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Monday, July 12, 2010

Late Afternoon/Early Evening

The day has been pretty uneventful so far. A lot of relaxing, very little game talk, and a ton of boredom that is just itching to be cured...they haven't seen what playing the Big Brother game can & will do them all yet. Hope they get in all the relaxation that they need now! ;) hehe

Currently on the live feeds...

5:37pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

(Rachel was in the tub as well but shortly after, got called into the Diary Room.) The girls are taking a bath together & talking. Monet told Kathy that she trusts Hayden because he pulled her aside and told her that she was safe this week. Kathy agreed that Hayden is a good guy.

They talk about how Annie keeps saying she gave up "so much" to be on the show (such as her job), and Monet said that they all gave up a lot to be there as well. They both wonder if Annie has told anyone else that she has a girlfriend (besides Ragan).

Meanwhile downstairs...

5:42pm BBT:

Their talk is kinda all over the map: from saying Ragan is the one that brings peace to the house, to Brendon asking her if she likes his "tiny arms", mixed with hugs & flirty looks. lol :P

6:07pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Britney was telling a funny story of "Brendon & Rachel":

"Once upon a time...", she goes on to say that they met in the house, Rachel fell in love, then there was a twist..Brendon was already married with 2 kids. Brendon goes on to win the show but a large portion of the BB money was given to Rachel for their love child. (It was a rather funny story, and very long!)

Lane joins them outside on the couch. They talk about how long before they wait to say "I love you" to their boy/girl friend.

Britney: "How long does it take before you say I Love You to a guy, Lane?" (lol)
Lane: "Ahhh...about a year."
Enzo: "I wait like 2 months to tell a girl I love her." (He's married, btw. He's talking about his wife at the moment.)

Topic turns to romance.

Britney said that simple things like going to the grocery store together can be romantic. Enzo agreed.

6:24pm BBT:

Monet went over her 2 week diet of fresh fish, almond nuts, spinach, and Cookies n Cream protein shakes. She said she had a ton of energy and lost a lot of water weight.

Matt was telling Monet that he used to be like 260 lbs and that he even requested that if he won HOH, he wants that picture up there to show people. He said he cut out soda, beer, and fast food (and now works out) and the pounds just came right off. (**Good for you, Matt!! :D That's awesome!!)

7:13pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Nothing much going on, just random topics of convo. Ragan thinks he's been called into the Diary Room alot more than others because they're gonna storyline him more this week, which he's happy about. lol ;)

Alright kids, I'm outty for the night. See y'all back here in the morning with the Overnighter!! :D G'dnight!!

(Keep refreshing every once in a while...)

Stay tuned...

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