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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, y'all! Okay, I just turned on the feeds and Monet is crying..oh boy!! lol Let's see what the hamsters are up to! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

3:55pm BBT:
Kristen asked Britney if she told Rachel that she (Kris) is voting for Monet to stay this week. Britney said no & that she has no idea where that came from.

Kristen told Britney that she's voting Monet out & that Matt has her full support.

**Then the drama begins...

4:10pm BBT:
Britney asked Kathy if she's the one who told Rachel that Kristen was voting for Monet to stay. Kathy got offended that Brit would even ask her something like that.

Kathy tells Rachel (who was in the Cabana Room).

Rachel decided to go ask Britney directly.

Britney: "I just wanna say that I did not say that Kristen was gonna vote for Monet."
Rachel: "I figured that was your way of getting votes for Monet.
Britney: "It's not my job to get votes for Monet.

Rachel told Britney & Monet that her goal is to get Monet out this week, that she won $10,000 & that she didn't talk to her for 13 days & she also knows they (Brit/Monet) are gunning for her & Brendon.

4:20pm BBT:
Kathy told Britney that she's being immature and that the childish games need to stop. She also told Britney that she's playing the game wrong.

4:23pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom
Monet then goes & talks to/cries to Ragan & Matt.

Matt told her to not let Rachel see her cry & how upset she was.

Monet: "That's why I walked away."
Monet gets in a couple of really good cries and let's it all out.

4:28pm BBT:
Backyard Couch Area

Ragan comes outside and says...

Ragan: "Okay, what happened?"

Everyone laughed & started to talk over each other to tell him what happened.

Kristen: "Somebody is lying about somebody else lying."
Brendon: "I think she just got caught campagining, and that's all. And now she's crying."
Rachel: "She didn't talk to me for 13 days, she won $10,000, why wouldn't I put her up."
Enzo: "Well, she's going home anyways."

4:29pm BBT:
Britney told Matt that Kathy yelled at her about her being "immature".

5:01pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Britney is crying & telling Kathy that it's hard that she's losing her friend this week & she's tried to not cry, but she's so emotional this week.

Kathy is telling Britney (again) that it's childish stuff and it needs to end.

5:19pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is lying her a$$ off to Rachel. She's denying every saying that she's gunning after Rachel & Brendon to anyone.

Britney: "That is my 100% honest truth!" (about wanting to put Bren/Rach up if she won HOH.)

Britney: "I don't know who is telling you all of this stuff!"
Rachel: "Alot of people are telling me that you're gunning for me."

Rachel said regardless of Britney is saying, she believes that Britney is & would gun after her since she's sending her best friend home this week.

Britney: "If I win HOH this week, you're not my target. You're not. I'm sure you don't believe me, but I'm telling you."

5:43pm BBT:
Rachel just told Britney that Matt volunteered to go up on the pawn. Britney said he was acting like he was so pissed that Rachel/Brendon put him up.

"Rachel, Matt's playin' the game."
Rachel: "I KNEW he would do this!!"
Britney: "He's been acting like he's SO PISSED at you. But I thought everyone knew that."
"No! He said 'If I do this, I want to act like I was blindsided'."
Britney: "Well he wants me to throw HOH to him if it's between me & Matt so he could get the revenge!" (**This isn't true..Matt said he wanted to throw it to Brit so that SHE could get "sweet revenge". She's lying her a$$ off again.)

Rachel is eating it all up...she's crying & pissed off.

**Why do I have a feeling that there's gonna be some MAJOR drama & fights tonight? lol

Rachel: "Britney, he VOLUNTEERED! VOLUNTEERED to go up on the block!!!!"

5:53pm BBT:
Now Rachel is lying to Britney...Rachel just told Brit that "they" (Brendon/Rachel) have nothing to do with Andrew, no alliances.

5:55pm BBT:
BB just called an outside lockdown.

Stay tuned...

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