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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Okay, so just to review about last night's happenings, Matt volunteered to go on the block as a pawn. This was a huge red flag to Rachel & she sees it as a way for the guys to use it as an excuse to put Rachel or Brendon up "as a pawn" on the block at some point. (And she's right.) As it stands right now, Andrew will be the actual pawn, but Rachel said she's gonna let Matt think it's him until tomorrow's Veto Ceremony.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:13am BBT:

Matt was putting the hose in the pool to fill it up with more water. He talked into the camera...

Matt: "Good morning, America. Great day to go on the block." (The HG's think that today is the Veto Ceremony).

9:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel told Matt that he's still going up on the block, but it's not 100% set-in-stone. Matt then tried to threaten/scare Rachel a bit to make sure he does get used as a pawn this week.

Matt: "If you put Andrew up on the block as a pawn, he will go home. Guaranteed."

Matt says his stomach hurts, Rachel offered her HOH bed to him to lay down on. He takes her up on his offer.

9:40am BBT:
All HG' are roaming around inside & outside the house. Enzo just got his laundry from the dryer, Kathy is folding the rest of the laundry. Rachel is working out.

Britney is on the BY couch being miserable.

Britney: "I didn't sleep at all last night. It was so cold (in the Have Not's room)."

Kristen is brushing her teeth in the bathroom

9:48am BBT:

The boys are tired & yawning.

Enzo: "I feel shit today, yo."
Hayden: "You gonna take a nap?"
Enzo: "I dunno..I got the shades on.." (which usually means yes for napping lol)

Enzo talks about how weird Matt is & called him a gremlin because of the way he sleeps with a blanket on only the top half of his body, including his face.

Enzo: (looking at the fish tank) "How do fish have sex, man?"
Hayden: "I dunno."

10:05am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt is in some serious pain.

Matt: "Fuuuuu**."

His stomach has been hurting him all morning. He said it feels like a sharp pain.

10:23am BBT:

They're talking about the "power move" Rachel is gonna do, she's doing it for the fans..for the surprise, shock, and drama. (The feeds auto-switched at the point where Rachel already told Ragan who she wants to put up as a pawn to make that "spalsh"...I'll have to hear other convos today from Rachel to see who she's thinking about.)

Brendon joins in.

Rachel told Brendon that he told Matt this morning that there's a still a chance that he (Matt) is going up as a pawn, and how Matt tried to scare her by saying that Andrew would definitely go home if he was the pawn instead of Matt.

They talk about putting Andrew up as the pawn still.

Rachel: "This is gonna be a fun week (for bloggers) to blog!" (**YAYYYY!! :D Bring on the drama, Rachel!! lol)

Rachel thinks that "their true colors" (Enzo, Britney, Lane's) are gonna come out to see who will fight for who to stay.

They think Monet is gonna self-destruct.

Ragan: "It's gonna be a countdown..I think Wednesday night it's gonna explode. I'm going to be at like, 9 o' clock that night!" *laughs*

10:56am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Matt: "I hope this weeks HOH comp is endurance, because (Brendon) is all jacked up."

Matt is referring to how sore Brendon is from sleeping on a 5 foot lounge chair in the Have Not's room.

Matt & Lane whisper-talk about winning HOH this week so that they can backdoor Brendon.

"I think we're playing everything as good as we can right now."
Lane: "Yeah."
Matt: "Monet is having a super shitty week." (Being on the block plus being a Have Not.)

Matt asks Lane what BB episode will be aired tonight.

Matt: "Is it the Nomination Ceremony one?" (**Yep. ;) )
Lane: "Have the Nominations been made yet?"
Matt: (confused) "Ughh..Britney & Monet are nominated.."

11:09am BBT:
Living Room

Britney stopped Brendon in the living room to tell him that she's not gunning for him and just wanted him to know that. (She's lying a** off, of course. And he knows it.)

Brendon: "Well Rachel is gonna make the final decision for a pawn."
Britney: "I know, and I already talked to her..."

The girls were fishing for info on who the pawn might be. Brendon doesn't fall for it.

11:53am BBT:
HOH Room

Kathy just came up to the HOH room and told them that the Veto Ceremony is tomorrow. The HG's all thought it was today.

Kathy leaves.
Let the romance begin!

Kisses & giggles all over the place. lol

11:55am BBT:
Cabana Room
Lane/Enzo/Hayden (sleeping)

Lane & Enzo are just having a random convo; from girls being snippy in the house, to BB All Stars, and everything in between.

Enzo: "Man, I'm so tired today. I dont feel like doing nothin'."

Stay tuned...

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