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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! :D Today is Wednesday, which means that tonight at 8pm on CBS, we will see the 3rd episode of the BB12 season, and that also means that tomorrow (Thurs) will be our 1st live eviction!!

Tomorrow we'll also get to finally know who the saboteur is! w00t w00t!! :D Who do *you* think it is?? My personal guess (and like I said, it's just a personal guess) is that it's Kathy. Let me know in the comment section who you think it is & why! I'd love to hear y'alls thoughts & opinions!!

Alright, let me go get The Overnighter together and I'll be back shortly with it! ;)

10:15pm BBT:

The girls were talking about how it's weird that Annie is so mad at Brendon for picking Rachel to stay in the house, over her (Annie).

Kathy: "Why else would it be such a huge betrayal if they weren't in an alliance or life long friends?"

The girls talked about how Annie won't tell most of the guys in the house (except Hayden & Ragan) about her secret of having a girlfriend.

Britney: "She won't tell Brendon because they flirt..or used to, anyways. And same thing with Lane..they flirt. So she's
not telling the guys that she flirts with."

Britney thinks that they (Annie/Rachel) came into the house as friends and Annie is so pissed because he picked up a showmance and picked her (Rachel) over Annie.

Britney: "There's something definitely going on there."

Kathy said that Rachel is definitely smarter than what she makes people think.

Kathy: "Ughhh. This is a hospital of insanity!" (**Welcome to the BB house, Kathy! Enjoy your stay! ;) )

11:00pm BBT:

Annie tried to get Monet's vote & threw her best deal that she could.

Annie promised Monet that she would throw HOH & vote however they want (including Brendon) out if he's up next week. Annie also told Monet that Brendon is lying about his job to everyone.

Monet told Annie that she believes Annie about the whole Rachel/Annie confrontation in the kitchen because Monet saw Rachel's eyeroll when Monet's name was pulled for the POV.

"Rachel's game is to get a rise out of people and then run crying and pretend to be innocent."

11:41pm BBT:

Sunset Room

As Andrew was doing his nightly prayers, the beep from the hidden beeping device (courtesy of the saboteur) beeped.


Andrew: "What the heck is that? Stupid beeping in here."

11:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Monet told Britney that she got info from Annie that Brendon is lying about his job to everyone. (Monet/Brit/Kathy knew that Brendon had a secret but didn't know what it was.)

"(Brendon) needs to go ASAP."

They talked about how Annie still needs to go this week and they counted the votes that they think have to get her out. They wonder about Annie's speech for tomorrow & wonder if she's going to damage Brendon's game. Britney is now convinced that Annie/Brendon are the "life long friends" in the house & that's why Annie feels so betrayed. Monet, on the other hand, thinks that Rachel & Brendon are the "life long friends".

12:50am BBT:
Rachel & Brendon got pretty hot & heavy last night. No sex, but pretty darn close to it.

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! From what I can tell, that's about all that is worth mentioning. There were other convos, but nothing that hasn't been covered a million times already. lol :P

It's worth mentioning that it seems that Lane truly does want Annie to stay, so she may have his vote. In other news, it appears that there's now a cricket noise that comes on every once in a while..could be coming from the beeping device that the sab planted. The HG's said they started to notice the beeping around noon yesterday.

All HG's went to bed by 3am, so they'll probably start to wake up around 8am'ish BBT (which is 11am EST). As soon as the HG's get up & out of bed, I will start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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