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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Around 5:30pm'ish, the lockdown was over. The HG's walked into the backyard to find a plastic set of oversized golf clubs & balls.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:15pm BBT:
Matt is playing with the new oversized golf set.

6:16pm BBT:

The two are playing pool-basketball and talking a little bit of game (which is impossible to hear with their stealth whispering, no mics on, and airplanes flying over.)

6:28pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room

All other HG's are eating dinner, courtesy of Brendon.

He cooked pork n veggies.

**Interesting News:

Just got this emailed from a fan of the blog & it's worth a look! BB12's Matt was on another reality tv show called Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back back in 2005. (Here's the proof.)This is leading fans to think that he might have been hired as a reality "actor" to play the part of the saboteur! We'll find out either way tomorrow on the Live Eviction show!! Interesting news, either way. (Thanks for the email, Shannon!!)

7:00pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Talk is about tomorrows HOH comp (again), if the sabatour knows who the 2 friends are in the house, and that if 2 friends played the game together they'd probably be on opposite sides of the house.

Matt/Briteny/Annie join in.

7:08pm BBT:
It's interesting to note that the camera man zoomed in on Kristen (sitting on the backyard couch) & then zoomed out, then zoomed back in on Enzo (who is sitting right beside Kristen). Then the camera focused on both of them, as if they're a pair. Hmmm. Is the camera man trying to tell us feed watchers something? Or simply messing with our minds the same way BB messes with the HG's minds? Ahh hell, now I feel like I'm in the BB house!! lol :P

This isn't the shot that I was talking about, but I wanted to show that they're sitting next to each other:

7:14pm BBT:

The girls are playing with the paddles & balls that BB gave them.

By the way, BB never just gives HG's games. lol They're usually for some kind of comp. (POV/HOH/Luxury)

7:29pm BBT:

Per Ragan's advice earlier today, Rachel is spending time with other HG's instead of being attached to Brendon's hip. She decides to clean with Kathy while sharing personal yet funny stories from her past.

Current topic: their pets. Kathy got her cat from a shelter (she found him on their website then drove 3 hours to get him.) They were gonna put the cat down because he was already a year old and nobody wants to adopt cats that aren't a kitten. Kathy's cats name is "Shamoo".

Rachel said she got her dog from online as well.

7:34pm BBT:

Palm Room
On her way back to the Have Not's room to have a convo with Kathy, Annie hears a beeping noise in the Palm Bedroom.

Annie: "There's that damn beeping again!" (it's the saboteur's beeping device still going off every once in a while.)

7:35pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Annie is telling Kathy what she's thinking & feeling.

Annie: "No matter what i do or say, there's no difference. I know it's annoying that I'm talking about game all the time, but when you're in this position, that's all you can do!"

She said that she doesn't understand why people would rather get her out, than get Rachel out who is in an obvious alliance with Brendon, and knowing that they're gonna fight together as a team in the game.

Annie: "Nobody is giving me any kind of hope, and it's ridiculous!"

Every few minutes, a high-pitched beep rings from the ceiling. lol :P

Annie makes a couple of really good points: she said that everyone is just falling into line and doing what they're told...there's no game talk, everyone isn't even playing the game at this point.

Annie: "It's like they say 'Who do you want out? Okay, done!' and then they just go about their day!"

**I agree, but that will change really quick when the reality of them playing a brutal game will slap'em all in the face tomorrow when Annie is gone (which means there no more scapegoat), there's a new HOH in power, and shortly after 2 new people will be on the block. Oooo how I love this game! ;)

Monet & Ragan join Annie & Kathy.

Kathy asked Annie what Brendon's real occupation is. Annie said she's thinking about telling people in her eviction speech tomorrow night but that she's gonna wait & "feel people out" first.

Meanwhile, outside...

7:55pm BBT:

Rachel is still making her rounds on her "Let's bond!..because we never have yet since I've been attached to Brendons hip" tour. Next on her list is Britney. They're sharing very similar relationship stories.

**Alrighty, guys & gals..this blogging chick needs her rest. ;) Meet me back here bright & early for the Overnighter so we can see everything that happened on the feeds while we slept! See y'all in the morning! G'dnight!!!

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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