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Thursday, July 22, 2010

*LIVE* Eviction + HOH Endurance Comp

Tonight is the *Live* Eviction* plus the HOH Endurance Comp!! w00t w00t!!! :D There's no telling what kind of endurance it will be at this point & we won't find out until the live show, but this is what production showed us yesterday on the feeds:

Now, imagine some decor behind it, maybe some flying food or ice cold water raining down, and you got yourself what an endurance comp looks like. lol ;)

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**West Coasters, I got ya covered! ;)

The Votes:
Andrew votes to evict...Monet
Enzo votes to evict...Monet
Britney votes to evict...Matt
Kathy votes to evict...Matt
Hayden votes to evict...Monet
Kristen votes to evict...Monet
Ragan votes to evict...Monet
Brendon votes to evict...Monet
Lane votes to evict...Monet

Evicted from the BB House is:


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