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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Early Evening in the BB House

Okay, so we finally got a little action in the BB house!! (Feed watchers, I know today was brutal..hang in there, it *will* get better!! I promise!! lol)

At around 5:30pm, the saboteur struck again! The beeping device (which is made available to only the saboteur)....

...started beeping in the Have Not's room.

Currently on the live feeds...

5:32pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ragan seemed to be counting the time in between beeps, then he writes the number on his shaving cream using pink nail polish.

5:46pm BBT:

Cabana Room

The crew are all talking about the fish in the fish tank in the Cabana Room. Ragan says one of them is a mean fish. (lol)

6:30pm BBT:
Have Not's Room
Ragan went into the Have Not's room and the camera man zoomed in on a knotted piece of rope. (Saboteur, again? Hmm!!)

Ragan left the room not noticing the rope & proceeded to head into the kitchen where all other HG's were.

7:06pm BBT:

After Enzo was done making a fantasic looking chickem parm dinner for all the HG's...

...Kathy did some post-dinner clean up.

She said she thinks it's rude to just eat & then get up and leave. (**I agree.)

Kathy then continues to go around the house cleaning.

7:13pm BBT:

All 4 feeds are on Britney & Monet.

They're talking about Annie being in the Diary Room so long.

Britney: "It's gonna be like Chima...they're not gonna tell us that she's not coming back. She's probably having a nervous breakdown in there."

Monet: "She's been in there for over an hour now!"
Britney: (kidding) "I think that she's gone."

More Annie talk.

Britney: "They're probably in there getting her all fired up so that when she gets out, she's like a caged animal."

Matt walks by...

Matt: "That'd be cool." (LOL!)

Britney starts in on the Annie-hate.

Britney: "She farted in my face. Like in my face. She tries to be such a tomboy..always burping and farting."

Britney pauses for a moment..
Britney: "Oh, there she is now." (Annie is finally out of the Diary Room.)

7:36pm BBT:
Pool Table
Brendon & Rachel VS Lane & Britney

Brendon is trying to teach Rachel how to shoot pool. Lane just got called to the Diary Room.

Britney: "I'm not really good."

Enzo is watching.

8:01pm BBT:
Lane & Britney won Round #1 of the Pool Tournament.
Next up, Enzo/Monet vs Hayden/Ragan

Enzo: "Team 'Meow Meow' in the house!"

Matt is watching the game.

Enzo: "I'm tired, yo! What the f**k?!"
Britney said she's been tired as hell all day, too.

**8:31pm BBT: Okie dokie guys & dolls, it's about that time. ;) I'm gonna watch the feeds until I pass out for the night but I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter! See ya then!! :D

Stay tuned...

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