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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated)

The POV Comp was held this afternoon & the winner is Britney. Now starts the drama of who to replace! Let's dive right into the Afternoon post!!

Currently on the live feeds...

2:01pm BBT:
HOH Room
Enzo and Brendon are talking about the POV Comp and they're hinting that BB didn't accurately count their times. Enzo was off by 14 seconds.

Enzo: "14 ticks, man. F**k!!"
Brendon: "Well Monet is going home, no matter what. But it's hard to ask somebody to be a pawn."

**Brendon is basically just saying this in front of Matt to kinda soften the blow later on when Rachel asks him to be a pawn, I believe.

Ragan enters.

Brendon said that they have the votes to get Monet out this week. Done deal. And they want Britney out next week.

Enzo leaves.

Ragan is telling Brendon to "be careful" with the pawn.
Matt: "Monet is gonna campaign hard, right out the gate."

Talk turns to next weeks HOH comp. Ragan thinks it's either gonna be endurance or "something totally random".

2:24pm BBT:
Talk is going round & round about how to approach someone for a pawn, next week's HOH (which Ragan is now "positive" that it's endurance), and Ragan is giving Brendon advice to wheel n deal with whoever agrees to go up as a pawn. Ragan also gave the advice to Brendon/Rachel to go after the people that may vote for Monet to stay & change their votes.

Ragan & Matt leave.

Brendon & Rachel continue talking.

Rachel: "We're not thinking strategy! We're two of the smartest people in the house and we're not thinking strategy! Britney is gonna come after us next week."

Brendon: "I don't care about Britney, I really don't! If it's an endurance comp, she's not gonna win! She's small but weak-minded. I guarantee I'll (win over her) in an endurance comp!"

They think Monet would go to Enzo & Lane for a vote, so they're thinking of maybe putting one of them up. Brendon wants to start making deals with people that they won't put up as a pawn. (**Making multiple deals in 1 week? Yea, that always works out good. lol ;) )

2:35pm BBT:
Palm Room

Matt told Lane to expect to be asked to be a pawn & for a deal to get offered to him for being a pawn. Matt told Lane to tell Brendon/Rachel that if he (Lane) wins HOH next week, then he might use Brendon or Rachel a pawn if he needs to...

Matt: "And that will the scare the shit outta them!"

Back upstairs...

2:43pm BBT:
HOH Room
Rachel/Kristen/Lane (Brendon is in & out.)

Rachel asked Kristen & Lane if they'd vote Monet out. Both say yes, of course. Rachel told Lane that he's not going up as a pawn because they made a deal. (This was said a minute prior to Kristen coming in the HOH room.)

Lane exits.
Britney enters, then Kristen leaves to give Rach/Brit privacy.

2:54pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney: "I just wanna say thank you for being really, really nice to me when you didn't have to be. I just really appreciate it. This whole thing can be so awkward and so horrible, the way you treated me was so awesome."

Rachel asked Britney if she won HOH next week, if she'd go after Rach/Brendon. Britney says no, she wouldn't.

Britney is telling Rachel to put up Andrew & keep Monet.

Rachel: "But I already flat-out told Monet I want her gone."
Britney: "But her back is up against the wall. She'll make any deal she can right now to stay."

Britney tells Rachel that if she (Brit) won HOH next week, she'd go after floaters in the game.

Britney: "If you want me to make a deal with you, I will...I won't put you up for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks..whatever." (Feeds switch to standby mode.)

3:19pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon & Rachel told Andrew that whoever goes up against Monet, is a pawn only & that Monet is going home this week. Brendon/Rachel told Andrew that he (Andrew) should tell people that Rachel is considering putting him up as the pawn so that it looks like they're not aligned.

Andrew said he'll still talk to Rachel in front of people, but not Brendon. They all say that they got each others' backs...if Brendon wins HOH next week, Andrew is still safe & vice versa.

**Gosh, the HOH door is like a revolving door today, just like yesterday. Everytime someone leaves, the doorbell rings a minute later. lol :P

3:23pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is mostly about Monet/Britney for the moment.

Rachel: "I have a feeling that Brit/Monet talked about me behind my back when I was on the block last week."

3:42pm BBT:

Have Not's Room

Enzo & Monet are trying to figure out who Rachel will put up as a pawn. They both have no idea. They go through every houseguest.."what about this person..that person...I dunno."

Enzo told Monet that if he gets put up as a pawn, he's gunning for Rach/Brendon next week.

4:01pm BBT:
Brendon & Rachel are napping in the HOH room.
Hayden, Kristen, Ragan, & Ragan are talking in the Cabana Room.
Everyone else is napping as well and/or off-camera.

**I'm gonna take a break, guys. Cook & eat some dinner while the HG's have some downtime. :) Be back shortly!!

**Update: The HG's are having the same convo's over & over again. As of 7:20pm BBT, Rachel still doesn't know who to put up as a pawn and is still leaning towards Matt. Hayden knows this already because he went up and talked to Brendon/Rachel tonight in the HOH room.

I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight and cover everything in detail that we missed! :D Until then, g'dnight y'all!!!

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Stay tuned...

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