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Monday, July 19, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Spoiler

At 11:32am BBT, the Live Feeds switched to "We'll Be Right Back", which means its Veto Ceremony time!! :D

**Note: I missed the convo where Rachel told Brendon, Ragan, Kathy, Kristen and Hayden that they are putting Matt up as the pawn instead of Andrew to ensure that Monet does indeed go home. Sorry for missing it in the Overnighter and THANK YOU to the blog fans for point it out! :D Sometimes it's hard to sift through 8 hours of footage by myself and apparently I missed that convo that happened around 10-10:30pm BBT!

The Renom is:


12:22pm BBT:
Live Feeds are back!!

12:22pm BBT:

Have Not's Room
Monet/Britney/Enzo (Lane comes in a minute later.)
Monet is crying, she knows she's going home.

Enzo: (to Monet) "I thought they were puttin' up Andrew!"
Britney: "Game on! I'm getting (Rachel/Brendon) out next week."
Monet: "I don't get it..I don't get it why they want me out so bad! The house is split and Matt's on their side."

Monet says she has Britney & Andrew's vote, and she needs to get Lane's & Enzo's vote, plus 1 more. Enzo said if she can get the votes, he'll vote for her to stay.

Enzo leaves the room.

12:34pm BBT:
Palm Room

Matt is pretending that he was totally blindsided. He told Monet that he's gonna campaign but that he will not slander her at all and he hopes she does the same.

Monet: "I just don't get it. Why am I the target?"
Matt: "They're gonna tell you it's cuz of the money." ($10,000 she won week 1)

Matt encourages Monet to talk to Rachel.

Monet: "I don't wanna talk to her right now, because I'll punch her in the face."
Matt: "You are gonna go all Chima in here, aren't you?"

They both laugh.

12:39pm BBT:


Britney is pissed!! She's gunning for Rachel & Brendon next week..hardcore!

Britney: "I want them out, one after the other...boom, boom."

Britney is bashing Rachel and her looks now. (Shocker, I know. lol)

Britney: "She can suck it. I laughed at her dumb ass jokes, watched her walked around in her nasty ass bikini's, go into the Diary Room lookin' like a frog that just got stepped on..."

Britney asked Enzo if Matt is pissed off, and if he would go after Rachel/Brendon next week. Enzo said he doesn't know.

12:50pm BBT:

Britney is telling Monet that she doesn't care if she (Brit) goes home next week.

Britney: "Get me outta here. I don't wanna be here in this house with these people anyways."

Monet: "Kathy is a big ol' hag."
Britney: "Rachel is damn jealous of you. SO jealous, that it's like..gross."
Monet: "I think that's what it is, because there's no game method to getting me out. It's strictly personal."
Britney: "She's a douche. She's so jealous of you, it's sooo sickening."

Monet thinks Matt was in on it (getting used as a pawn), Britney doesn't think so. Bashing continues.

Monet: "I hope Kathy doesn't get her job back."
Britney: "Me neither."
Monet: "Rachel can go back to being a stripper."
Britney: "She's a chemist."
Monet: "Yea, she mixes drinks."

Britney said if Brendon wins HOH next week, she's gonna tell him she wants to go home. The $500,000 isn't worth it to her to be in the house.

They move on to bashing Kristen. They called her "ugly" and her "fake ass boobs" ugly.

Britney: "(Kristen's) boobs need to be re-done. They're gross."

Britney is now bashing Rachel's legs and how gross they are.

**Sorry about the wrong time stamps on the past few pics, guys. I was off by 1 hour.

1:07pm BBT:

Ragan wanted to dive into the pool, which is a huge no-no. He claims he never saw that in the rulebook. BB cuts the feeds to school him on no diving. lol :P

Ragan: "I wonder who 'she' is, that says all that stuff."

Whoever told Ragan he's not allowed to dive into the pool was a woman.

1:12pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Brendon & Rachel said they're going to wait until they get married before they have sex. Kathy laughed. lol ;)

Brendon: "So we're gonna get married tonight. I'll go get the twisty tie."
Rachel: "Let's get married in the Big Brother house! Kathy is a police officer, she's kinda like the Justice of the Peace. You can marry us, Kathy!"

Talk turns to about Britney giving them stares.

Kathy: "She doesn't intimate me."

1:46pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Britney is alone in the cabana room crying.

Monet has joined Britney.

Monet: "I hate everyone in this house."
Britney: "Me too."

Matt has joined the 2 girls. It's now a bashing session.

Matt: "They (Brendon/Rachel) have to be put in their place."
Britney: "They're gross."

Matt laughs.

Monet: "It's like we're in kindergarten and she just doesn't like me."
Britney: "She is so stupid. She comes into the house with a boyfriend who is watching her dog at home, and now she's making porn in here with Brendon."

The feeds have been on fire since the Veto Ceremony around noon, and I don't think they're gonna let up anytime soon! :D

2:08pm BBT:
More Rachel bashing. Britney wants to flush her extensions down the toliet, punch her in the face, etc etc.

Matt leaves a minute later.

(Keep refreshing...)

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