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Friday, July 16, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Well, as expected, Monet & Britney are nom'ed. Britney is not taking it well at all. She said she won't campaign (we'll see) and that she misses her family & life outside the house anyways. She thinks no matter what she does, campaign or not, that it won't'll be the same thing as Annie where campaigning won't matter. The decision will be made regardless. And to be honest, she might be right.

Currently on the live feeds...

8:03pm BBT:

Cabana Room

Hayden thinks that Monet & Britney will campaign HARD against each other.

Enzo comes in...

Enzo: "That fruitcake is straight up shit, yo. But the fish sticks are awesome!" (talking about the Have Not's food lol)

Enzo: "I think I'll (voluntarily) eat slop!" *laughs*

Ragan thinks tomorrow will be an "off day", where there's nothing to do (no comps).

Talk turns to Annie being the sab, as Kristen gives Hayden a pedicure. (*Awww how cute. lol :P)

Meanwhile, upstairs...

8:16pm BBT:

HOH Room

The HOH room has become Love'ville for the two love birds.

Brendon: "Someone, somewhere is probably saying 'ugh barf! please show me the people downstairs eating, much more entertaining!'"

They both laugh. (**And so do I, since they read my mind. lol)

They both head downstairs a minute later to join the other HG's.

8:20pm BBT:
Inside lockdown is now over. BB is done tearing down the food comp set up & cleaning up the backyard.

Ragan heads out & folds the towels that were in the dryer.

Ragan & Hayden talk about clothes: Ragan asked where Hayden shops, Hayden said he shops at surfer stores usually.

8:17pm BBT:

Hayden & Lane are playing with the oversized plastic golf clubs. Just messin' around. :)

Enzo keeps saying the most random stuff. lol

Enzo: (jokingly says) "You think I care I'm a Have Not? I'd care if I was a Have Not, on the block, got off, then got backdoored. I'm playing this (game) ruthless. I don't give a fuuuuu**!"

8:34pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Kathy is telling Kristen about car accidents & how people that tense up in car accidents, get hurt worse than those who are relaxed upon collision. Kristen goes to get her clothes together to do a few loads of laundry. Kathy is gonna get her clothes as well & just mix them in with Kristen's.

Meanwhile inside...

8:38pm BBT:


Ragan is obsessed with talking about BB11 and Natalie (aka "Gnat") from BB11. He's always going around the house mocking her saying "I got you guys!! I got you!" (**lol)

Ragan was imitating what he thinks Natalie would be like as the sab.

Ragan: "I didn't put that padlock on the door! haha..I got you guys!!"

8:46pm BBT:

Brendon was trying to cheer up a crying Britney & a sad Monet.

Britney was complaining about being a Have Not.

Britney: "Me and Monet were just talking about how we're getting fat in the house, so..." (talking about eating slop this week & losing weight from it.)

The girls then went into the Cabana Room to trash talk Rachel.

9:01pm BBT:

The boys are working out.

Matt: "The camera is on us. Are we really that interesting? ..Sorry, Showtime (viewers)."

9:09pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is in tears. She's telling Rachel that she's gonna try to win the POV. She thinks she's going home if she doesn't win it.

"I'm just ranting right now. I just think you were misinformed. I haven't made any alliances, I have no deals..none!"

Rachel listens to Britney's ranting.

Rachel goes on to talk about Monet and about how they've been in the house for 14 days and Monet hasn't spoken to her once.

Rachel also told Britney that she thinks if Monet would have won HOH, she would have broken up Rachel & Brendon by either backdooring one of them or nominating both of them.

Britney told Rachel that she just doesn't want things to be awkward between the two of them. She doesn't want any tension. Britney also told Rachel that she's not pissed at her at all & that she understands that she had to nominate 2 people today.

**Alright guys & gals, this blogger is done for the day. Need to get some sleep. The HG's have been going to bed around 3am BBT every night (which is 6am EST), so if you're a night owl & wanna know what's going on inside the BB house, all ya gotta do is get the live feeds right here!! See y'all in the morning with the Overnighter! ;)

Stay tuned...

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