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Friday, July 16, 2010

Afternoon + HG's Find Out About Saboteur + Have Not's Results

Okay, so at this point in the day, it sound like Rachel is still gonna put up Monet & Britney on the block (with Monet being this weeks target). Rachel's reasons for wanting Monet gone are (1) She's a physical threat to Rachel..(2)she knows that Monet (and Britney) would have nom'ed Brendon/Rachel if they win HOH (3) she doesn't trust Monet.

Rachel offered a Final 4 alliance to Hayden & Kristen separately, both of them shot it least for now. Today the HG's have both the Have Not's comp (which is currently being built in the backyard, the HG's are on inside lockdown) and the Nominations Ceremony later on today.

Okay, let's dive right into the Afternoon post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:18pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is wrapping her tour of HG's coming into the HOH room for a one on one talk.

Ragan thinks that Britney & Monet would have tried to backdoor Brendon this week.

Brendon comes in, Ragan exits.

Next up...

12:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt goes right into why he's positive that Britney is the sabatour. (lol) Everything from picking her bed that's right by the Have Not's door, to how she totally passed up the tooth in the Have Not's comp even after Enzo clearly told her where it was.

Ragan joins Brendon/Rachel/Matt in the HOH room.

Talk is all over the place. Current topic: gauging peoples reactions to things. Learning to read people in the house.

Rachel just got called to the Diary Room.

1:00pm BBT:
We got TRIVIA on the feeds!! Time for the Have Not's Comp! ;) (Should take a couple of hours before the feeds come back on.)

3:45pm BBT:
Trivia still on the feeds!! (Wow, this is one long food comp! lol)

4:11pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

4:11pm BBT:
Palm Room

Hayden: "That was fun! I had a good time."

The boys are talking about selling their food comp clothes from today on ebay after the show.

Brendon is a Have Not...Matt/Ragan are happy because they're Have's for the week and get a real bed. lol

Ragan: "I feel bad for Brendon cuz he's so tall!"

Have Not's are:

The Have Not's can have fruit cake & fish sticks, as picked by America. :P

***The feeds keep going off to 'We'll Be Right Back', so bear with me.

Brendon is in the HOH, just took a cold shower.

Brendon: "I'm gonna have to deal with this shit every night."
Rachel: "I'll come down and sleep with you (in the Have Not's Room)!"

She comforts him by rubbing his head.


They are all STUNNED!!! lol

**If you have the feeds, turn'em on!! Their reactions are priceless!

Matt: "That is f**kin' CRAZY!! So funny, man."

4:51pm BBT:
Living Room
All HG's (except for Rachel/Brendon)
The HG's are in the living room still talking about Annie being the sab. The screen now says that Nominations are today & they point it out to Rachel.

Matt: "Sorry, CBS. Sorry we're so awesome & got the saboteur out week 1. You should have cast dopes."

4:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon: "I wanna nail down where everyones head is at." (Trying to make sure they make the right decision on who to nom today.)

They ask Hayden who would put them (Brendon/Rachel) next week. Hayden goes through each houseguest.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

5:01pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room Area

Ragan is happy that the whole sabatour thing is over.

Ragan: "It takes a level of paranoia out of the game now. So glad that it's over!"

Enzo, who is a Have Not this week, is lovin' the fish sticks that they're allowed to eat.

Enzo: "These are REALLY good!" *Nom nom nom...*

Back upstairs...

5:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon said that him & Rachel won't be going after Hayden/Kristen anytime soon and they can trust them (Hay/Kris).

Brendon: "I want people like Enzo and Lane gone..people that are wildcards, because you never know if they're coming after you or not. Ya know?"

Rachel still plans on nominating Monet/Britney, with Monet still being this weeks target.

Stay tuned...
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