00t w00t!! Tonight will also be the first night I'm going to officially launch the new chat room. I hope you guys & gals like it better than the old one!

Okay, I'm already working on the Overnighter, so keep checking back as I'm going to be posting it section by section.

8:41pm BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

Ragan joined the girls in the Sunset Bedroom. Shortly after, Andrew came in and joked around that he wasn't invited. Rachel said it was a "Girls Only" party (including Ragan). Everyone laughed.

Ragan said that he doesn't want people to shun Matt out just because he got called out.

Ragan: "I just don't want people to be mean to him, or shun him..or.."
Rachel: "Oh I know! In general, I think this seasons cast see the difference between personal and game."

Rachel goes on to say that she doesn't think anyone will ignore Matt because he's just playing the game and it's nothing personal.

9:14pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel: "I really like Britney, but I don't like her as a game player because she's not on our side, but.."
Brendon: "You can like her (as a person), it's ok!"

Rachel says she can't believe that BB gave them 4 bottles of wine. Rachel then thanks Brendon for sticking up for her when Matt was calling her a liar.

Rachel: "He never said, never ever said 'Don't put me up'."
Brendon: "You called it! You told Ragan ahead of time (Matt's motive for volunteering to be a pawn), and that's good that you told him ahead of time what you thought."

Rachel: "I don't think Britney is as much of an enemy as we thought. I don't think Britney would come after us..AT ALL."
Brendon: "Well I put my faith in you, because you put your faith in me. Do you trust her (Brit) more than you trust Kristen?"
Rachel: "I do."

This convo continues. Brendon is hesitant to trust that Britney wouldn't come after them, but Rachel is a "110%" sure that she won't.

Rachel: "She may be on the other side of the house, but she wouldn't come after us."
Brendon: "You think?"
Rachel: "I, like..110% guarantee it." (**So wrong. So, so wrong.)

9:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt said that he didn't want debts owed to him, so when Brendon offered him safety for going up as a pawn, that's why Matt declined. He didn't want to make a deal/alliance with anyone.

Rachel gets up to go pee and Matt looks into the camera and gives a thumbs-up & then a "ok" hand gesture, as if to say 'I got this'.

Rachel comes back and game talk resumes.

Rachel: "They are more dangerous pairs than me & Brendon!"

Matt said the only reason why he said he'd wanna get Rachel/Brendon out is because it was in groups of people and he felt like it was "Mob Mentality", so he had to go along with it. Rachel believed him.

Rachel: "Let's be honest here, but me and Brendon are more focused on us (as a couple) than this game! Sure we wanna win, and we want to be here, but.."

Matt: "When you're playing the game, like I am...listen, my alliance is me & my wife!"
Rachel: "I feel like everyone in the house is against us!"
Matt: "Well, you're right, they are!"

11:17pm BBT:
Hot Tub

After downing a bottle of wine, Matt is clearly drunk. His speech is slurred, it took nearly a minute to put on his flip flops, and he almost fell onto Brendon during the process.

Matt then went inside and passed out on his bed around 11:30pm BBT.

*Kristen got drunk as well, and Ragan had what he called a "super buzz" all night.

Okay, the rest of the evening is filled with Brendon/Rachel making out...

& Hayden/Kristen making out.

Kathy, once again, walked into the HOH during Rachel/Brendon's makeout session. I'm starting to think she's doing it on purposes, or just has realllly bad timing. lol ;)

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! Starting the morning post right now!

Stay tuned...

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