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Monday, July 12, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

So it seems that Annie will still be going home this Thursday, and Brendon/Rachel both have huge targets on their backs since they're in a very obvious alliance together. As I mentioned in the post below, next weeks plan (for Enzo/Britney/Kathy/Monet) is to win HOH, put up Rachel & a pawn, then backdoor Brendon. If they can't backdoor Brendon, then they'll get rid of his girlfriend Rachel instead.

Let's get right into the afternoon post!

Currently on the live feeds...

12:13pm BBT:

Kristen is washing her "delicates" (as Ragan called them lol) in the sink, since the washer is broke.

The camera guy is lovin' the view. lol

12:23pm BBT:
Palm Room
They're all talking about various apps for the iPhone.

Britney said there's an app for a Period Tracker (for us gals), and there's even porn apps for the fellas which peaked Brendon's interest. lol

Enzo: "I got a Crack-berry." (aka Blackberry)

12:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan wanted to talk to Hayden one on one, but only after his HOH power was gone so that he knew he was being 100% genuine. Ragan told Hayden that he thinks he's a great person and very genuine. He also warned Hayden that when he's out of the HOH room, to be observant of everyone so he can make his own decisions on who he thinks is genuine and not.

Ragan: "Things are gonna be different when you're down there (downstairs w/ the other HG's). So just be observant. You can read people."

Ragan goes on to say that he thinks Matt is a good guy, and Hayden agrees. (Even though Hayden told Kristen earlier today that he doesn't trust Matt). Talk turns to floaters in the game (though Ragan won't actually name names). He thinks that floaters in the game are the most dangerous.

As of 1:10pm BBT, their convo is still going on.

Talk of the saboteur is next on their plates. Hayden tells Ragan he thinks the saboteur is Annie, mostly because (1) She was not accounted for during the blackout & (2) The Diary Room is pushing for Annie to stay. Ragan agrees with the Diary Room thing, then we get the "We'll Be Right Back" on the feeds.

The convo finally ends at 1:16pm BBT.
Houseguests are still on lockdown. Ragan thinks BB is fixing the washing machine outside.

1:19pm BBT:

HOH Room

Andrew is questioning Hayden on getting rid of Annie. He thinks Rachel should go to break up the alliance between Brendon/Rachel.

Their conversation is brief and ends just a couple minutes later.

Meanwhile downstairs...

Enzo is catching up on his beauty sleep. ;)

Monet is as well.

1:31pm BBT:

The HG's are just mingling and talking...mostly about food. Rachel said that airport Subways are super expensive: she once paid $12 for a 6 inch sub, 1 cookie, and 1 drink.

2:09pm BBT:
9 out of the 13 HG's are in the kitchen/dinning room area eating/talking...

Rachel & Kristen are napping in the Cabana Room.

2:50pm BBT:
Annie/Kathy (then Monet)
Annie tried her speech on Kathy again and Kathy told her she's voting with the house (which is to get Annie out). Monet joined them a moment later and tells the girls that she has 3 votes (lie or truth, or maybe that what she believes..who knows) and she only needs a few more. Monet shot down the convo fast and changed topics.

After Annie left the bathroom, the girls looked irritated at Annie's non-stop pleas.

3:16pm BBT:
Lockdown is over. BB fixed the washer outside.

3:31pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Annie is complaining to Lane that nobody wants to hear her campaigning & that people in the house should have gut feelings about people (in other words, get rid of Rachel).

Meanwhile, in Love'ville...

Everything is still going strong.

Most of the HG's are sitting by the pool, talking about beer & wine.

Andrew said he loves wine, but not beer so much. Talk is light.

5:16pm BBT:

In an attempt to cure their boredom, Lane/Kristen/Hayden/Britney decide to play a game of toss the bean bags.

Matt has joined in on the action.

Stay tuned...

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