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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, y'all!! Happy Saturday to ya. Hope your weekend is going well so far! :)

The HG's went to bed earlier than usual last night because they're gonna have a 7:45am BBT wake up call because today they have their POV Comp to play! It'll be interesting to see who wins it. FYI: POV Comps usually last anywhere from 1-4 hours, so there's gonna be some downtime today on the blog with that all going on.

Okie dokie, let me go get my coffee started & work on The Overnighter! :D Keep checking back for updates!

10:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

After Rachel's talk with Britney, it was Monet's turn.

Rachel told Monet that she was worried that Monet (if she had won HOH) would have been gunning after her & Brendon. Monet said that she wouldn't have & that it was never her intention to gun after them.

Monet then threw Kathy under the bus a bit. She said that Kathy won't look at her, won't talk to her, and has been saying mean things about her & Britney behind their backs. Monet goes on to say that if she stays in the house, she'd still not go after Rachel/Brendon, she'd go after Kathy.

Monet's crying game worked wonders on Rachel: Rachel asked Monet if she gets the Players Choice ball (when picking for the POV comp players), who she'd like for her to pick.

Monet says maybe Enzo.

1:20am BBT:
HOH Landing Stairs
Before going to bed for the night, Brendon & Rachel said their goodnights, since Brendon is a Have Not and can't sleep with her all week in the HOH room.

1:21am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Last night was the first night for the Have Not's to sleep in the Have Not's room. Enzo seemed to dislike it the most.

Enzo: "I feel like I'm about to get an xray with this blanket." (The blankets are stiff & itchy.)

Brendon laughs.

Enzo: (about it being so dark in there) "I'm waitin' for leather face to come in here."

Everyone laughs.

Brendon: "I still know what you did last summer."
Brendon: "Damn, this shit is hard!" (his beach lounge chair "bed" lol)
Brendon: "I feel like I fell asleep at Walmart."
Enzo: "This is crazy, man!"
Brendon: "Feel like I'm taking a nap at Target."
Monet: "Ghet-to!"
Enzo: "Gheto-to!!! Trailer park comin' at you!"

Okay, that's about all that happened last night. Not much!! lol :P The HG's will be woken up at 7:45am BBT, which is 10:45am EST. As soon as they wake up, I'll start the Morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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