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Friday, July 16, 2010

Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up by BB at 9am BBT. Sometime today, they will have the Nomination Ceremony. As it stands right now, it's still looking like Britney & Monet will go up on the block, with Monet being this weeks target.

At 9:20am BBT, Andrew went up to the HOH room and told Rachel about his mini-fight with Britney from yesterday.

At 9:45am BBT, Kathy/Hayden were talking. Kathy asked Hayden which bed did he sleep in last night. He said Britney's bed.

Kathy: "Alone?"
Hayden: "Yeah." (As we know, Kristen slept with him last night until early this morning.)

Currently on the live feeds...

10:02am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is telling Rachel that if she would have won HOH, she wouldn't have put up Rachel or Brendon. Britney said she would have put up Andrew since everyone in the house wants him out anyways, it would have been an easy HOH.

Britney tells Rachel about how happy Andrew's reaction was when Rachel won HOH and that's the reason why she went off on him yesterday.

Britney: "I mean, put on some kind of poker face (Andrew)! Ya know? It was just weird Andrew running around the yard going crazy. If you don't put me up this week, I won't put you or Brendon up. If I win HOH next week, I'm putting up floaters...people that aren't playing the game at all. Get rid of'em."

Rachel agrees that it doesn't make sense for floaters to make it to the end of the game without actually playing the game. She wants the strong people to stay in the house, play the game, and duke it out till the end.

Britney: "The floaters need to go!"

Rachel is, in so many words but without mentioning any names at all, is telling Britney that she's not putting up Andrew and that she's putting Britney up but she's safe.

Britney is telling Rachel she really thinks Andrew is the sab and should be nom'ed. She's also saying that if Rachel puts up Andrew, there won't be any blood on her (Rachel's) hands during her HOH.

10:14am BBT:
Britney is pushing hard for Andrew to go up on the block. (**Pretty sure Britney knows she's going up now & she's pleading her case for Andrew to go up.)

Britney: "Historically, guys win this game over girls!"

After seeing that her pleading for Andrew isn't really getting her anywhere, she just flat-out tells Rachel...

Britney: "I really really don't wanna go uuuuuppp!!" (laughs)

The convo ends...they hug...

...and say they wanna be friends & hang out in Vegas after the show.

10:26am BBT:
HOH Room

Kathy is next in line to talk to Rachel.

Rachel told Kathy she's not going up.
Kathy: "Monet going up?"
(Rachel doesn't answer.)

Rachel is refraining from mentioning who her target is this week (other than to Brendon, so far).

Meanwhile downstairs...

10:29am BBT:

After Britney tells her about her convo with Rachel, Monet is now pretty sure she's going up on the block today.

Britney: "Bring up that floaters need to go, bring up how Andrew could be the saboteur, but don't say exactly what I said (to her). It'd be too weird."

Back upstairs again...

10:34am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel told Kathy she wants Monet up on the block, but she's not 100% sure if she wants to put up Britney next to her because if Monet goes home, then she'll have Britney after her next week.

Their convo ends with a hug & on great terms, as usual.

Kathy: "Did y'all get frisky in the bed last night?"
Rachel: *giggle* "Nooo!!! We wanted to, but..."

Next up, Kristen.

10:38am BBT:
HOH Room

Kristen: "Your hands will be clean if you put up Britney & Monet. Everyone will be fine with that!"

**I just read that the first 4 evicted HG's will be sequestered this season. This is leading fans (including myself) to believe that there's gonna be a possibility of one of the 1st 4 evicted HG's to return!


Back to the HOH convo with Kristen/Rachel...

10:56am BBT:
Rachel said that Rach/Brend and Kris/Hay should be in an alliance together. Kristen shot it down (kinda) but said if they ever did, that they should "play separately" (Kristen/Hayden and Rachel/Brendon).

Brendon enters the HOH.
Kristen leaves.
Lane enters.

11:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Lane thinks the same thing as Rachel, Brendon, Hayden & Kristen: that *only* the strong players and people playing the game (aka not floaters or weak players) should play this season of BB. (**AMEN!!!!!)

"I think season 12 needs to be a season of people who played the f***ing game!" (she wants floaters/weak players gone)

Lane agrees.

Lane: "I think that'd make for a great season!"

Rachel told Lane that he's not going up on the block.

Lane leaves.
Monet enters.

11:08am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel: "There's a few people I'm thinking about putting up, and as you probably know, one of them is you."
Monet: "Yea."

Rachel brings up the "get the floaters out of the game" thing with Monet. Monet agreed completely.

Monet: "Every season, by the end, all the strong competitors are gone!"

11:13am BBT:

"We'll Be Right Back" screen comes on the feeds.

Feeds are back. HG's are roaming in the kitchen area.

Enzo found the last of the beeping devices. Everyone's happy. lol

11:32am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel told Hayden that he's putting Monet up, but isn't sure who to put up next to her & if Monet should even be her target this week. Rachel thinks that Britney & Monet are a threat to her and she thinks if either of them (Brit or Monet) won HOH, they'd put her up on the block, so she's thinking that 1 of them being gone would be good for her own personal game.

Rachel: "The only people I trust in this house, is you, Brendon, & Kristen."
Hayden: "I think forming an alliance at this point..*sigh*...could be a good thing and a bad thing. Everybody in the house would go against us."

Hayden shoots down the alliance offer, just like Kristen did when asked by Rachel.

Hayden: "You & Brendon are already a big target for being together. I don't wanna talk to Kristen that much in front of people, because then we'll be targets like you & Brendon are."

Talk continues.

Rachel: "If Britney gets off the block, send Monet home. If Monet gets off the block, send Britney home. These girls are the ones that are f**king up everyone elses game!"

Hayden is pushing for Britney to go home this week, saying that she twists peoples words, she's drama, etc.

Rachel thinks that Monet & Britney are gonna "go nuts" after they get nom'ed today.

Stay tuned...

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